Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Summer is my favorite season!

Summer is my favorite season but there are also some things I don’t like about Summer. I’ll just start with what I don’t like about Summer. The thing I don’t like about summer is the hotness, when the temperature gets to the 100s, that’s when I don’t like summer. I don’t mind if the temperature is lower then 100. But what I would do when the temperature is 100; what I would do is go swimming in New Jersey at my cousin’s house. She has a swimming pool. And what I also do with my family is my mom’s friend takes my family to walk on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. But my legs do get tired during walking, but they don't get tired that easily.
Charles -8
ILA/ Reading
Mrs. Carboni

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  1. Charles, I agree with you about the Summer heat. I don't know too many people who like this season when it is that hot outside.


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