Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Friday, November 16, 2012

Would the world be better If everybody was the same

The world would not be a better place if everyone was the same color because the world would still have problems. The world would still have people killing or hurting each other. There would still be people who don't like you and the world would still have problems. There would still be people out there who want to hurt you. There would be people out there who are just with t o hurt you for no reason or there just mad at the world. If the would was the same color the world would not be fun and people would get sick of seeing the same thing everything everyday. The would is build on being different not the same.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

If everyone was the same color would the world truly be a better place?

Would terrible things such as racism and race riots still exist if everyone was the same color? No. These kinds of things do nothing except pollute our nation and bring unhappiness to the the citizens of the universe and would simply be abolished if everyone was the same color.  Being from a dilapidated neighborhood where racial tensions are extremely high and race riots happen on a weekly basis, I would love for everyone to be the same color.  Also, the idea of everyone being the same color would eliminate horrible racial groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and save many innocent lives.  For generations back that  lead to my grandfather's childhood, the same racial riot between whites and blacks has been going on and seems never ending but would have never even originated if everyone was the same complexion.
Now, some may argue that life would be unexciting and dull, but everyone would still have their own personalities, physical features besides skin color, and possess the freedom to make choices that will separate them from any other human being.  I know and see people who are terribly scarred for life and disabled from a meaningless riot.  Life, in my personal opinion, would be less violent and much safer.  I hope you understand why he world would be a much better place if everyone was the same color and the benefits it would bring the people of the universe

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Can a colorless world change us or keep us the same?

If people were the same color in the world, it could be a better place because you wouldn't  be so quick to put people in a group or assume because you're a race that you're this when there is a slight chance you aren't. If there is sameness of color there would be less discrimination and gangs and if you talk about someone color it would be like you're talking about yourself. There are many examples on how race is a big problem in our world like if you're Black ,most people assume that you're loud,ignorant and you talk with improper language, also you have a very ghetto name and come from a rough neighborhood. If you’re White, you're probably proper, have a high paying job and speak with correct language. If you are a Mexicans then most people think they are just maids and gangbangers who come over illegally to take our jobs and pollute our streets with violence when really every race that I know or have learned about was about violence.If you are  Asians  then most people think that they are smart and came from their country to escape sweatshops. Now people might think because you’re the same color that you can pick on something different like hair or weight or height but they are things that you can change or can benefit you as a person. For example, if you are tall you could be a model or an athlete. If you're short you could be a gymnast. If your fat you can lose weight. Every person was given a talent or aspect for them to work with that could benefit them and if they don't think it does they can fix or change it.

Does everyone have to be the same color???

I personally do not think it would be better if everyone were the same color because being different is what makes us human and if we're not human then what are we? I do believe that if we were all the same color racism would have never happened but that’s what life is about, making the wrong choices and making up for them. Being the same color won’t solve anything, everyone would still have their differences and others still may not like them, but again that’s part of being human. Same color or not problems will still occur.

Colors in the giver.


I don’t think the world would be a better place without color. I'm saying that because life would be dull. Everybody looking the same is not the best because then you will get confused some times. People would want to be there selfs not what others want them to be. The world is fine the way it is with colors. People feel comfortable walking around and seeing different colors.

Sameness for the better

Do you think things like racism and segregation would be if there was not color? Well, I don’t. If there was not color i think the world would be more peaceful because people wouldn't have to worry about the color of their skin. There would also be less crime and there would not be blacks versus whites. The would be less crimes about the colored people saying this is their territory. There would be less people trying to bully the colored and the non colored in schools. You Would he less about the colored guy jumping off a bridge because he was bullied.There would be more people united because they wouldn't be able to laugh at the someone because we all look the same in color of our skin.

Colorless world? Where they do that at????

If the world had people of the same color there still would be problems. If your were the same color as the next person, people will try to find something else to bully you about,. I firmly believe that  when you are the same color people would try to mess with you if they think you are too tall, too short, too fat or too skinny.  I believe that people should not be the same color to just have a better world. Being the same would not create diversity and people would not like to be friends with people who are like them. In my humble opinion, being in the sameness would not make to world a better place because there are more issue on earth other than being the same color.

Community That Has the Same Skin Color.

To me , I think it would be better  if we were all the same skin color. One reason is that there will be  racism. It would be fair because everything is the same except their personalities. Everyone will fit  perfectly in their community. There should be nothing wrong with it because everyone is the same by color and race.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Would We Have Problems If We Were The Same Color?

         I believe that the world wouldn't have less problems if we were the same color. We would still have problems even if there weren't any racial problems. No one would know about the differences in skin if we were all the same color and no one would tease each other because of his or her skin color, but we would still have problems because people would pick on others for different things. I believe that people would also start creating more and more problems by picking on others because of their hair color or eye color. People would even pick on people because of their weight or even height. It probably wouldn't be as bad as racial problems but I know no one likes to be picked on. So, that would create a huge commotion. It would probably start up these problems again, not just about skin, but about hair and eye color, too. That would most likely be just as bad as problems about differences in skin color. 

The positive things about being the same

Why are we all not the same color of skin? I think all of us being the same will benefit this country. This should allow us to progress and not brought down from people who bully others because they are not the same. People would feel more confident about who they are and how they express themselves rather than being teased at laughed at by people. Also, racism would be stopped because we would all be the same color and race. People would no longer need to die over which race is better than the other.Sameness will allow this to stop because we will all alike.

Skin color

I do believe that if everyone was the same color the world would be a better place. Why I believe this is because there would be a lot less hatred and racism, also the things that had happened in the past would have most likely been avoided. There would have been no sufferings and no deaths to the cause of slavery and everyone would have been treated with proper respect and the freedom they were born with. Also if we were to all be the same color there would be no hate crimes or racial gangs do to the diverse skin colors. It is most definitely an upsetting thing to say that with being a different skin color people automatically think you are an evil doing person.

What If We Were All The Same Color, Would If Really Matter

What if we were really all the same color? Would it be easier? Would it be more challenging?
I feel it would be easier if we were all the same color. There would be less conflict between people. Everyone is so judgemental and they want to say what they want no matter if it hurts your feeling or not like if you are skinny or fat. If we were all the same color maybe there would be less people dying of unnecessary causes like for instance if someone stole something from someone usually  the person would most likely say something threatening to you. I feel as if in today’s world if would be better if everyone would keep their bad thoughts about you to themselves.

People Being The Same Color Would Be Great

I think the world would be a better place if everyone were to be the same color. If everyone was the same color there would be no racism, and people would not be treated differently because of their skin. People being the same color could change history, like the civil war which was fought because of slavery, if everyone was the same color they we would not enslave each other. People are often mistreated because of their skin color. Some people think it is okay to be racist, but they are not thinking of how that person feels when you use a racial slur towards them, well it is not okay. Racism and ethnic discrimination in the United States is a big problem. Since everyone is not the same color I think governments all over the world should enforce strict laws against judging people by their skin color.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

If we were all the same color would the world really be a better place?

         In my opinion, I don't think the world would be a better place if we were all the same color. If everyone was the same color it would be removing one conflict for another. People would find other reasons to not get along whether it would be they are too fat or too skinny too tall or too small too smart or too dumb. I believe human beings as a species are inherently combative.

Would the world be a better place if everyone was the same color?

There are many ways the world can become a better place, but every one being the same color is not one. Humans are humans despite what color they are. Just because people are a different color does not mean they want bad things for the world or to hurt you. Many people think that there would be no crimes or fights, if everyone was the same color, but they need to think about how many crimes and fights there are that involve people that are the same color.Would global warming be over if every one was the same color? Would there be an end to hunger and starvation? Would there be no more drugs or alcohol? The answer is no. The world would still be the same if everyone was the same color. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

If we were the same color, life wouldn't be easier.

            If we were all the same color, life would not be easier. It is true that if we were all the same color people wouldn't be able to be racist with one another, but they will still make fun of you for other things such as, height, weight, how you talk, how you dress etc. People will try to find something else to make fun of them for, and that is the truth. The people who have to go through this, won't get away from it just because we're all the same color. What I have seen in this world, people don't make fun of one another because of their color, they make fun of them because of how they dress/act. I'm not saying it doesn't happen in the world, but I have seen very little of this happening. I see people get made fun of because of how they dress and how they act. Look at the people who have committed suicide, their reason for it wasn't because of others making fun of them because of their color, the reason was others kept torturing the person and making fun of them because of how they dress, act, look, talk, everything. They kept pointing out the person's flaws and never stopped, this caused that person to give up and commit suicide. In today's world, you can't please anyone no matter what you do to change yourself.