Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

This First Change Starts With You !!

       Not many students think about bullying and that’s part of the problem. According to my research on teens of, over 3.2 million students are bullied each year ,and bullying takes part in a half of the deaths of teenagers. This is because no one wants to take part in stopping bullying.  Most people think just because they’re a bystander that they don't take part in bullying , but little do they know they increase the hurt of the victims.  If you don’t condone bullying you must try to do everything in your power to stop others from hurting people, instead of sitting and watching it happen. There are numerous ways to stop bullying. The most important thing to do to stop bullying is to speak up and talk about openly rather than exacerbating bullying by doing nothing.According to Maria B about bullying article, the victims tormentor will only stop if you speak up and tell them to stop.  Remember the first change starts with you.
      Bullying is no joking matter and we all have to speak up before bullying takes an even bigger a toll on our lives. Most victims of bullying feel alone when they have nobody to stick up for them. People who get bullied may choose to end their own life. Bullying leaves scars of pain on the victim, mentally, emotionally and most of time physically.  Bullying some everyday can add up to a lot of pain and suffering.   Many who get bullied don’t show the pain but it is there and can lead to terrible end.  Bullying takes place everywhere you can think of .  According to stop bullying. com, most American schools hold 2.1 million bullies and 2.7 million victims , and if you don’t speak up the bullies and victims will increase and someone else’s life will be in danger. So, if you know someone is out there getting bullied and that their life is in danger, just know all good days have  bad endings and you have the power to stop bullying. You must speak up for one another, to stop people from hurting one another.

Anti-Bullying Campaign (NP)

          Not many students think about the bullying, and thats a part of the problem. Bullying is one of the biggest problems today for teenagers.Bullying can take place’s from being at school to social media. People who condone bullying are just as bad as the person bullying the victim. Bullying can vary from being physically, mentally, and emotionally abusing. As a whole, we need to put a stop to bullying around the world and speak up !
Bullying is a challenging subject to talk about, especially if you have been or are being bullied yourself. When a victim is being bullied and people around them are laughing or paying attention to what the bully is doing, you are entertaining the situation. As a bystander you should stop the negative behavior and stick up for what is right. For example, when you are walking down the hallways and see someone being called a name or getting pushed around, you should either tell the bully to stop or get an adult to stop the situation. The biggest problem with teenagers and bullying today is most teens want to be the cool kids and fit in with everybody else. This causes kids to not want to tell an adult because “snitching” is what causes everyone to not like you or to not be your friend anymore.Fitting in and being cool also affects teenagers or kids in school to not speak up for the victim getting bullied. This also causes a lot of anxiety, pain, depression, or stress for the victim. As a bystander you are a part of the problem because you are not saying or doing anything about the problem. Bullying is one of the biggest problems with teens in society today and we need to change that.
One time, I was in the 6th grade and I was involved in a lot of drama. My friend and I were on Facebook and the girl was saying mean things about us in her status. Instead of me ignoring the situation, I said something back to her,which caused the argument to go on and on. Then she was making physical threats to me and stated that she wanted to fight me in school. My friend then told my mom about the situation, which caused my mom to look at my facebook. On Monday, my mom went to my school and reported the problem. This caused the girl to switch classes that my friend and I were in. At first, I was mad at my friend for telling my mom, until I realized that she was doing what was best for me and to get me out of negative behavior, I realized what a true friend was. Till this day I remember what she did for me and how she spoke up and stopped the conflict. This is what bystanders who witness bullying on the internet, at school, or anywhere should do. It is not okay to do such things to other people. I still remember the insults she made to me that hurt my feelings because it still stayed with me to this day. We should truly put bullying to an end and stick up for what is right, it takes one person to stop the violence involved with bullying.

Anti Bullying paragraph


                       Not many students think about bullying and that's the problem. Bulling is really horrible problem for our students because all over the world kids are being harassed for their features, how they dress, and even how they walk. This needs to absolutely stop for the sake of children around the world and for the incoming children too. To me if bullying doesn't get handled its going to get a lot worse. Some of the bullying that's bothering is the internet bullying because the internet is for looking up information not for bothering others. Its kind of really sad because some of these kids are not getting help from anyone , just getting laughed at and stared down by other students and bystanders.     Parents can help, but its kind of hard to solve a problem when you don't know what it is , so please parents ask your children if anything is happening at their school because it might save his or her life or even their future. Also the child that is being bullied you have to speak up, or you won't get help or even support. A message out to friends, '' If you see someone or your friend getting bullied or bothered by someone stand up for that person and be on the safe side by telling the teacher or principal not confronting the bully. Also hearing about children my age, close to my age, or even older taking their own lives because of bullies. This makes me upset because those children could have gotten help from other students, teacher, or even parents, but they didn't and the consequences were losses of great minds, and leaving families sorry, sad, and depressed. Thank you very much reader for reading my thoughts and ideas to stop bullying.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Anti-Bullying Campaign (AD)


Not many students think about bullying, and that’s part of the problem. Most kids, including myself, have seen kids get bullied, but yet do nothing about it. Even though you think it’s helping, it’s not. You're just helping yourself. Stop being a bystander and taking the easy way out, it’s not OK. This has to STOP!

When a person is bullied they feel so alone. They need a person to be there for them, and you can be that person. It is our responsibility to stand up to bullying, stop being bystanders, and condoning bullying. Be there for each other. If you see bullying, don’t just stand around. Do something. You can make a big difference. Be a friend and stand up for that person. If you were bullied wouldn't you want someone to stand up or be there for you ? Treat others how you want to be treated; that is the Golden Rule.  Most kids who get bullied don't have anyone to stand up for them. They have to fend for themselves everyday at school. Some don’t even want to go to school because of the pain, and the humiliation they have to face everyday. Some kids get bullied because of their appearance, the way they walk, they way they talk. also  This causes kid to want to harm and even kill themselves. Canada has the third highest suicide rate for people 10-24.  Bullying is happening worldwide, but if we all fight against it we can put an end to bullying. I personally will begin to speak up for bullying, and me being Student Council Vice President will set an example and stop bullying in my school.

Anti-Bullying Campaign (KJ)

    Not many students think about bullying and that’s part of the problem. Many kids get bullied on a daily basis. Some even believe that it’s normal for people to get bullied, that its okay. Others believe it may actually be their own fault. The few that know they aren’t to blame are the few who will stand up, will help others, and will end bullying. For too long, kids laid in bed on weeknights scared of the following morning. They felt happy when they were ignored because when they were acknowledged they were insulted, beat up, or just left thinking, “what did I do wrong?”
We need to end bullying! It is a disease that plagues our world. Too many children chose to just end their lives rather than deal with the pain for one more day. We can stop bullying if students take a stand, because bullying affects us all. If we just put effort into this problem we can end it. Now I know that Cartoon Network has their bullying programs and people run campaigns but it doesn’t help that much! Maybe one or two kids stop bullying but that doesn’t fix our problem! We need to hit the problem at its source! We need monitors in schools, guarding programs on social media, and students who speak up! Sometimes when a bully is caught and is punished they actually stop. Maybe if some students out there actually cared about their friends, bullying would end already.
That one random act of kindness opened the gates for me when I was bullied. The kid who spoke up ended most of my bullying just by saying, “hey stop that!” Imagine all the people whose bullying we can end just by lending a hand and telling the bully he’s wrong. With a few words and maybe help from a responsible adult we can end bullying in our schools. Maybe we can end all bullying, forever!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Prevent Bullying!

Not many students think about bullying, and that’s part of the problem. Bullies will keep hurting others because no one is there to cease it. They will believe it’s okay to hurt others. The victim feels like they have no voice in the conversation, so it makes it difficult to stand up for themselves. What bystanders need to do instead of laughing and staring is to stand up for the victim. Some bystanders are afraid of getting wounded by the bully and do nothing to stop it. The individual getting bullied is already in pain by you walking pass it, and it only wounds them more to see you allow it. The victim is internally begging for someone to help them, but no one really has the guts to prevent it.

You need to be the person to prevent it! Put yourself in the victim’s situation. You would want someone to come and stand up for you. A bystander may look at bullying and think it’s not as serious, but all the pain adds up one day and the victim loses it. We all need to stand up and be part of the solution. Bullying is happening everywhere, even if you don’t notice it. Bullying happens online too. If you see bullying and you’re too afraid to stop it yourself, then tell a teacher, or anyone that can help. Stand up for your friend, or even a stranger that is getting bullied.  Help and protect the victim, tell someone, and let them feel secure. You can save them by telling someone trustful, or stopping it yourself. You can walk with the person if they are getting bullied after school. Ask them if they’re okay, or be their friend.  No one likes being in pain, especially if it continually happens. Suicide is the second leading cause of death, and continuous bullying is the cause of that. Be a part of the solution and prevent bullying.

Friday, October 17, 2014

I Would Hire Someone With Poor Grammar

Neysa Porter                                                                                                                    9-23-14

                               I Would Hire Someone With Poor Grammar

I would hire someone with poor grammar. If they have a talent that suits my business and their personality and attitude is good, I certainly do not mind what grammar they have. If their mindset is eager and willing, they can work for me. Having poor grammar does not determine who they are and what they are. It is not smart to judge someone for the way they speak.
For example, if I was to interview someone and they have a strong London or southern accent and it affects their grammar but they are eager to get the job done and work hard, I will hire them. When somebody has an accent it can charm people and that is a positive for your business. Therefore, grammar should not be blown out of proportion when it is not determined by who you are as a person. Also, when you want to hire someone and they have bad grammar it is rude to judge them. The economy is suffering from the loss of jobs. So when you’re interviewing someone you don’t know their background life and the struggles they may go through to get a job. That’s why it s selfish, mean, and stubborn to not hire someone because of something as simple as grammar, especially when they are kind hearted to you and others around them.  

     From my perspective, I believe that overall, grammar does not determine who you are as a person or how you work. When using bad grammar it does not affect your talent and you physical ability. That is why I would hire someone with bad grammar.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I Wouldn’t Hire You Either

Kyle Wien the author of “I Won't Hire People Who Use Bad Grammar” is absolutely 100% correct when he says that he  will not hire people that do not use proper grammar.The thing is I don’t have the best grammar either, but I’m still in school and the people that he looks forward to hiring are most likely are most likely out of school, still this guy makes billions of dollars a year. He also has two companies and hires hundreds of people a day. If you owned two companies that were both worth billions wouldn't you want the best of the best and only that. He make’s another point by saying that if it takes you 20 years to learn how to use it’s correctly he will not hire you. I agree with him, he should hire only Grade A++ people for this company. I would do the exact same thing. People should always use amazing grammar in and out of the work space. If I were Kyle Wiens I would go into every person who applies background and make sure that, that person has always used good grammar in school. I would also want a copy of there ELA portfolio from both High School and College. To be honest if you think that you can get a job that probable pays extremely well with horrible grammar you have another thing coming.

Grammar Is Not A Big Deal !!

Grammar is not the only thing in this world to justify who you are and what you’re capable of doing.   I understand what Kyle Wiens is saying, but I have to disagree with his idea that he will not hire people who use poor grammar.  I feel as though Kyle made some really good points in his article.  Although some of them just didn't sit right with me and weren't quite accurate.  One of the points he made was grammar shows your intelligence , creativity, and job performance.  I strongly disagree with his thoughts  because  many well known famous people who either has poor grammar or can’t read.  For example, Floyd May weather , multi billionaire,  best boxer worldwide, and his bad grammar does not stop him from a skillful and meticulous boxer. Also, another statement I disagree with is people who make fewer mistakes on a grammar test also make fewer mistakes in something unrelated to writing.  I disagree with this point because, a person that makes fewer mistakes on a math test can make fewer mistakes when doing construction working, etc.  Grammar does not justify or label you as an individual.   
Having bad grammar is not the end of your life.  You can still be intelligent and creative with bad grammar.  You can still achieve more than you think you can with bad grammar.  You can become as prosperous as all other rich and famous people that use incorrect grammar in their everyday lives.  Poor grammar does not signify you as a person. Grammar is not the only thing in this world that your future relies on!  

Your life is based on your grammer!!

If you have poor grammar and you are trying to get into a very good job, you should just forget about it. Poor grammar doesn't just have to do with writing, it also has to do with speaking. If you can’t write with correct grammar then you are most likely not going to be able to speak with correct grammar. For example, if someone gets hired at a store that doesn't know how to speak correct grammar, it would be very hard to communicate with them. I probably wouldn't understand what they are trying to say, and it would just be very difficult to find what I am looking for. 
No one should have poor grammar. You learn about grammar in school all the time, so you should not have a problem. Grammar is one of the most important things in today’s world. When being interviewed for a job, that is one of the things that the person is going to be looking at. Lots of people don’t think that grammar is such a big deal, but it is. It is something that everyone needs in their life. Many people think that even if they don’t know how to write correct grammar, that they can still talk properly. WRONG! Grammar has a big impact on the way you speak, along with the way you write. 
People don’t understand how important grammar is. It’s just like learning how to talk; if you don’t learn correct grammar your speaking is going to be horrible. Good grammar is credibility, especially on the internet. When writing essays for school, posting a Facebook status, or even writing an email, you have to write in correct grammar. Grammar is a part of your grade in school. If you want full credit, your grammar is one of the things that has to be perfect.

Why We Need Great Grammar

Why We Need Great Grammar

Many people don’t use correct grammar and get great jobs such as game creators or programmers, but how’s that possible?  Some people don’t care if their workers use great grammar; I care about it. If people don’t care about grammar, how will you understand them at all!
Kyle Wiens does not hire anyone that has poor grammar and I agree with him.  He has many great points that prove that if you don’t have adequate grammar skills, they shouldn't be hired.  Kyle Wiens said,”Good grammar shows that the person cares about details.” that is true, because if you don’t put details into an article or paragraph describing an area it could be hectic. For example, someone describes a job and just says“it’s a great place to be” that person reading won’t understand.  Sometimes even grammar can tell how intelligent you are so if you only typing in four word sentences, people will think you are not very intelligent or that you are very lazy.  Many people may think some jobs don’t need you to speak much.  
Every job needs you to speak even if you are a computer technician you need to speak to tell someone what has to be fixed on their computer.  There are thousands of workers that may use great grammar, but other times they use terrible grammar yet still get the job.  Grammar can signify a lot more than your knowledge.  It can show your personality, what you do frequently, and how you do it, like texting.

Kyle Wiens Is Right!

Kyle Wiens, writer of the article “I Won’t Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar. Here’s Why.” has a right not to hire people he doesn't think qualify to work for him. He said that people who use poor grammar can’t work for him and it’s  easy to understand why he feels that way. He is the billionaire CEO of Dozuki and iFixit and if you want to work there you need good grammar because he believes that good grammar shows a lot about a person. I think he is right.  If he doesn't want to hire someone with bad grammar then he shouldn't have to.  Honestly, I wouldn't hire people like that either because how can they work at an extremely successful company when they use two instead of to? Those people couldn't work and they shouldn't work for Kyle or me.
Kyle is a very smart man, especially when it comes to business. I mean think about it, look how much money he’s made. If he says don’t hire people with bad grammar I would listen to him. People with bad grammar deserve jobs, just not for big companies.  I don’t hate people with bad grammar I just think that they shouldn't work for companies like Kyle’s. Customer service is an important part of a business. Don’t you want your customers to understand the workers trying to help them? I do so don’t hire people with bad grammar!