Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Monday, November 14, 2011


Yanchi Chen

Perhaps my biggest concern for this current world is education-wise. Many youngsters, especially those dropouts, does not even hold the slightest clue as to how urgent it is for them to have at least acquired an education in a century so demanding as the twenty-first, where birth-rates are increasing fast. Shockingly, not only does America bestow on its citizens a full education, children, adolescents in particular, dropout of high schools. In the third-world countries, where the incessant warfare and starvation are raging on, children don't ever even receive the chance of being taught to in a safe environment that they desire. Of course, in a world like today, there couldn't possibly be a long term of supplying a poorer country of its desired needs. Countries can help one another out, but not be in a fashion where it will wind up completely relying on another country for its daily needs. If there is even a step, which I believe there is, towards this problem, then people can, even with a mere penny, make a huge difference.

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