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Class of 2013
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Banning Books is Horrible!


         After the age of eight, all books should be available to read and not banned. I think you start to mature and should be able to read all books after eight years old. Bad things should not be introduced to a kid under eight, because that is the time that helps you understand what is bad and what is good. If you read stuff that is bad than you will be bad at a young age and the other way around. Most kids that are bad as kids turn out bad as adults.
          As an adult or teen you want to expand your knowledge. This is why you should be able to read any book you want. Some great books were banned such as "The Catcher in the Rye" and "Harry Potter." Know Harry Potter has its theme park, this means banning books does not stop people from reading it. This is why I think banning books from adults is a bad idea.


Why ban books we need to learn?

     I think that banning book is unnecessary because we all need our own choice. We live in a free country for a reason.  The reason i think we should have our own choice it because we know our self better than anyone else. Also i think they shouldn't ban books because we are going to learn or we need to learn about  the things around us. I know some of the crimes are reacting in reality sometimes but those people are idiots because they should know they aren't going to really get away with it like in the book. the should understand that the book is fiction. Like the shooting that happened at that movie theater. They say that guy was mental but even if he was mental he should of been on medication or he should of had people that helps him get  around. I think that they shouldn't ban book because they need us to learn that what happens in this book yous shouldn't do at all.

Banning Books

I don't think books should banned. They might want to ban books because they think it is inappropriate, think kids will get ideas from books and act them out, or they just don't want there kids to read it. Books bring people entertainment and excitement. While reading you can learn new things. It can help you expand your vocabulary and expand your mind and make you think more or differently they you have before. 

Banned Books

I don't believe that books should be banned. Why I believe this is because if there is something you don't like that someone is writing about, you don't have to read it. You and someone else will have different opinions on things. Maybe that person will absolutely love the book while you dislike what they are saying. No books should be banned because everyone has a different perspective on things. Why I think books are banned is because people maybe think they are looking out for people especially younger kids but honestly I think that parents should be the judge of what there kids read and I think people should be aloud to read and write whatever they want.

Is Banning Books really necessary?

Why would you ban a book if every individual should be smart enough and know what to do with the information the author gives them?  What do you as a person get from banning books except taking away a great source of information?  Books give us all sorts of information so why would you ban some of them?  If you don't like a certain book then don't read it, it's that simple.  Banning books is never then answer to your disagreement with a certain book and you should really just be mature enough to stay away from it.  Books are a great source of information and none of them deserve to be banned.

What if somebody banned a book you really loved, wouldn't you be upset or angry?  The Giver is a really great book but you need to be mature enough to be able to deal with the information that it possesses.  If you don't want your child reading a certain book then prevent him from doing so, but don't prevent a whole state or country from doing so.   Banning books isn't the right thing to do and needs to be abolished.  I say this because many people love books such as The Giver or How to Kill a Mockingbird so why would you prevent them from reading a book they liked so much?

Should Books Really Be Banned ???

I believe banning books can be a good thing and a bad thing. It can be a good thing because there are these people out there that read books about fake crime scene and try to recreate the book in real life. That can possibly lead to something worse like people dying. Banning books can be a bad thing because everyone has a favorite book/author that they like to read. So if that book goes on the banning list then it might make people stop reading. Then the sales of book will go higher because people are not buying the books. Those were just a few my thoughts on banning book.

Banning Books

       Banning Books is not necessary Because there allot of things you can learn about in books. It might be fiction or not nonfiction but people all have their own opinion just because you don't understand it or you might think it's to inappropriate doesn't mean everybody thinks it. That's your own opinion know matter what. Everybody should be able to look at any book they want to. There might be books out there that people like and use are banning them left and right. I believe that the only time a book should be banned is when a school has it and it's to inappropriate for them to read. Banning books is the worst thing you can do because people might really like it and its like your taking a piece of their favriot  thing away.

Banning books really???????


      Some people would say that books should be banned. I can firmly disagree with that statement. I believe that books shouldn't be banned. I think that people should have the freedom of choice to  decide if they want to read a book or not. People have free will, therefore you should decide if the book is appropriate. I believe no books should be banned, because the author is sometimes trying to inform you about a certain subject.

    In my humbled opinion I believe that books open up a new world to people. Books give children a world to explore. To ban books is like to take away a child's imagination. I know that some books might be inappropriate, but you shouldn't ban them. From personal experience I know that books are a gate way out of some of the situations you see around you.                                                              

     Books shouldn't be banned because it a reason be hide the author's writing. Books that are banned some people might still read them. Instead of banning books you should have a reader discretion warning. Books should not be banned!                                                              


Banning Books

         Why do people ban books? I think people ban books do not like to read. Why would you want to take away education from people of all ages. People are wrong for stealing from us we should decide if we want to read a book that has inappropriate things such as language or content. banning books is taking away away freedoms that we should have. Would you like people taking things you love?

      Books are to be respected not kept lock and key from people. Books teach us different things such as how to do something or learn how to do something. Books are made to get people involved into them and to have a good time. Book are exciting and fun and should never be banned. So place do not ban books that benefit people because with books everybody wins.   


Banning Books

                I don't think books should be banned because the author worked really hard on it. Some people might have other opinions about it, some might like, some might not, but this goes for every boo. The reason why they banned books most likely wasn't intentional by the author. The author probably had other reasons for writing the book. If some things were inappropriate, then maybe it was supposed to tell you something. The book might be supposed to tell you how bad or wrong something is. Books should not be banned, you may dislike the book because of reasons, but others might like it for other reasons. 
               I believe banning books is not necessary. The person trying to push banning books is wrong, in my opinion. Everyone has their opinions, but you shouldn't ban books just because you don't like it or believe it's inappropriate. There are people who like the books that are banned. Teachers give books for their students to read that are more mature because they want them to learn about this world. They want them to know what's out there. The book that they give the students could be teaching them not to do. It most likely shows the consequences of things people do that are wrong. It will teach the students not to do it, and to know what's good and what's bad. 

Banned Book


          I believe that books shouldn't be banned because once you reach a certain age your mind start to wonder about things and your body change also and some of  the books we read today help you to cope with those feeling. The reasoning for books being banned, I think is that they don't want kids to be exposed to certain material or want them to know something that could ruin someone reputation. I think people planned books because they might give out an idea that teachers parents or even the government wouldn't want you to know, so it wont give out any idea to the general public.


Banning Books

Some books should be banned. Types of books that should be banned are ones that release government secrets, military secrets, someone's private life, and books that tell about someone's life without permission. Other than that books are okay. People say books can hurt, but how it is not the book's fault it is the person reading it. Why ban books? You cannot stop someone from reading a book, that person has freedom.