Class of 2013

Class of 2013
SGS is the BEST!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Seasons

Summer is the season I like the most of all because I can go outside with no extra clothing on. The schools are out for the summer and it is vacation time for most. No more worrying about school assignments or essays being turned in on time. The sun is shinning bright on my skin and I can go to the beaches to swim. I love seeing lots of people sitting outside thier homes enjoying the weather. Eating water ice and ice cream from Mr. Salty truck is part of the day. Hearing the sound of music from the truck reminds me that it is summer time in the city and I would not want to be anywhere else.

Tamia Gr.8


Winter was one of my favorites. I love doing Winter activities like Snowboarding and Ice Skating. I enjoy being outside having a snowball fight and then going in the house to get a cup of hot chocolate. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because it is Jesus' Birthday. In Winter I bake a lot of cakes and cookies. This is one of the best seasons besides Summer.

Hot Summers

Summer is my favorite season of all. School is out and its time to have fun. I stay up late and watch movies all night long. The best part about summer is being off from school and not having to worry about waking up the next morning to be on time for anything. I love the beautiful sunset and clear night sky, I look up at the stars and think how amazing the universe is!


Winter, the coldest of all the seasons, I wait to see the snow fall, I rush outside to have a snowball fight,
build forts and help others shovel snow for a couple of bucks.I keep a penny for good luck on a good snowy shovel business day. I don't want winter to go any way. Drinking hot cocoa and staying in the house to warm up is great. When Winter is gone I say we'll have to see winter another day.




Summer is the best of the year. I like to go shopping for summer. I usually go to Aeropostale for clothes. I love summer; it’s time for sleeping late and going to bed late. I also love sleeping over my girlies houses. Even though summer is when we leave this year together to go to high school. It’s our last good byes together. That’s what I’m going to hate the most.


The Summer


The summer is a time to go out and have fun. When I go out I swelter in the heat while playing basketball. In the summer it's important that I keep my hygiene up. I like going out with my friends and staying out late with the girls. I love playing basketball until the sun goes down; this is the best part of summer. I love waking up late and eating anytime of the day. Going to the beach with the family and hanging out at the hotel is so much fun. Summer is the best because you dont have to worry about homework or studies; it's great!

My favorite season

Summer is my most favorite season. The reason why I like it is because of the weather, which is mostly nice. There are so many activities that you could do in this season. You could go outside and play some sports to jumping into the pool. But, there is one thing I do not like about summer and that's all of the mosquitoes. That is the only problem about summer but even still, I love it.


*Winter Wonderland*

Winter is my favorite season out of all. I love the winter because you get to play in the snow. Throwing snowballs is always fun in the winter. One good thing that's nice about this season is that my birthday is in the winter. Some of my favorite activities in the winter are drinking hot chocolate, having a snowball fight, and making a snow angel. Going ice skating with friends is always fun and cold. When it's snowing I like to slip, slide on the ice and snow.


* Spring is in the air *

Spring is my favorite season of all because it's so pretty out; the flowers are always blooming. During the spring the birds are always out because the weather isn't really hot or cold. The weather is really nice during the spring. I also like the spring because during the spring it is softball season. Softball is my favorite sport so I get really excited for the spring to come up. Most of all the spring is wearing really cute clothes.
- Amanda

Summer to me

Summer to me is a break from school, homework/school work, tests, etc.
Summer is a time to have fun, hang out with friends, experience something new, test our limits, explore the world, creat a new you, make new friends, set goels for yourself, laugh, have sleepovers. 
The whole point of summer is for change, to make a difference in the world.
The entire year I await summer to come, so I can re-invent myself, to find what I'm looking for and to be a new me.

My Best Days in Spring

Spring is a great season for me! Spring includes; softball, the Phillies season, and my birthday. When softball season starts, I'm always at the field. When I'm not on the softball field, I'm sitting on my sofa hollering at my television because Ryan Howard just struck out. On occasion, my mom buys both her and I tickets to the games. She deserves credit because the seats are always awesome! Although I like all these things about spring, my favorite part is sleeping on the rocking chair near the window while it thunderstorms. I love listening to the sounds the rain makes against my window. Spring is my favorite season for all these reasons!

Summer is my favorite season!

Summer is my favorite season but there are also some things I don’t like about Summer. I’ll just start with what I don’t like about Summer. The thing I don’t like about summer is the hotness, when the temperature gets to the 100s, that’s when I don’t like summer. I don’t mind if the temperature is lower then 100. But what I would do when the temperature is 100; what I would do is go swimming in New Jersey at my cousin’s house. She has a swimming pool. And what I also do with my family is my mom’s friend takes my family to walk on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. But my legs do get tired during walking, but they don't get tired that easily.
Charles -8
ILA/ Reading
Mrs. Carboni

Worse season ever !

Fall is a time for chores and more chores to come; chores like raking up leaves and all those Thanksgiving dishes. Don't get me started on the school work and tons of it. The beginning of the school year (fall) was the most hectic, especially when you are beginning your last year. One thing good about fall is that the weather is always just right. Fall is the time of year when we run out of tissues in the house becasue everyones' allergies are acting up. That is my input on Fall also known as Autumn.
Summer is the best season to me because we have no school, no work, no tests, and no teachers. You can go to a summer league like a basketball summer league, a soccer summer league, a baseball summer league, or a football summer league. I would go to a basketball summer league because I love the sport of basketball. You can go anywhere in the summer like travel all over. I love the summer; it's the best season to me.
Summer was always my best season. Summer, to me is the best season because of the very warm weather. My birthday is also in the summer. The best part of summer is going to bed and waking up late. In the summer I love going swimming. I love to go out everyday and play basketball at the playground. The summer is a long time away, and when it gets here it flies by!

Seasons Greetings

Spring is my favorite season because the weather is wonderful. The weather is not too hot and not too cold either. Beautiful flowers start to bloom. in the spring; birds start to rebuild their nests. The days get a little bit warmer. Spring months get awfully windy too.

My Favorite Season is SPRING =)

Spring is my favorite season of all because I was born in the the month of May which is at the end of spring. I actually like the breezy weather more than the hot weather. Most of the people I know like Spring but Summer is their favorite out of all seasons.Some of the things I like about Spring are playing volley ball, riding bikes, and being able to walk a dog without it being so cold. You can do a lot more in the Spring than the Winter

Summer Times

Summer Times!

Summer was doing camp outs, mosquito bites, and being hot and sweaty.
Summer is meeting new boys, new people, and new friends.
Summer is a season for late night parties.
Summer is a fun and enjoyable season.
Summer is a season for no homework, no tests, and no uniforms.
Summer is a season to be me. That's why I love summer.
Summer is all about me and who I am!