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Class of 2013
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Girl Who Silenced The World

I believe that the girl did silenced the world and people in the United Nations . She have a lot of good point. I believe in all her point. The point that i like the must is that "We have alot of money and thing but we have to be greedy and not share with everyone". If i was at the United Nation meeting i will talk about we having alot of money and we wont share. I will talk about how animal is dying everyday because of us. The biggies thing that i will talk about is how violence grow everyday and people is dying.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Girl Who Silenced The World

I believe the girl silenced the world completely. The whole time I was watching her video I had chills. I agree with all her points. There are people who are homeless and starving! What are we doing about it? Nothing. People can have ALL the money in the world, and not give one penny and that thought makes me sick. What is this world becoming into? A trashcan? Sooner the later we are all going to be homeless and living on the streets. Sooner or later there isn't going to be any animals, or any nature. We have to make a difference, and this girl got that point across very clearly. Like what she said "We have more than enough, and we are afraid to share". This world is falling apart piece by piece. She took my breath away, and took all the words right out of my mouth. We are the future, but the present setting such a horrible example. What are they going to do when the world suddenly crashes down? Actions speak louder then words. Put the puzzle back together, and realize that we cannot be in this alone.

"The Girl Who Silenced The World"

I agree with the title,I think she did silence the world. The faces of the representatives at united nations were surprised at how she spoke and told about the problems the world faces. I understood her speech from beginning to end, I agree with a lot of her points like the adults telling us to keep the world clean but then turning around and polluting it. The littering and pollution of the earth is creating a bigger hole in the ozone. And pollution is causing global warming. A lot of animals are going extinct because of us, we destroy the natural habitats of the animals going extinct we cut down trees to build houses and roads. We also hunt animals for their fur and their meat and pollute their habitats like oil spills,acid rain, and water pollution. I'm afraid that children in the future won't see animals that we see today and that they won't see some beautiful landscapes and environments that we have. And that's why i agree with her.

The Girl Who Silenced The World

I do not think she silenced the whole world i think she silenced half of the world i agree with a lot of her points one of them which is my favorite is the one when she says you've endangered the animals it is too late you cannot bring them back. I am concerned about a lot of things and one of them is me stepping out of my house and something happening to someone i know right in front of me.

Yes, I believe that she astonished the world to the point of silence. I agree with most points she had, but saying that we turned forests into deserts was over the top. Another point that I can't come to agree with is that humans are afraid to share. I quote from, "The American Red Cross today announced that the public has generously donated $120.5 million to help the people of Japan following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami." Doesn't look like anyone held back on sharing to me. I'd include the Haiti incident but I believe a point has been made. Also, money cannot end poverty. It was actually put into practice in Dauphin, Manitoba once. Beginning in 1974, Pierre Trudeau's Liberals and Manitoba's first elected New Democratic Party government gave money to every person and family in Dauphin who fell below the poverty line. Under the program—called “Mincome”—about 1,000 families received monthly cheques. During the Mincome program, the federal and provincial governments collectively spent $17 million, though it was initially supposed to have cost only a few million. Meant to last several more years, the program came to a quick halt in 1978 when an economic recession hit Canada. The recession had caused prices to increase 10 per cent each year, so payouts to families under Mincome had increased accordingly. This was only a town in Canada, imagine catering the whole nation. The current state of our economy cannot afford to get any worse. If I had to speak to a United Nation meeting, I would address the topic of education. Education budget aside, I mean how children handle education. It's so common to see "When will school be done so I can live like a free man!" and "I think I'm gonna' drop out ---". Truthfully, I fear for the future generations if we survive this one.

The girl who silenced the world.

Environmental Pollution 300x232 Environmental Pollution
I was dumbfounded when this young lady ended her speech. From beginning to end I had a clear understanding of what she said. She had many good points. I believe she had a good point when she brought up the topic what type of chemicals were breathing inhaling and exhaling. I agree with her because now and days little children have asthma and they can't even go outside without wheezing and coughing because of so much car driving and the gas. Another great point the young lady had was that we are lazy people. I strongly agree with her on that opinion. We are spoiled and we complained about the littlest things while there are kids starving in Africa and all over the world. We need o step up to the plate and we as a country should try and change our society for the better not for worse.

Simone Praylow

The Girl Who Silenced the World

After reviewing the video, I can also agree with the title, and everyone else. She did, indeed, silence the world. The faces of the United Nation members had faces filled with awe and they were entirely stunned by her speech. She spoke from her heart and soul when she spoke those words. She spoke of the environment, which is falling apart. So many species of animals have gone extinct and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Littering and air pollution are some of things that can cause the environment to fall apart. Like the girl said, we need to share and let others bask in our wealth. We can help a countless amount of people if the nation stops being greedy and shares. These are some of the points I would bring up if I had to speak in front of the United Nations. The environment is falling apart and only we can stop it.

"The Girl Who Silenced The World"

I believe that the girl did indeed silence the world. When you watch the video you can see the faces of the nation's leaders and how they were amazed that someone that is only thirteen years old could bring up all of those points and have a valid reason behind them to back all of them up. But I do not agree with her that money shouldn't be spent on war, but on more homeless children. No child should be homeless don't get me wrong, but money needs to be spent on war because of the close calls we've had in wars that the United States that were involved in. I would love money to be spent on children who are homeless, but it is an unrealistic idea, hopefully that can be fixed in the future. Also, humans turning forests into deserts is invalid. For many years forests have been wearing away from pollution and the holes in our ozone, so humans aren't the only reason for that. Other than that I agree with all the points the girl had. If I was to speech in front of all of the nation's leaders in the United Nations I would talk about how our economy is doing terrible right now and how it will be run into the ground if nothing is changed and no one steps up to fix it, but hopefully just hopefully that is changed and everyone goes back to a normal level in the United States the way it was before.

My video response

I believe the girl in this video did silenced the world because the expressions on nation leaders face's were as if they did not know how to respond and it also looked like she was making them think hard. I agree with all of this girl's points. I defiantly agree with the nations being gritty and not giving most children on the streets what they need to live but the nation can giving the war money to buy weapons. Homeless children are much important than war. I thought it was amazing what the child on the streets said to the girl about him wishing he could rich and that he would share his wealth with everyone that was less fortunate. I really dislike that poor children would share but the nation barley do and they have all the money. If I was able to tell the nation how I felt I would mainly focus on how they should donate more money to shelter houses instead of buying more weapons for the war. I also would say a lot of other things but this girl basically took the words right out of my mouth. I have all do respect for this girl because I would not be able to save money so I could go to the nation meeting and I would defiantly not be able to stand in front of all the nation leaders and tell them how I feel because I would be too shy and scared.

Respone to the video

I think the video that we saw was good and I agree with what said in the video. She made good points on good topics that is why I think it was good.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Yanchi Chen

Perhaps my biggest concern for this current world is education-wise. Many youngsters, especially those dropouts, does not even hold the slightest clue as to how urgent it is for them to have at least acquired an education in a century so demanding as the twenty-first, where birth-rates are increasing fast. Shockingly, not only does America bestow on its citizens a full education, children, adolescents in particular, dropout of high schools. In the third-world countries, where the incessant warfare and starvation are raging on, children don't ever even receive the chance of being taught to in a safe environment that they desire. Of course, in a world like today, there couldn't possibly be a long term of supplying a poorer country of its desired needs. Countries can help one another out, but not be in a fashion where it will wind up completely relying on another country for its daily needs. If there is even a step, which I believe there is, towards this problem, then people can, even with a mere penny, make a huge difference.

The girl who silenced the world!

Khalia Ficklin:
I agree with everything the girl said I really believe she silenced the world.
By seeing the leaders of each country their faces were amazed with astonishment and that she had the courage to go and voice her opinion.

If I was their I would bring up the violence in the united states!
When I go home and let out my dogs I always have to look around and make sure no one is around to take me away.The reason is because I here on the news and in the papers adults and children are being killed, and even worse raped and I am worrying about will I see another tommorow.

"The Girl who Silenced the World"

This young girl has indeed silenced the world. Her voice carried a certain power that made my neck tingle. I have to say I do agree with her on most of her topics. We don't have all the answers and we don't have all the time. Animals and plant life are going extinct and we don't no how to reverse that. I have to admit, I sometimes think about if my children or grandchildren would be able to see a Panda Bear or a Polar Bear. However, I do not agree with her statement that says humans turned forest into deserts. I disagree with her when she says all of the money being spent on war should be spent on ending poverty. You can't fix poverty with money, you need an economy to keep the people up. In order to have an economy, we can't just simply give away as she wants us to do in her speech. If I were to speak in on a United Nations meeting, I would focus on the economy and the education budget. I have to commend her for having the guts to go and speak like she did for only being a thirteen year old girl.

"The Girl Who Silenced the World"

I do believe that the girl has silenced the world because her speech had a specific emotion to it that gave it a sense of concern. I do not agree with some of her points because her tone of voice made it sound as if humans turned forests into deserts, which is clearly stated in her speech. I also do not agree with her when she said that humans are afraid to share. The reason being is because the way our society runs, the world cannot afford to share, but instead benefit from its hard work. For example, if the United States were to share money with other countries, it could not because as bad as our economy is, the United States can not afford to throw away money without decreasing the value of the dollar. I do agree with her on one point. Money should not be spent on warfare. This idea sounds good, but I sense a flaw in what she said. Money can not simply end poverty. It must be earned first in order to progress, just as success does not come to you. If I were to speak to a United Nations meeting, I would talk more about reducing the chances of global warming and how to spend more money on education while at the same time, keeping our military unit strong.

What are your thoughts on the condition of our environment?

You've watched the video, The Girl Who Silenced The World. Do you believe that she silenced the world with her talk to the United Nations meeting? With how many of her points do you agree?  If you had to speak to a United Nations meeting, what would you say - what are you concerned about as a young person living in our world today?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

If Everyone Had The Same Color

We think that color is necessary because it exercises human judgement. One should judge a person by how they act, not by the color of their skin. This is comparable to books and how people say, "Don't judge a book by its cover." This could go both ways, if everyone had the same color then people would rely solely on how one acts. It also creates diversity and in some cases separates cultures.*

* Sonny: Culture doesn't rely on the skin of one's body but how they were brought up in their lives.

-Nael Albaki, Zachary Marano, Sonny Truong.

same color

The question is "Do you think the world would be a better place if everyone was the same color?

Tony's opinion: is No, the reason is because everything will be the same, then the future will be the same and will not expand.

On the other hand I Khalia Ficklin will have to disagree with tony! my opinion: is Yes , If we were all the same color maybe we would not have racism in the world , no more fighting . I believe it would make the world a much safer place for everyone.

Sameness in Skin Color

We think yes, because the world would be a better place if everybody has the same color because there would be no discrimination in this world. It would not cause diversity and everybody would be happy in their own ways. Nobody would get left out because of there color, and everybody would be by each other's side. There would be no racism and everybody would be treated equally.

Joshua Davis
Brian McBride
Yanchi Chen


Danny: I think the world would be a better place if everyone was the same color. There would be no racism and no one would be judged for the color of there skin.

Simone: I believe we should have different colored people because it's better to experience a friendship with a variety of different skin colors rather then just one.
Yes, we do agree the world would be a better place if everyone was the same color. With everyone the same color there wouldn't be any discrimination against other races. Racism wouldn't exist if everyone were the same. Conversely, there wouldn't be any culture in the world. There wouldn't be any opportunities to learn something new about a different race. Everything would be predictable and boring. It seems as though we can't have culture and racism exist in the same world. With sameness comes peace, but with culture comes racism and discrimination.

Christian Reda and Alexis Cordero

Would the world be a better place if everyone was the same color?

Anthony and I both think the world would be a better place if everyone was the same color because it would prevent racism, bullying, and violence. If everybody was the same color nobody would be different nor judged, and we would live together peacefully. Many issues today would be solved if everybody was the same. People are continuously judge based on how they look or dress. Wars, gang fights, and disputes occurred and still do just because of somebody's race, and style. If everybody was alike this would be settled. Many people are bullied and tortured because of their nationality, and this has been a big problem for generations and sometimes it gets so brutal that people experience physical and emotional pain. Our overall opinion is that we would rather have everybody be a different race and have a different way of life, but having people the same would be better for the world to live in peace.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Jonas' Community

We are reading The Giver by Lois Lowry and in the novel the main characters community is considered perfect. It seems perfect because of no violence and everyone is given a job.Also no one is homeless nor starving. There are many rules to follow for example, they must share their feelings at dinner. I like this rule because a lot of people don't share their feelings and their usually angry because of the feelings they are experiencing. Something I dislike about this community are the cameras. I dislike the cameras because I feel like everyone should have privacy and it is also very creepy.
Simone Praylow
Daniel Parmegiani

A Perfect Community?

Today in class we continued reading the novel "The Giver". We came across it being a perfect community and I have to admit it is perfect but a little to perfect. Many of the rules the community follows prevents a lot of issues that our community goes through today. All these rules are good and help the community, but something about it being so perfect makes my skin crawl. It's starting to seem like their almost trying hide something. There is a lot of violence, teen pregnancy, bullying, and disabled families in my community and if we had rules like Jonas's community it wouldn't be this way, but I still think we all still have to keep in mind that everybody isn't perfect, and everybody needs to learn from their mistakes. My opinion, I don't like the fact of everything being so "perfect", that word just makes me feel so uncomfortable. No matter how great Jonas's community seems to be, nobody can convince me that it is flawless.

perfect society

A perfect community would be pretty great but we need to care for ourselves. If we can't do that how can we do anything in this world? We have to make our own choices be independent.Part of the benefit they are not given a purpose to speak out of terms of whether a kid should have to take a pill. To put his feelings onto a rising action of when he can't feel anything at all anymore which is not a irresponsible thing to do in a careless decision like this, I'd rather have community that lets you make your own decisions than be given a choice by tCheck Spellinghe government to do this and that.

The Giver - "Is the community too good to be true?"

Does Jonas' community from "The Giver" sound convincingly perfect on paper or is it the greatest example of a perfect community? All individuals are well fed, there are no plagues, there are no crimes, and no feelings. What we mean to explain by "no feelings" is that hormonal desires are suppressed by medical treatments as soon as they are discovered. Regardless of mental condition, these pills are used on everyone in the community. The freedom of choice is nonexistent in this community. An example of this is being given a job at the age of twelve by the community elders. Another example is the birthmothers giving labor to three children and then working for the rest of their lives. Those children would then be given to the community citizens. It would not work in our community because in a country like the United States, people would refuse to exchange their freedom of choice and human rights for a perfect society. -Nael Albaki, Zachary Marano, Sonny Truong

Perfect Community

In Jonas' community, which is a fictional land in The Giver by Lois Lowry, everything seems perfect, there isn't any crime, hunger, poverty, or murders. Everything is already cared for, so you don't have to worry about anything, the people don't even have to decide anything for themselves. The people in the community find nothing wrong with this, and they live a happy life until they are released. As the young people in the community feelings begin to stir, they have to take a pill that suppresses their desires, regardless whether or not you are handicapped. Any person reading this would probably say we should follow their example to make a better world. We do not agree with taking a pill that suppresses your desires, we believe we should be able to make our own decisions.

Christian Reda and Brian McBride

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Teachers with tattoos

Teahcers with tattoos are bad. I really dislike them. I feel like they get tattoos when they were younger and they just wanted to be cool. But,some may be good. I personally don't like them.
I also think they don't care about much. I've seen teahcers with tattoos that do some good lesson plans. If a teacher was to get a tattoo then they should get somewhere no one would be able to notice it at all. But god said love everyone for who they are! So I will do just that.

Teachers with Tattoos

I personally have no complications against tattoos. A significant amount of people in this world wear the shades of permanent color on their skin. Though I find it to be completely normal, I find it extrememly inapropriate for a teacher to be exposing any kind of tattoos to their students. Usually tattoos would we worn by felons, juveniles, or people who participate in any gang or crminial acts. By exposing tattoos to young children, we would be giving then the wrong perspective. Even though the majority of tattoos were not meant to be used
for offensive reasons, thet still encourage young children to obtain one when possible.
Tattoos are not an accurate image of a good example; they will reinforce a bad reputation. a slight number of children would be able to resist the temptation of getting a tattoo, but other would not think of consequences and that is why teachers must set the perfect example for children of all ages. Even though we cannot banish tattoos from existence, teachers could always improve on this topic and why it is unhealthy by concealing any images they have imprinted on their bodies.

Teachers With Tattoos

A teacher is to provide a good example for students to follow. Obtaining a tattoo whilst having the title of "teacher" would set a bad example. While I have no personal issue with tattoos, they are usually viewed as the symbol of delinquency. However, it also depends on what the tattoo is of as I can make exceptions. Exceptions include the tattoo being the name of one's child or something touching, other than that I don't wish to see my teacher with a skull across his/her wrist for the remain of my school time.
As I have said before in the same context, teachers are accurate images as good examples. Tattoos would diminish said image. I wouldn't hate my teacher for having a tattoo but rather I would feel somewhat uneasy around him/her. In conclusion, teachers are free to make their own choices as others are too but have an image to live up to unlike others of the common public.

How I feel About 9/11

The terrorist attack on 9/11 was a moment of weakness in our country. Many parents of families were killed in the attack, leaving the children motherless or fatherless. It was a sad day in our nation's history. It was a day that will be remembered forever.
Our nation joined together and became stronger. Remembrance parades were held not long after the attacks. Many families still visit the graves of the lost family members. Many people still remeber that day and the men and women who survived, images still haunt them of the dreadful day.


Over 2,000 people died in the 9/11 attacks. Although I can't remember any of it which I am happy about you can see the attacks over and over on multiple websites on TV pretty much anywhere you go you can see these attacks. That day was tragic for all of the United States, but it was the worst for New York where the towers were located. Also the Pentagon had a plane crash into it and shanksville had a plane crash too.
If the attacks could be stopped obviously everyone in America would stop them, but everything happens for a reason. These attacks made us all stronger in some way even though we have to worry about an attack everyday, but that is alright because now we know what to prepare for. America would be a changed place if the attacks didn't happen people had there American flags out for about a year to show that we were proud of our country and that we wouldn't give up just because we got attacked we showed how strong we truly were.

Teachers getting tattoos.

The attack on the United States on 9/11 was indeed a moment of weakness in our country. We were caught of guard and extremely unprepared. So many lives were lost in this casualty. Children didn't understand why their mother was crying or why there was so much smoke in the air. They wandered around in the streets looking for their mother or father until a police officer or a fire fighter lead them to someone who would watch them until a relative came forward.
It was a terrible day in American History. However, Americans came forward with a new sense of Patriotism that they haven't felt since the Bombing of Pearl Harbor. It brought our nation together in a way it hasn't been in many years. The greatest nightmare is the children that had to watch it burn.

peope that lie & cheat .

People that lie and cheat to get ahead in the world are actualy lieing and cheating them selves. I don't think people should lie because then you have to add more lies to cover your other lies up. Your not going to be able to remember all of your lies, so people are going to catch you in a lie no matter what.
No one should cheat either because it's not right. Say you cheated off of someone during a test, thats not right because they took their time to study so they could get a good grade. While you didn't take the time to study and they didn't study all that time just for you to take their credit. Don't lie and cheat your way through life.

The September 11 attacks By tony nguyen

I remember on the day 9/11. It was a tuesday morning and 19 terrorists hijack 5 airplanes. The terrorists crashed the two plan Flight 11 and Flight 175 in the twin towers. Both of the towers collapsed within two hours. The third airplane flight 77 crashed into the pentagon. The fourth airplanes flight 93 crashed into the field in pennsylvania. the last airplane crashed in washington, DC. Nearly 3,000 poeple die in this attack. Everybody was petrify after that attack

the terorist attack on 9/11

I feel sad yet I'm happy.It was sad that those 9/11 victims lost their loved ones but I was happy for what they created for people like their loved ones.The way that we stood united after the attack I knew that they didn't break our spirits that we will stand strong no matter what.I know that the people that lost their loved won't forget about them until they die and even past that .They have created happiness for others.they made life easier for the people that didn't have money for school or for worth worthy causes. We will never forget that tragedy but we will always remember the men and woman that died and the police officers and firemen for their heroic acts and the lives they saved.And the animals that died and for the people that lived and their families to have lived through that day. And for the people that lost their sons, daughters, husbands, wives that they don't lose the connection that they had.

The attack on 9/11

When I saw videos about 9/11 it was very emotional. The whole time I was thinking about how people felt that fear of knowing they were going to die, and it gives me chills. I don't remember anything about that day because I was very young, but now that I am older I understand. After I watched those videos, those horrible images swirl in my mind over and over again throughout the whole entire day. Even though I was to young to know what was going on I still feel the need to have Patriotism just like everybody else in America should. What happened that day was very serious and brutal. I can't even bear with knowing people are still out there doing this to innocent people.
I can still imagine seeing those twins towers falling, and feeling complete sorrow at that moment. I can't believe 3,000 innocent people were killed that day. When I saw those people jumping out the windows it broke my heart. I always think to myself "What if that was my family"? and begin to tear up. Those victims of 9/11 will always be in my heart and I will never forget the heroes that risk their lives just to make sure America was safe. May God Bless America!

people not working hard

Do you no in america the middle class people have to work very hard and the poor get food stamps and medical thats not fear for the middle class when they have to pay for all of there kids asurance when the people that are lower than middle class are geting every thing there house dont cost anything and they are on wellfear and when they get on wellfear they stay home and dont try to get off
wellfear and make there selves a better person and thats why its so many poor people because the state will take care of them until they are on the street.I think the the united states sould stop helping those who don't he there self if you did the best you could and your on wellfear
and still that the top person the united states sould be help not some body that's on wellfear and
wearing nike and dont take care of there kids and live in the projects with 4 kids and they are curseing but can't even read but can every curse word in the book so i thing the president sould fix that for we have a'lot of homeless people because they think when the fall united states pick you right back but people don't no not all the time and it put inpect on the african american race
but all of use is not the same they other races thinking they are

The Terroist Attack on 9/11

The terroist attack on 9/11 swirls vaguely in my mind. I can't recall much of it as I was too young to remember any of it. If my memories are correct, I can still call to my mind of those two buildings permeated with smoke on television. I didn't have any reflections to be honest. I was too little to remember any of it, but now that I am grown-up, I feel just as horrible as any America-loving citizens. I feel that Bin Laden shouldn't punish those innocent and non-interfering people for his own cause.
Even till now, I still can fantasize those people ending their pain by means of jumping. It was desperate for people to watch as it is for the people trapped inside. I feel sorry as those people being mercilessly burned of gased, bcause they were regular, decent citizens doing their job. This attack has marked and scarred many people for life.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dear Future Me,

In the future I see myself having many achievements and I would like to be successful. I see myself in the future finishing high school and college. The high school I will attend is Neumann Goretti and the college, University of Connecticut. I will go to college and study to be a Pediatrition or F.B.I profiler because I love children and sloving mysteries . I will play college basketball and hopefully get drafted into the W.N.B.A In between all of this I would like to donate my money to many charities and give back to the world. I think donating to charities will help many children have a better life. Someone told me that the children are the future. I was once told I was the future and now I will pass it on. All children need a little hope in their life and if I can help I'm all in. Once I'm drafted into the pros I would love to get married and have children. I always wanted that family to love and support like my mom and dad have blessed me with. I think every adult needs children to keep them grounded. I love children because they don't care about the mistakes you made in a basketball game or in life period. All they know is that you are their mom and dad and you love them. Children should always come first no matter what they do or say. You should always support your children in anything they do never turn your back on them. Being a good parent is the best goal you can have and achieve.

Being a F.B.I profiler is something I always dreamed of doing. Being a basketball player inspired me to become a profiler. Playing the game of basketball I always have to study a persons game to make myself better. For example, the player I love to study is kobe bryant just the expression on his face tells you that he refuse to lose. That is the kind of focus I need. I always study the small thing, the way he takes control of the team when in time of need. I study the way he dribbles the ball, his form of his jump shot, his drive to the basket, his defence and his drive to win the game. Since I'm a star in the making I always watch the stars that have already reached there goals. If I can study one person and have it down pack just think of how many criminal I can study.

If the goals I have set for myself don't go as planed I just want to give back to the world.

Dear Future Me

Dear future me,

work really hard so that I can get into a good college and fulfill my dreams of studying Forensic Science. I have always wanted to work as a CSI ever since I have been watching the show "CSI." CSI Miami, Criminal MiI have lots of plans and dreams I see myself doing in future. Well first of all I want myself tonds, and Law and Order have encouraged me to be more confident in what I've always wanted to do. The second thing I see myself doing in the future is to meet some of my admirable celebrities (for example: Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, Thomas Gibson, and Monica.) I also want to take over my grandmother's love for baking; I love to bake, she loves to bake, and therefor we both love to bake together, its really fun. Some of my other wishes for my future self is to be on the show "Don't Forget The Lyrics." My hope for myself is to become a wonderful wife and mother someday. My ambition is to travel the world but mostly to travel to Alaska and mexico in one point of my life. Mostly I want to make my mother proud of me andhave a baby monkey someme to be proud of myself for who I am and not who people try to make me out to be. I want today; they are smart, unusual, and different which I consider a definition of me! I have lots of dreams and wishes for myself that I hope I can achieve later down my path!
Have a good ride on your journey future me!

Talesia! =)

The Human Knot

I felt that The Human Knot was confusing at first. During this activity my feelings were that people were to close to each other. They were hugging you and had there arms around your neck so you couldn't even breathe. People breathing down your neck, laying on you and stepping on your arm also pulling them to. Finally, at the end I got the hang of it and got out of the knot.

Doing this activity I learned that I'm not that patient after all and that I get mad easy when I can't get something done right. Also,I'll get tired of it and just give up on it.

During The Human Knot I learned that things aren't going to be easy after all in life. If your working in a group it just can't be only you getting it done it have to be everyone in the group to get out of the knot. It takes dedication and team work to do so. The lesson that I learned that can be applied to my life is that I can't just give up on something that's new to me because if I do it will only teach me how to quiet and not teach me how to solve the problem.


I would like to see myself in a good high school, then when I'm old enough, I can get a temporary job to support myself with the money I make with it, instead of using my parents money. Then when I get to college, I'll still keep my job to support myself in college. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do when I'm done college. But I will eventually find out, but until then, I'll keep the temporary job.
My hopes is to graduate high school and college and eventually find a career, my goals is to do good in school. My wishes is to do good in school and get a temporary job until I get a career, and support myself through out college and the rest of my life.

Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me,
In the future, I hope to achieve many things. I have many plans for myself and I hope that I can fulfill them all. First, I would like to write a book, but I'm not sure what I would write about. I definitely want to own a cupcake shop. I've had that dream for about two years now. Baking is something I love to do; it brings out my imagination. Another goal that I want to reach is to go to an outstanding college and prosper in life. I don't know what I want to be when I become an adult yet, but I know I'll find my way.
I wish to meet some of my favorite celebrities, and I would also like to travel to Utah. I hear it's beautiful there. I want to go bungee jumping and sky diving because I love the feeling of fearlessness. In my future, I would also like to own a llama because they're awesome. I also hope to be a great mother and wife someday.
Even though I have all these dreams and aspirations, I know that right now isn't the time to get working on them. Right now is the time to make mistakes, change my mind, then change it over and over again. So to the future me, good luck! You'll need it!

With love,

The Human Knot

Today in math class, we did a project called, "The Human Knot". I thought that this was a good idea so I tried too. Then, I found out that it was almost impossibe! In order to play this game, u need peace and quiet to think about the next move we have to make but I thought that my group was being way to loud. Everyone was screaming at once in my ear to move my arm and hop over someone's leg. Its pretty hard. After the project, I learned a few stuff about myself. For example, im not very flexible. I also learned that in order to get things done together and quicker, everyone needs to work as a team. This lesson can apply to my life as a young adult because everybody at work does work as a team to get the job done.
Ryan T./8th grade

The Human Knot

Participating in the Human Knot was a bunch of fun. It was something I never experienced but I love trying new things. I know Im not the most patient person in the world but during the activity I stayed farely quiet and listened to everyone else's opinions and ideas so we could all work together and acomplish the task. After this activity I learned that I can maintane my tolerance, I get really unconfortable when someone is close to me and sometimes it's alright to let someone else take controle, just as long as the task is acomplished. The lesson I've learned that can be applied in life as a young adult or an adult is that there is no I in Team and if you work together as a team, more will be achieved.


The Human Knot

The Human Knot was a fun activity we did. The activity involved listening skills, and cooperation.
It was hard because I'm a bit bigger than the other girls in my class and not as flexible. I learned that I have very good listening skills. I learned that when I have a job I could do two things at once. When I have kids I hope they get this quality

The Human Knot

What were your feelings about the activity? My feelings about "The Human Knot" were I had fun doing this activity, but it was confusing at times and hard because we had to work together, some people didn't want cooperate.
What did you learn about yourself after this activity? I learned that I really don't have a lot of patience, and I wanted to quit so many times when it wasn't working out.
What lessons did you learn that can be applied to your life as a young adult or as an adult?
I learn that when your working with a lot of people doing a activity you have to work together and cooperate. I can't always just want to quit or give up. If I don't like the activity that we are doing I just have to deal with it and try to have fun.

" The Human Knot "

What were your feelings about the activity ? My feelings about the activity were i didnt like it at first, because everyone wanted to talk and yell at the same time, but after we all started to work together we got used to doing what we all wanted to try.
What did you learn about yourself after this activity ? After this activity I learned that I don't have a lot of patience at all, I get tired and aggrivated really fast , and just want to quit, because of the human knot I'm trying to work on having more patience with everything I do.
What lessons did you learn that can be applied to your life as a young adult or as an adult ? One life lesson I learned was that if you work together as a team, and have patience with yourself and the people your working with you will actually have a chance to get where you want to in life. These life lessons would help me to grow as a young adult to work on having patience and helping eachother as a team. These life lessons would help me get a job when I need a bonus on my job application .

Dear Future Me,

Dear Future Me,

I hope you discovered the cure for cancer. How is your husband? Is he still a lawyer?
What about your two children Mackenzie and Brasen ,how have they been? I heard you oppened up your own hospital in New Orleans, for the victims of Katrina. How is that coming along? I heard you moved to California, and thats where you met your husband who won two Nobel Peace prizes for his fair cases. Brasen is graduating from Saint Gabriels soon isn't he? Is Mrs. Carboni his teacher? What about Mackenzie, how is she doing in kindergarden? I heard that Brasen is planning to go to Neuman. I hope he gets in, but I am sure he will sense he has two of the most amazing parents. Mackenzies going to St. Gabes too right She wants to grow up to be a singer I wonder how that'll turn out, hopefully she suceeds. You've met the president didn't you? I've heard you treated her husband when he was sick. I hope everything you've done in the past pays off. By the way I saw your premiere on that new show last night. How can you manage that all a wife, mother, doctor, and actress? I know you work hard and your are encouraging your kids to do the same. Well gotta go I have to get ideas for my project for math class, and study for mathletes. You remember mathletes don't you, when your team St. Gabriel's won first place.

Love Always,
Naje' Tucker

P.S. Did you get your iPhone in 8th grade, I was wondering if your mom ever gave it to you?
What were your feelings about the activity? I like the human knot even thought it was hard to get out of but it was fun. The humna knot was kinda diffcult to me becuase we couldn't get out of the knot.

What did you learn about yourslef after this activity? I learn that we need to talk to each other to find a way to get out of a sitution. We have to work as a team to find a way to firgure it out.

What lessons did you learn that can be applied to your life as young adult or as adult? I learn that you can get threw things if you just talk it out to the people on your team or just anybody you with that you having problems with.

"My Future"


I see myself advancing from Saint Gabriel School to the high school of my choice. After I graduate high school with hopefully a high GPA, and maybe a basketball championship, I plan to go to college. I hope to attend Penn State, Syracuse, or Notre Dame. My goals in life are to successfully get through school, and hopefully have a basketball carreer. I know my goals are not going to come easy. That why I am going to work as hard as I can to acheive them.

The human Knot

What it was like doing the human knot with my classmates
Our class tried to do the human knot a couple days ago. At first we did it in groups then we tried to do it as a whole class. After everyone had someones hand besides there own we started to untwist. That didn't work at all most people didn't like the position they where in, as we where telling them your going to have to be in an uncomfortable place for a while. Everyone wanted to do their own thing. I felt happy a little bit because the game was fun and it also teaches us a lesson. Some of the things is one I have learned about my self is I don't like people touching me at all, if I don't know you like well than you have to at least be an arm length away from me, and I really don't like people breathing down my neck. The lesson that I have learned is if you do something wrong and you are in a group it will have a chain reaction against all of the members. Out of all I really had fun doing this

Monday, February 28, 2011

younger vs. older generations

I might be a teenager, but I don't act half the way adults think we do nowadays. I do my work in school and at home along with many, many other children in the world. Older people need to stop thinking so poorly about us. Instead, they should think more about the conditions that their lives are in and also more importantly, thinking poorly about them selves. It is the adults' fault that their children are acting so bad. It is their fault because of the way the children were raised. The music industry also has a part in all of this because of the horrible music being accepted and letting kids listen to it. The younger generation looks up to what the older generations are doing. So, if the older generation is doing something inappropriate, then the children will follow their example and do the same. It's not the younger generation's fault for doing what they do today. Young generations need someone to look up to so they look up to the older generations. Most older people are alcoholics, drug addicts, smokers, and drug dealers. Kids try to be like them because they were taught that way. If the parents of these children want to stop what kids are doing on the streets then they should learn how to control their own children.
Ryan / grade 8

Friday, February 25, 2011

What older people thimk about teenagers

Older people with Prejudice aginst teenagers

Older people don't like teenagers because some of them display age discrimination and feel like they can't do anything like teens or act like the teenagers. In the message I have read people have discrimination against teens because teenagers who skateboard don't pay attention to their surroundings and they cause a hazard for people who would like to walk where they are skateboarding. When ever older people play their music the teenagers tend to walk away because the music that the old people play drives the teens crazy and they just leave the area. In the year 2008 someone designed a noise maker that only teens and young adults could hear, and people tend to use them outside of the movie theater or other stores. As I finished this essay I talked to my grand mother and she agrees with the person who wrote the essay where I have gotten my information from. In England they are trying to make uncomfortable steps and side walks for teens to sit on and they are getting rid of side railings so the teens that like to idol and lean on things won't have anything to lean on or stand next to. Even though older people think teens are disrespectful, they want to lead them in the right direction and give them a better future.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Music Discrimination? Against rap and hip hop?

Why do people think that Rap and Hip Hop are such bad types of music to listen to? It used to be all fun and games until all of the cursing and talk about drugs, sex, money, cars, girls, guys, and killing got into it.
" Music affects
said one person online named Charlene C. For the most part that is true. How can " Music" affect people? Well it can because I did my research and one of the facts that I have found is that " Music is a tool for manipulating emotion" said Some people think that Rap and HipHop is just about killing, drugs, money, cars, and prostitutes selling their bodies for money. Well think again! Because some of that is NOT TRUE! That is how SOME songs are and what some rappers are talking about in their music but not all of them. For example EMINEM, the well known artist that is " Not Afriad" to express himself, as he does in his music. He used to rap about all kinds of crazy things like killing, drugs, slaughtering, and things that are very disturbing that I can't talk about. Well he has changed a lot and is now rapping about his life, for example, his song "Not Afriad" is a song that is about him starting over and turning his life around and being brave to do so. That's a good song and if you haven't listened to it do it now on
Here are some opinions of people who like rap music...
Someone in the school that I go to named Sabria said

" Rap is cool, but sometimes the lyrics are too sexual for little kids to listen

Another person on http://www.stormfront/ said

" I think the Hip Hop culture is already dead. What survives is a
Giant Nike commercial."

I thought that the remark that they made was very disrespectful.but I like Hip Hop/ Rap music and its all I listen to. These rappers put their work (which is really poetry with a nice beat) out there for everyone to listen to. Yes they can tone down the foul language (cursing) and yeah they can talk about something else other than "popping" and "booties shaking", drugs, cars, money, and girls. I like rap but I agree it is getting a little bit out of hand. Even little children just about ages three to six are singing these types of songs and I don't think that it's right. If God wanted everyone to be influenced to shoot our neighbors and do drugs he would not have been bothered!
NOTE: As Robert's teacher, I felt it best to not post the links to these songs. Anyone interested in listening to any mentioned can find them through Google.
I like all of the old types of music, but this is when rap and hip hop really was starting out. So please do me a favor, listen to most of these songs and maybe you will get the idea of what this type of music really is like.

Teenage Brand Name Clothing

People who don't wear clothing like mine think that people who do have a lot of money. Really how much do we teenagers care about fashion and dressing to impress? Teens nowadays only want to fit in, not stand out. Who really cares about what other people think? In all honesty, I do not care about what others think about my outfit. I wear what I want, when I want, and I don't think about what anybody else thinks. Being an individual is easy to want, but hard to attain. Someone who loves themselves and embraces their flaws will achieve being an individual.Clothing may make a person but it can also break a person. What I mean by this is that people might make fun of you for the clothes you wear but you shouldn't let that hurt your self- esteem. Also, it can break you because you never know if you would end up in a financial problem.

There are some ways though that it can make you; clothing shows your personality and expresses your feelings at times. " Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal." One of the quotes that I absolutely love because fashion may come and go but your style will never end, so you can wear what you want. No one wants to live a totally predictable life. I sure know I don't because then my life would be boring and I would end up doing the same thing over and over again every single day for the rest of my life. " There's room for everybody on the planet to be creative and conscious if you are your own person. If you're trying to be like someone else then there isn't. " A quote said by: Tori Amos; I totally agree with her statement because you have to learn to be your own person and not someone else's puppet. " If you are confident about yourself, you can feel comfortable standing out. You can glow from within, as if saying to the world: Here I am; This is me, and I'm going to shine." The only thing I really have a concern with is that my clothing has to always be clean! ( I don't really have any trouble with that though, but I'm pretty good with my laundry.) Is brand name clothing really that important? Really, why do you think that it's important to advertise yourself because you're wearing brand name clothing. You can stand out, feel proud, and be a true individual. Be peculiar and distinguish yourself from others, and always remember this: "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it is better to be absolutely ridiculous than to be absolutely boring." (A quote from Marilyn Monroe).

When everybody wears the same things, all the kids in the school hallway just blend together into one group of boredom. Clothing is a very unique sequence; one after another and another; it just will keep going sometimes in a tranquil way or sometimes in a hectic way. "The only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in." So please I'm asking all teenagers, kids, and adults - don't judge the way other people dress; judge with your heart not your mind. So now - my final words - I will leave you with these three quotes that I would like you all to ponder and respond to, what do you think they mean to you and what do they have to do with our everyday life?
1."Elegance is a question of personality, more than one's clothing."
2."I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, and not for fashion."
3. "The difference between style and fashion is quality."

Monday, February 7, 2011

New Year resolution- Bullying

One of our new year resolutions is preventing bullying.

Bullying is the prime subject of our time. Most people that are bullying others are insecure or having problems in their personal lives. Bullying isn’t something that you should be proud of, its not just something that’s a bad thing to do, its a crime. You shouldn’t bully because what you are doing can affect the person’s life mentally, physically, and socially. It may effect them in these ways because it may lead to scares, pain and or even worse, such as suicide. This is even worse because their families can seek vendetta. Bullying is definitely a thing that needs to be worked on this year.

This blog was consolidated by: Talesia, amber, Noelani, and Robert.

What Can you Do To Help Your Community?

To make the world a better place, our group decided to give back to our community by giving away our old clothes that aren't needed to the Light House, which helps people who are less fortunate and by giving at least two food items each to the food cubby at school, which helps the poor people who can't afford to by their own meals. We also decided to be more generous to our friends, families and neighbors by helping them with anything when ever they need it, and being nice and friendly to those who don't have many friends.
We chose to do this because we feel that there are too many people in the world that have no one out there to help them, so if we give a helping hand maybe that will give them some hope in life. If four teenage kids can do something as simple as this, then imagine what the world can do to help those less fortunate then ourselves. The world would definitely be a better place.


Going GREEN by using Technology

Hey teachers that aren't really up to date with today's technology, Our group would like to inform you of our use of technology that helps to save the world. We hope we can influence you to use it more; Not only to be up to date but to go green by saving paper. These are some things that nobody would probably even think of. When we encourage you to use more technology we will be saving the world. There are online sources such as Grouply, Google Docs, Schoolnotes, and Gradeconnect that we could use besides old fashioned pen and paper. If you use these resources we would be saving trees by not using so much paper. We will explain them for you. Google Docs is a wonderful website you could use to grade papers and type documents. People use google docs because it helps you to stop writing on paper, and wasting trees. Another special thing about google docs is you can see the people you collaborate with typing their comments, and corrections. Grouply is an online site where teachers and students collaborate with each other on their current school curriculum they can also instant message each other their important notes. Grade connect gives you the opportunity to check your grades online anywhere and at anytime. Teachers upload our grades after every test we take so we can review our averages and find out what we have to work on. Schoolnotes is like an online calendar for students to remind them of their up coming events and assignments. So if a child comes to school after a day of absence that leaves them no excuse for not doing homework because it is always posted online. So if you use technology you will not only be enhancing your students' learning you will also be saving the world.

Reach Out for Hope

Every day someone needs a helping hand, or as we would like to call it, a boost in hope. While we're in our homes eating our dinner and keeping warm on a cold night, some people are starving, crying, freezing, and even dying. Just by donating anything that someone in need could use, we could help to save a life.
Our idea is to give to the less fortunate people because they deserve a future just as bright as ours. By donating money, clothes, food, etc., we can make a difference to at least one person in our world. So, our group is commiting ourselves to gathering some things and by taking them to places like Goodwill where people who can't afford to buy essential items to survive can purchase them, we'll be reaching out for hope. By doing this, we are giving the hope needed to pursue in life back to those who have lost it because they face hardships every day.
This was a collaborative blog written by: Gabriella Patrone, Tamia Carter, Ziyonna Powell, and Charles Le.

Our New Year Resolution

Our group's new year resolution is to not spend so much money on unnecessary objects. Our plan is to donate the money to a charity or the salvation army. When we go shopping, instead of buying multiple things we already have for ourselves, we will buy that thing for someone for the first time. Our goal is to changes someone's life for the better. We will save our money for someone who is less fortunate then we are.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Seasons

Summer is the season I like the most of all because I can go outside with no extra clothing on. The schools are out for the summer and it is vacation time for most. No more worrying about school assignments or essays being turned in on time. The sun is shinning bright on my skin and I can go to the beaches to swim. I love seeing lots of people sitting outside thier homes enjoying the weather. Eating water ice and ice cream from Mr. Salty truck is part of the day. Hearing the sound of music from the truck reminds me that it is summer time in the city and I would not want to be anywhere else.

Tamia Gr.8


Winter was one of my favorites. I love doing Winter activities like Snowboarding and Ice Skating. I enjoy being outside having a snowball fight and then going in the house to get a cup of hot chocolate. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because it is Jesus' Birthday. In Winter I bake a lot of cakes and cookies. This is one of the best seasons besides Summer.

Hot Summers

Summer is my favorite season of all. School is out and its time to have fun. I stay up late and watch movies all night long. The best part about summer is being off from school and not having to worry about waking up the next morning to be on time for anything. I love the beautiful sunset and clear night sky, I look up at the stars and think how amazing the universe is!


Winter, the coldest of all the seasons, I wait to see the snow fall, I rush outside to have a snowball fight,
build forts and help others shovel snow for a couple of bucks.I keep a penny for good luck on a good snowy shovel business day. I don't want winter to go any way. Drinking hot cocoa and staying in the house to warm up is great. When Winter is gone I say we'll have to see winter another day.




Summer is the best of the year. I like to go shopping for summer. I usually go to Aeropostale for clothes. I love summer; it’s time for sleeping late and going to bed late. I also love sleeping over my girlies houses. Even though summer is when we leave this year together to go to high school. It’s our last good byes together. That’s what I’m going to hate the most.


The Summer


The summer is a time to go out and have fun. When I go out I swelter in the heat while playing basketball. In the summer it's important that I keep my hygiene up. I like going out with my friends and staying out late with the girls. I love playing basketball until the sun goes down; this is the best part of summer. I love waking up late and eating anytime of the day. Going to the beach with the family and hanging out at the hotel is so much fun. Summer is the best because you dont have to worry about homework or studies; it's great!

My favorite season

Summer is my most favorite season. The reason why I like it is because of the weather, which is mostly nice. There are so many activities that you could do in this season. You could go outside and play some sports to jumping into the pool. But, there is one thing I do not like about summer and that's all of the mosquitoes. That is the only problem about summer but even still, I love it.


*Winter Wonderland*

Winter is my favorite season out of all. I love the winter because you get to play in the snow. Throwing snowballs is always fun in the winter. One good thing that's nice about this season is that my birthday is in the winter. Some of my favorite activities in the winter are drinking hot chocolate, having a snowball fight, and making a snow angel. Going ice skating with friends is always fun and cold. When it's snowing I like to slip, slide on the ice and snow.


* Spring is in the air *

Spring is my favorite season of all because it's so pretty out; the flowers are always blooming. During the spring the birds are always out because the weather isn't really hot or cold. The weather is really nice during the spring. I also like the spring because during the spring it is softball season. Softball is my favorite sport so I get really excited for the spring to come up. Most of all the spring is wearing really cute clothes.
- Amanda

Summer to me

Summer to me is a break from school, homework/school work, tests, etc.
Summer is a time to have fun, hang out with friends, experience something new, test our limits, explore the world, creat a new you, make new friends, set goels for yourself, laugh, have sleepovers. 
The whole point of summer is for change, to make a difference in the world.
The entire year I await summer to come, so I can re-invent myself, to find what I'm looking for and to be a new me.

My Best Days in Spring

Spring is a great season for me! Spring includes; softball, the Phillies season, and my birthday. When softball season starts, I'm always at the field. When I'm not on the softball field, I'm sitting on my sofa hollering at my television because Ryan Howard just struck out. On occasion, my mom buys both her and I tickets to the games. She deserves credit because the seats are always awesome! Although I like all these things about spring, my favorite part is sleeping on the rocking chair near the window while it thunderstorms. I love listening to the sounds the rain makes against my window. Spring is my favorite season for all these reasons!

Summer is my favorite season!

Summer is my favorite season but there are also some things I don’t like about Summer. I’ll just start with what I don’t like about Summer. The thing I don’t like about summer is the hotness, when the temperature gets to the 100s, that’s when I don’t like summer. I don’t mind if the temperature is lower then 100. But what I would do when the temperature is 100; what I would do is go swimming in New Jersey at my cousin’s house. She has a swimming pool. And what I also do with my family is my mom’s friend takes my family to walk on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. But my legs do get tired during walking, but they don't get tired that easily.
Charles -8
ILA/ Reading
Mrs. Carboni

Worse season ever !

Fall is a time for chores and more chores to come; chores like raking up leaves and all those Thanksgiving dishes. Don't get me started on the school work and tons of it. The beginning of the school year (fall) was the most hectic, especially when you are beginning your last year. One thing good about fall is that the weather is always just right. Fall is the time of year when we run out of tissues in the house becasue everyones' allergies are acting up. That is my input on Fall also known as Autumn.