Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"The Girl Who Silenced The World"

I believe that the girl did indeed silence the world. When you watch the video you can see the faces of the nation's leaders and how they were amazed that someone that is only thirteen years old could bring up all of those points and have a valid reason behind them to back all of them up. But I do not agree with her that money shouldn't be spent on war, but on more homeless children. No child should be homeless don't get me wrong, but money needs to be spent on war because of the close calls we've had in wars that the United States that were involved in. I would love money to be spent on children who are homeless, but it is an unrealistic idea, hopefully that can be fixed in the future. Also, humans turning forests into deserts is invalid. For many years forests have been wearing away from pollution and the holes in our ozone, so humans aren't the only reason for that. Other than that I agree with all the points the girl had. If I was to speech in front of all of the nation's leaders in the United Nations I would talk about how our economy is doing terrible right now and how it will be run into the ground if nothing is changed and no one steps up to fix it, but hopefully just hopefully that is changed and everyone goes back to a normal level in the United States the way it was before.

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