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Class of 2013
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Music Discrimination? Against rap and hip hop?

Why do people think that Rap and Hip Hop are such bad types of music to listen to? It used to be all fun and games until all of the cursing and talk about drugs, sex, money, cars, girls, guys, and killing got into it.
" Music affects
said one person online named Charlene C. For the most part that is true. How can " Music" affect people? Well it can because I did my research and one of the facts that I have found is that " Music is a tool for manipulating emotion" said Some people think that Rap and HipHop is just about killing, drugs, money, cars, and prostitutes selling their bodies for money. Well think again! Because some of that is NOT TRUE! That is how SOME songs are and what some rappers are talking about in their music but not all of them. For example EMINEM, the well known artist that is " Not Afriad" to express himself, as he does in his music. He used to rap about all kinds of crazy things like killing, drugs, slaughtering, and things that are very disturbing that I can't talk about. Well he has changed a lot and is now rapping about his life, for example, his song "Not Afriad" is a song that is about him starting over and turning his life around and being brave to do so. That's a good song and if you haven't listened to it do it now on
Here are some opinions of people who like rap music...
Someone in the school that I go to named Sabria said

" Rap is cool, but sometimes the lyrics are too sexual for little kids to listen

Another person on http://www.stormfront/ said

" I think the Hip Hop culture is already dead. What survives is a
Giant Nike commercial."

I thought that the remark that they made was very disrespectful.but I like Hip Hop/ Rap music and its all I listen to. These rappers put their work (which is really poetry with a nice beat) out there for everyone to listen to. Yes they can tone down the foul language (cursing) and yeah they can talk about something else other than "popping" and "booties shaking", drugs, cars, money, and girls. I like rap but I agree it is getting a little bit out of hand. Even little children just about ages three to six are singing these types of songs and I don't think that it's right. If God wanted everyone to be influenced to shoot our neighbors and do drugs he would not have been bothered!
NOTE: As Robert's teacher, I felt it best to not post the links to these songs. Anyone interested in listening to any mentioned can find them through Google.
I like all of the old types of music, but this is when rap and hip hop really was starting out. So please do me a favor, listen to most of these songs and maybe you will get the idea of what this type of music really is like.

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