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Class of 2013
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Teachers with tattoos

Teahcers with tattoos are bad. I really dislike them. I feel like they get tattoos when they were younger and they just wanted to be cool. But,some may be good. I personally don't like them.
I also think they don't care about much. I've seen teahcers with tattoos that do some good lesson plans. If a teacher was to get a tattoo then they should get somewhere no one would be able to notice it at all. But god said love everyone for who they are! So I will do just that.

Teachers with Tattoos

I personally have no complications against tattoos. A significant amount of people in this world wear the shades of permanent color on their skin. Though I find it to be completely normal, I find it extrememly inapropriate for a teacher to be exposing any kind of tattoos to their students. Usually tattoos would we worn by felons, juveniles, or people who participate in any gang or crminial acts. By exposing tattoos to young children, we would be giving then the wrong perspective. Even though the majority of tattoos were not meant to be used
for offensive reasons, thet still encourage young children to obtain one when possible.
Tattoos are not an accurate image of a good example; they will reinforce a bad reputation. a slight number of children would be able to resist the temptation of getting a tattoo, but other would not think of consequences and that is why teachers must set the perfect example for children of all ages. Even though we cannot banish tattoos from existence, teachers could always improve on this topic and why it is unhealthy by concealing any images they have imprinted on their bodies.

Teachers With Tattoos

A teacher is to provide a good example for students to follow. Obtaining a tattoo whilst having the title of "teacher" would set a bad example. While I have no personal issue with tattoos, they are usually viewed as the symbol of delinquency. However, it also depends on what the tattoo is of as I can make exceptions. Exceptions include the tattoo being the name of one's child or something touching, other than that I don't wish to see my teacher with a skull across his/her wrist for the remain of my school time.
As I have said before in the same context, teachers are accurate images as good examples. Tattoos would diminish said image. I wouldn't hate my teacher for having a tattoo but rather I would feel somewhat uneasy around him/her. In conclusion, teachers are free to make their own choices as others are too but have an image to live up to unlike others of the common public.

How I feel About 9/11

The terrorist attack on 9/11 was a moment of weakness in our country. Many parents of families were killed in the attack, leaving the children motherless or fatherless. It was a sad day in our nation's history. It was a day that will be remembered forever.
Our nation joined together and became stronger. Remembrance parades were held not long after the attacks. Many families still visit the graves of the lost family members. Many people still remeber that day and the men and women who survived, images still haunt them of the dreadful day.


Over 2,000 people died in the 9/11 attacks. Although I can't remember any of it which I am happy about you can see the attacks over and over on multiple websites on TV pretty much anywhere you go you can see these attacks. That day was tragic for all of the United States, but it was the worst for New York where the towers were located. Also the Pentagon had a plane crash into it and shanksville had a plane crash too.
If the attacks could be stopped obviously everyone in America would stop them, but everything happens for a reason. These attacks made us all stronger in some way even though we have to worry about an attack everyday, but that is alright because now we know what to prepare for. America would be a changed place if the attacks didn't happen people had there American flags out for about a year to show that we were proud of our country and that we wouldn't give up just because we got attacked we showed how strong we truly were.

Teachers getting tattoos.

The attack on the United States on 9/11 was indeed a moment of weakness in our country. We were caught of guard and extremely unprepared. So many lives were lost in this casualty. Children didn't understand why their mother was crying or why there was so much smoke in the air. They wandered around in the streets looking for their mother or father until a police officer or a fire fighter lead them to someone who would watch them until a relative came forward.
It was a terrible day in American History. However, Americans came forward with a new sense of Patriotism that they haven't felt since the Bombing of Pearl Harbor. It brought our nation together in a way it hasn't been in many years. The greatest nightmare is the children that had to watch it burn.

peope that lie & cheat .

People that lie and cheat to get ahead in the world are actualy lieing and cheating them selves. I don't think people should lie because then you have to add more lies to cover your other lies up. Your not going to be able to remember all of your lies, so people are going to catch you in a lie no matter what.
No one should cheat either because it's not right. Say you cheated off of someone during a test, thats not right because they took their time to study so they could get a good grade. While you didn't take the time to study and they didn't study all that time just for you to take their credit. Don't lie and cheat your way through life.

The September 11 attacks By tony nguyen

I remember on the day 9/11. It was a tuesday morning and 19 terrorists hijack 5 airplanes. The terrorists crashed the two plan Flight 11 and Flight 175 in the twin towers. Both of the towers collapsed within two hours. The third airplane flight 77 crashed into the pentagon. The fourth airplanes flight 93 crashed into the field in pennsylvania. the last airplane crashed in washington, DC. Nearly 3,000 poeple die in this attack. Everybody was petrify after that attack

the terorist attack on 9/11

I feel sad yet I'm happy.It was sad that those 9/11 victims lost their loved ones but I was happy for what they created for people like their loved ones.The way that we stood united after the attack I knew that they didn't break our spirits that we will stand strong no matter what.I know that the people that lost their loved won't forget about them until they die and even past that .They have created happiness for others.they made life easier for the people that didn't have money for school or for worth worthy causes. We will never forget that tragedy but we will always remember the men and woman that died and the police officers and firemen for their heroic acts and the lives they saved.And the animals that died and for the people that lived and their families to have lived through that day. And for the people that lost their sons, daughters, husbands, wives that they don't lose the connection that they had.

The attack on 9/11

When I saw videos about 9/11 it was very emotional. The whole time I was thinking about how people felt that fear of knowing they were going to die, and it gives me chills. I don't remember anything about that day because I was very young, but now that I am older I understand. After I watched those videos, those horrible images swirl in my mind over and over again throughout the whole entire day. Even though I was to young to know what was going on I still feel the need to have Patriotism just like everybody else in America should. What happened that day was very serious and brutal. I can't even bear with knowing people are still out there doing this to innocent people.
I can still imagine seeing those twins towers falling, and feeling complete sorrow at that moment. I can't believe 3,000 innocent people were killed that day. When I saw those people jumping out the windows it broke my heart. I always think to myself "What if that was my family"? and begin to tear up. Those victims of 9/11 will always be in my heart and I will never forget the heroes that risk their lives just to make sure America was safe. May God Bless America!

people not working hard

Do you no in america the middle class people have to work very hard and the poor get food stamps and medical thats not fear for the middle class when they have to pay for all of there kids asurance when the people that are lower than middle class are geting every thing there house dont cost anything and they are on wellfear and when they get on wellfear they stay home and dont try to get off
wellfear and make there selves a better person and thats why its so many poor people because the state will take care of them until they are on the street.I think the the united states sould stop helping those who don't he there self if you did the best you could and your on wellfear
and still that the top person the united states sould be help not some body that's on wellfear and
wearing nike and dont take care of there kids and live in the projects with 4 kids and they are curseing but can't even read but can every curse word in the book so i thing the president sould fix that for we have a'lot of homeless people because they think when the fall united states pick you right back but people don't no not all the time and it put inpect on the african american race
but all of use is not the same they other races thinking they are

The Terroist Attack on 9/11

The terroist attack on 9/11 swirls vaguely in my mind. I can't recall much of it as I was too young to remember any of it. If my memories are correct, I can still call to my mind of those two buildings permeated with smoke on television. I didn't have any reflections to be honest. I was too little to remember any of it, but now that I am grown-up, I feel just as horrible as any America-loving citizens. I feel that Bin Laden shouldn't punish those innocent and non-interfering people for his own cause.
Even till now, I still can fantasize those people ending their pain by means of jumping. It was desperate for people to watch as it is for the people trapped inside. I feel sorry as those people being mercilessly burned of gased, bcause they were regular, decent citizens doing their job. This attack has marked and scarred many people for life.