Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dear Future Me,

In the future I see myself having many achievements and I would like to be successful. I see myself in the future finishing high school and college. The high school I will attend is Neumann Goretti and the college, University of Connecticut. I will go to college and study to be a Pediatrition or F.B.I profiler because I love children and sloving mysteries . I will play college basketball and hopefully get drafted into the W.N.B.A In between all of this I would like to donate my money to many charities and give back to the world. I think donating to charities will help many children have a better life. Someone told me that the children are the future. I was once told I was the future and now I will pass it on. All children need a little hope in their life and if I can help I'm all in. Once I'm drafted into the pros I would love to get married and have children. I always wanted that family to love and support like my mom and dad have blessed me with. I think every adult needs children to keep them grounded. I love children because they don't care about the mistakes you made in a basketball game or in life period. All they know is that you are their mom and dad and you love them. Children should always come first no matter what they do or say. You should always support your children in anything they do never turn your back on them. Being a good parent is the best goal you can have and achieve.

Being a F.B.I profiler is something I always dreamed of doing. Being a basketball player inspired me to become a profiler. Playing the game of basketball I always have to study a persons game to make myself better. For example, the player I love to study is kobe bryant just the expression on his face tells you that he refuse to lose. That is the kind of focus I need. I always study the small thing, the way he takes control of the team when in time of need. I study the way he dribbles the ball, his form of his jump shot, his drive to the basket, his defence and his drive to win the game. Since I'm a star in the making I always watch the stars that have already reached there goals. If I can study one person and have it down pack just think of how many criminal I can study.

If the goals I have set for myself don't go as planed I just want to give back to the world.

Dear Future Me

Dear future me,

work really hard so that I can get into a good college and fulfill my dreams of studying Forensic Science. I have always wanted to work as a CSI ever since I have been watching the show "CSI." CSI Miami, Criminal MiI have lots of plans and dreams I see myself doing in future. Well first of all I want myself tonds, and Law and Order have encouraged me to be more confident in what I've always wanted to do. The second thing I see myself doing in the future is to meet some of my admirable celebrities (for example: Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, Thomas Gibson, and Monica.) I also want to take over my grandmother's love for baking; I love to bake, she loves to bake, and therefor we both love to bake together, its really fun. Some of my other wishes for my future self is to be on the show "Don't Forget The Lyrics." My hope for myself is to become a wonderful wife and mother someday. My ambition is to travel the world but mostly to travel to Alaska and mexico in one point of my life. Mostly I want to make my mother proud of me andhave a baby monkey someme to be proud of myself for who I am and not who people try to make me out to be. I want today; they are smart, unusual, and different which I consider a definition of me! I have lots of dreams and wishes for myself that I hope I can achieve later down my path!
Have a good ride on your journey future me!

Talesia! =)

The Human Knot

I felt that The Human Knot was confusing at first. During this activity my feelings were that people were to close to each other. They were hugging you and had there arms around your neck so you couldn't even breathe. People breathing down your neck, laying on you and stepping on your arm also pulling them to. Finally, at the end I got the hang of it and got out of the knot.

Doing this activity I learned that I'm not that patient after all and that I get mad easy when I can't get something done right. Also,I'll get tired of it and just give up on it.

During The Human Knot I learned that things aren't going to be easy after all in life. If your working in a group it just can't be only you getting it done it have to be everyone in the group to get out of the knot. It takes dedication and team work to do so. The lesson that I learned that can be applied to my life is that I can't just give up on something that's new to me because if I do it will only teach me how to quiet and not teach me how to solve the problem.


I would like to see myself in a good high school, then when I'm old enough, I can get a temporary job to support myself with the money I make with it, instead of using my parents money. Then when I get to college, I'll still keep my job to support myself in college. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do when I'm done college. But I will eventually find out, but until then, I'll keep the temporary job.
My hopes is to graduate high school and college and eventually find a career, my goals is to do good in school. My wishes is to do good in school and get a temporary job until I get a career, and support myself through out college and the rest of my life.

Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me,
In the future, I hope to achieve many things. I have many plans for myself and I hope that I can fulfill them all. First, I would like to write a book, but I'm not sure what I would write about. I definitely want to own a cupcake shop. I've had that dream for about two years now. Baking is something I love to do; it brings out my imagination. Another goal that I want to reach is to go to an outstanding college and prosper in life. I don't know what I want to be when I become an adult yet, but I know I'll find my way.
I wish to meet some of my favorite celebrities, and I would also like to travel to Utah. I hear it's beautiful there. I want to go bungee jumping and sky diving because I love the feeling of fearlessness. In my future, I would also like to own a llama because they're awesome. I also hope to be a great mother and wife someday.
Even though I have all these dreams and aspirations, I know that right now isn't the time to get working on them. Right now is the time to make mistakes, change my mind, then change it over and over again. So to the future me, good luck! You'll need it!

With love,

The Human Knot

Today in math class, we did a project called, "The Human Knot". I thought that this was a good idea so I tried too. Then, I found out that it was almost impossibe! In order to play this game, u need peace and quiet to think about the next move we have to make but I thought that my group was being way to loud. Everyone was screaming at once in my ear to move my arm and hop over someone's leg. Its pretty hard. After the project, I learned a few stuff about myself. For example, im not very flexible. I also learned that in order to get things done together and quicker, everyone needs to work as a team. This lesson can apply to my life as a young adult because everybody at work does work as a team to get the job done.
Ryan T./8th grade

The Human Knot

Participating in the Human Knot was a bunch of fun. It was something I never experienced but I love trying new things. I know Im not the most patient person in the world but during the activity I stayed farely quiet and listened to everyone else's opinions and ideas so we could all work together and acomplish the task. After this activity I learned that I can maintane my tolerance, I get really unconfortable when someone is close to me and sometimes it's alright to let someone else take controle, just as long as the task is acomplished. The lesson I've learned that can be applied in life as a young adult or an adult is that there is no I in Team and if you work together as a team, more will be achieved.


The Human Knot

The Human Knot was a fun activity we did. The activity involved listening skills, and cooperation.
It was hard because I'm a bit bigger than the other girls in my class and not as flexible. I learned that I have very good listening skills. I learned that when I have a job I could do two things at once. When I have kids I hope they get this quality

The Human Knot

What were your feelings about the activity? My feelings about "The Human Knot" were I had fun doing this activity, but it was confusing at times and hard because we had to work together, some people didn't want cooperate.
What did you learn about yourself after this activity? I learned that I really don't have a lot of patience, and I wanted to quit so many times when it wasn't working out.
What lessons did you learn that can be applied to your life as a young adult or as an adult?
I learn that when your working with a lot of people doing a activity you have to work together and cooperate. I can't always just want to quit or give up. If I don't like the activity that we are doing I just have to deal with it and try to have fun.

" The Human Knot "

What were your feelings about the activity ? My feelings about the activity were i didnt like it at first, because everyone wanted to talk and yell at the same time, but after we all started to work together we got used to doing what we all wanted to try.
What did you learn about yourself after this activity ? After this activity I learned that I don't have a lot of patience at all, I get tired and aggrivated really fast , and just want to quit, because of the human knot I'm trying to work on having more patience with everything I do.
What lessons did you learn that can be applied to your life as a young adult or as an adult ? One life lesson I learned was that if you work together as a team, and have patience with yourself and the people your working with you will actually have a chance to get where you want to in life. These life lessons would help me to grow as a young adult to work on having patience and helping eachother as a team. These life lessons would help me get a job when I need a bonus on my job application .

Dear Future Me,

Dear Future Me,

I hope you discovered the cure for cancer. How is your husband? Is he still a lawyer?
What about your two children Mackenzie and Brasen ,how have they been? I heard you oppened up your own hospital in New Orleans, for the victims of Katrina. How is that coming along? I heard you moved to California, and thats where you met your husband who won two Nobel Peace prizes for his fair cases. Brasen is graduating from Saint Gabriels soon isn't he? Is Mrs. Carboni his teacher? What about Mackenzie, how is she doing in kindergarden? I heard that Brasen is planning to go to Neuman. I hope he gets in, but I am sure he will sense he has two of the most amazing parents. Mackenzies going to St. Gabes too right She wants to grow up to be a singer I wonder how that'll turn out, hopefully she suceeds. You've met the president didn't you? I've heard you treated her husband when he was sick. I hope everything you've done in the past pays off. By the way I saw your premiere on that new show last night. How can you manage that all a wife, mother, doctor, and actress? I know you work hard and your are encouraging your kids to do the same. Well gotta go I have to get ideas for my project for math class, and study for mathletes. You remember mathletes don't you, when your team St. Gabriel's won first place.

Love Always,
Naje' Tucker

P.S. Did you get your iPhone in 8th grade, I was wondering if your mom ever gave it to you?
What were your feelings about the activity? I like the human knot even thought it was hard to get out of but it was fun. The humna knot was kinda diffcult to me becuase we couldn't get out of the knot.

What did you learn about yourslef after this activity? I learn that we need to talk to each other to find a way to get out of a sitution. We have to work as a team to find a way to firgure it out.

What lessons did you learn that can be applied to your life as young adult or as adult? I learn that you can get threw things if you just talk it out to the people on your team or just anybody you with that you having problems with.

"My Future"


I see myself advancing from Saint Gabriel School to the high school of my choice. After I graduate high school with hopefully a high GPA, and maybe a basketball championship, I plan to go to college. I hope to attend Penn State, Syracuse, or Notre Dame. My goals in life are to successfully get through school, and hopefully have a basketball carreer. I know my goals are not going to come easy. That why I am going to work as hard as I can to acheive them.

The human Knot

What it was like doing the human knot with my classmates
Our class tried to do the human knot a couple days ago. At first we did it in groups then we tried to do it as a whole class. After everyone had someones hand besides there own we started to untwist. That didn't work at all most people didn't like the position they where in, as we where telling them your going to have to be in an uncomfortable place for a while. Everyone wanted to do their own thing. I felt happy a little bit because the game was fun and it also teaches us a lesson. Some of the things is one I have learned about my self is I don't like people touching me at all, if I don't know you like well than you have to at least be an arm length away from me, and I really don't like people breathing down my neck. The lesson that I have learned is if you do something wrong and you are in a group it will have a chain reaction against all of the members. Out of all I really had fun doing this