Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The human Knot

What it was like doing the human knot with my classmates
Our class tried to do the human knot a couple days ago. At first we did it in groups then we tried to do it as a whole class. After everyone had someones hand besides there own we started to untwist. That didn't work at all most people didn't like the position they where in, as we where telling them your going to have to be in an uncomfortable place for a while. Everyone wanted to do their own thing. I felt happy a little bit because the game was fun and it also teaches us a lesson. Some of the things is one I have learned about my self is I don't like people touching me at all, if I don't know you like well than you have to at least be an arm length away from me, and I really don't like people breathing down my neck. The lesson that I have learned is if you do something wrong and you are in a group it will have a chain reaction against all of the members. Out of all I really had fun doing this

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  1. Noelani,
    Sometimes we have to do things that make us uncomfortable in a good way. I hope you learned that collaboration helps us learn.


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