Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


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“Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in South London, England, and the United Kingdom.” Many people who know of dubstep think that this does not allow talent when in fact it does in some cases. Some talents that would be beneficial for making this type of music would be being able to play drums or a keyboard. Then in some cases people just use a computer with a special type of software.
Some of the opinions that I found on this topic are many people do not like this genre. Some people can be very close minded when talking about this like in some cases saying that only “idiots” listen to it or people who don't have good taste in music. I would say for starters I don't believe that there is an actual bad taste in music. Music was made for all people to enjoy so no matter what kind of music you listen to I would not consider you having a “bad taste”. One of the artist of this genre named Skrillex has won three grammys. He has also been nominated for many other awards.
One thing that I wanted to get through to people about this article is not to be so close minded about dubstep. Before you say such negative things about it educate yourself. I can see why some people don't like it because at first I didn't like it much. I believe that the prejudice does exist.

People who go to other schools think that people who go to St.Gabriel School

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People who go to other schools think that people who go to St.Gabriel School

are poor and have no money because the school is in a  bad neighborhood, but some people think we are good kids and well behaved.When we play other schools in sports they think we are a bad group of kids because we always get into each other faces.
In my opinion, kids from St Gabriel are kind and like to help out in and out of school. At our school, we are good and smart because the teacher pushes us to try our best in whatever we do.The teachers do not give up on us.
I believe that the prejudice is  valid because there are people out there who don't like people who go to St Gabe’s.There are adults and children who don’t like adults and children who go to St.Gabe’s. If given the opportunity, people will see what we are truly made of at St. Gabriel School!

Prejudice against people who listen to metal, rock, etc..

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People who don’t like metal, rock, or other genres similar to these like I do have many opinions on other people. Some people do say things about people who listen to music that they don’t particularly like. I do think there is a prejudice against people who do listen to it. To some people it can be mean and hurtful and in most cases untrue.
Some opinions I found are that people who listen to this type of music are emo( if you don't know it is what some people refer to others who listen to thins music), scene( this is also what some people refer to other who listen to this music), depressed, antisocial, are mad at the world, hate everything, and self harm. Also, what was said is everyone who listens to this has long black hair, only wears black, and has a bunch of tattoos and piercings. People also assume that they are atheists, worship the devil, and are going to hell. This is not true. Yes, there are people who listen to this music that do self harm, are depressed, and all the other things I have stated, but it is not everyone. I listen to this music a lot and I have never harmed myself, I am not mad at the world, and I don’t hate everything. Some people do have tattoos and piercings, but not everyone does. I don’t have any. Also, not everyone worships the devil and is not atheist, like I’m Catholic. It is said that if you listen to it you have a bad music taste. I don’t think it is true. Music is made for people to enjoy. If you don’t like a certain type of music then just don’t listen to it.  
To me it is a prejudice because people are stereotyping others. Most of the things people say about these people is not true and unfair. People should just leave their opinions to themselves and let people be!.

Prejudice is Alive in the hearts of adults to teens!

People that are much older than me think that people my age are irresponsible and lazy.  Some people say that we don’t listen and that we’re all disrespectful. I think they’re wrong. Not all of us are rude and disrespectful. Most of us are not like that . Some elders say we’re all immature and that we aren’t very wise about our choices. I feel like people shouldn’t judge us just because they’ve met one person who is rude, arrogant, or never makes the right choice. I feel like there is too much prejudice coming from elders and that they assume too many things about us. I also feel that prejudice is mean and horrid. Especially if it is used against a minor. I will be proving that this kind of prejudice does exist in the world.
A lot of people think that kids my age are immature and just careless because I’ve seen adults call kids immature because of their silliness or because they’re just laughing at something that adults think isn’t funny. Prejudice can affect all people, not just kids. It can affect all ages and harm all people mentally and possibly physically. Prejudice can cause peoples’ self-esteem to lower. It can cause them to think that there is something wrong with them when there’s really not anything wrong with them. One person posted on the internet that she thought teenage girls who wear makeup look ridiculous. She is very prejudice on the way most teenage girls dress too. Tony from the UK says that kids use too much slang when they talk. Tami from Ireland says that teachers says the kids there are untrained. Another person named Stevan R. says that kids dress ridiculously these days. Some adults say that kids mess around too much and that they don’t care about anything or anyone but themselves. There really are no facts that connect to adults being prejudice against young kids, but from all the opinions and the things I’ve seen happen, I think it’s very convincing and possible that adults are prejudice against young kids.
I think the kids are just trying to be themselves and express themselves. Some adults don’t understand that prejudice can make a huge effect on kids’ lives. I feel like adults are very wrong being prejudice against anyone. Adults have also been giving kids labels. This kind of prejudice is happening all around the world because I’ve seen it happen and many other people also said it happens. I don’t like the fact that this is happening, but it is. Prejudice is not something someone should encourage because I know they wouldn’t want that happening to them. This kind of prejudice is also valid because people just can’t keep their feelings to themselves or they’re just plain mean. I honestly don’t understand why people use prejudice especially if they know it hurts others. I despise when people put labels on others because of the way they dress or from the way they act. Don’t judge, even if you think you know a lot about that person. Prejudice can cause too much tension and I strongly believe it should not be used.

Prejudice about music exists

People who don’t like rap and dubstep think people like me who do like this kind of music are prone to do alcohol and drugs. They think that we are depressed. I don’t think that’s true because I don't do drugs or drink alcohol. I don’t have an addiction to weed or any types of drugs. I think they all should allow everyone to listen to whatever speaks to them.
People say that rap is setting a bad example for young children. I find this to be an opinion because I've been listening to rap since I was about seven years old but kids have minds of their own and they also know right from wrong. I don't think you’re going to see seven year olds buying guns and selling drugs because songs say thats what got them rich. I found that people say that rap makes you only think about money, sex and drugs. I know many people that listen to rap music. I asked them what they thought about it. They said they think about their futures. Some said they think about money because they wanted to become rich in life.  “Rap makes children of all ages think there aren’t any consequences for their actions.” I think about most things before I do things and many people make wrong decisions at times but we all have to experience the worst to get to our best. Dubstep makes you depressed? Wrong, because it gets people like me pumped before basketball games and other sports. Dubstep is just a bass driven electronic music. If dubstep was such a terrible type of music Skrillex wouldn’t have won a grammy.
I know prejudice is very valid because there are many people that think all  these things about people that listen to rap and dubstep.  I think this prejudice is very idiotic and childish because we shouldn’t be judged by what we do in our lives or what we listen to. I think the world would even be better without everyone putting their opinions in other people’s lifestyles.

Teens vs. Older People

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What do people much older than I am think that people my age?  I feel that the people as old as me are lazy. We spend too much time on the internet, stay up too late. We act immature, and we party to much. I believe some of these things are true; But a lot of the time we are stereotyped.
Some of the facts I found were that the majority of teens don’t get the 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 hours of sleep because of the internet. It has also been said that teens are on the computer for 31 hours a week. I feel that one major reason teens are on the internet and not playing outside is because of the crime rate. In today’s world it is very dangerous to go outside. You have to be afraid of getting beat up or getting your belongings stolen from you. That is why I feel so many of us turn to the internet or video games because when you are in your house you don’t have to be afraid of getting into trouble. Older people should look at that because when they were our age it was safe to go out and play and that was all they had to do. Now this is all what we have to do.
In conclusion, I feel that a lot of the time older people don’t look at how much the times have changed. Many older people are very one sided and only want to hear what they feel like hearing. I think they should open up their eyes to the new generation and see what is out there new to learn.

Teen vs. People Older Than Them

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People much older than I am think that people my age tend to be immature. They say we blame others for all our problems, but some of us are responsible and act mature get generalized with the kids who are not like that. We, as teenagers are generalized. Our behavior is blamed on peers, television, movies, and video games.
The teenage years are very experimental. It is a time when we are trying to find out who we are and where we fit in. I want to be independent but I also want boundaries. I will try different things like piercings, dyed hair, music, and maybe drugs, alcohol and maybe even sex. Some of this behavior may seem very strange to our parents and other adults, but this is normal behavior. I change my appearance because it is important to me, and keeping up with the trends, makes me feel accepted. I may withdraw from family activities and hanging with friends because they are more like me than the adults in my life. You think that I have nothing to worry about but some days I don't like myself or anyone else.
The generalizations about people my age are just that - generalization. I believe that older people should take the time to get to know me. I am funny caring, and bright and I may teach you something. People see us as spoiled brats, but that is an unfair opinion. I or any teen that you may know deserves to be treated as an individual. I may fall into peer pressure and/or alcohol. Some kids do get addicted but I am telling you if you notice a difference in my behavior and mood make me aware of it. Just ask me what is going on sometimes.

Prejudice Blog

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People much older than I am think that people my age are not capable of doing the things that older teenagers do. We aren't as fun as them, but they have to realize we are kids we are reckless just like some adults but we don’t do as many bad things as them. We are able to do anything they do so I don’t know why they think they're so much better than us. The kids these days actually know how to have fun without always getting in trouble all the time.
Another thing about adults is that if we don’t drink beer or smoke cigarettes we’re just a waste of their time. They won't do anything with us because we are nothing like them. I'm not saying that’s all of them but three fourths of them are that way. People think we have to do drugs to hang with them. When they were kids that’s how they might have had to do things. The neighborhoods are starting to change. When I become older I will make sure that if the kids want to hang with we us older teenagers they can. I also want to make sure that when they are in trouble they don’t hide from their wrong doings. I will teach them how to protect themselves from anything harming them. Also, I will treat all of them like they're my own brother.
I am starting to realize that older teenagers aren't that much more fun than us. We all act the same, nobody is special.  Kids should be eligible to hang with who they want and how they want no matter what their age is. I hope people start to realize not to be prejudice and just let them be.

Do you really think teens are irresponsible?

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          “You’re so irresponsible and you never take responsibility for your actions!” This is what people much older than I am think about people my age. I believe that there is a prejudice among older and younger people. People older than me think that my age group is lazy, irresponsible, and has a lack of respect. Also, people much older than me think that I party alot and I don’t care about my life. I truly believe that this prejudice is alive in our world today!
The behavior that teenagers show is the result of neurobiology.  It isn’t the result of raging hormones or defiance according to the research on teen developmental stage. I believe that this is true because when I make a decision it is based on my first thought. Also, when I don’t listen to my parents that’s not what I was planning to do, but that’s how it goes. It was also researched that teen brains aren’t developed like adults older than the age 21. Therefore, we can’t make wise decisions like older people would like us to. I hear a lot of times parents saying, “use your brain,” but we are using our brains the way we can!
However, just because some teens do make decisions that aren’t wise doesn’t mean that older people have to use that against us. Although teen brains aren’t fully developed, you shouldn’t use that as an excuse to act out of pure defiance! We are not being irresponsible!


Philadelphia stinks!

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Philly has to be the worst place ever! People who live in other cities think that people in Philadelphia are just rude.  I chose this topic because I thought it would be interesting to know what people think of Philadelphians and Philadelphia. A lot of the things people think about Philadelphia aren’t true but then again they are. I think most of the things they say can be facts but a lot of it is just opinion. I don’t like the fact that some people think that all people in Philadelphia are the same. Some people like to be crazy and reckless and others would rather excel in their duties.
I found that Philadelphia is ranked the second dirtiest city in America. That is one of the things people hate about Philadelphia and I agree. Philadelphia is a very dirty city but its not like people don’t try to clean the streets. There are many places in Philadelphia that are absolutely clean. Someone stated that Philadelphia is filled with nothing but druggies and girls that don't treat themselves correctly. Yes, that’s true but as I said before that's not all people that live in Philadelphia. You can't just look at a few people and say all Philadelphians are like that.
The things people say about Philadelphia are just crazy. Prejudice against Philadelphia definitely exists. There’s no question about it. I think people need to grow up and realize that there are problems in cities everywhere. There’s no reason to point fingers at people in Philadelphia. Philadelphia has to be the greatest place ever! Philly has to be a wonderful place to be if willing to accept some minor mistakes here and there. Shout out! What do you think?

Prejudice D. Blog

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People much older than I am think that people my age are not responsible. They do not rely on people my age, because they think they can’t handle it. I have seen a lot of this happening. There are many other things older people think about us.
You can tell older people think you’re not responsible because if they need help with something important, they’ll look over you. They’ll try to find someone older to help them with it. They assume younger people are immature. They think we are lazy. Some people might be lazy, but not everyone is. Six out of ten young people already volunteer with community agencies. Almost nine out of ten teenagers would volunteer to take part in programs to help prevent crime if they knew how to get involved with their communities. From this fact, it proves we are all not lazy. They’ll think you are always childish and can never be serious, but that’s not true. I would say younger people these days know more now. A lot of them have gone through things that people their age shouldn’t. This caused them to know more. We may not be as mature as adults now, but it took them time to get there. Younger people nowadays are pretty mature for their age. Older people think we make irrational decisions. I would say we all make irrational decisions. This makes us learn from our mistakes and become wiser. If you don’t make mistakes, you’ll never learn. Adults do make irrational decisions like we do, it’s not just us. Older and younger people become wiser over the years. Adults also think we do bad things outside of school. I kind of think they almost think we’re in a gang. It’s because of how our world is today. It’s putting a bad name to us as young people. Youth are less likely to be charged with violent crimes than adults.

Assuming we do these things is wrong. Some people may be like this, but not the whole generation. Adults need to give us a chance. We can prove them wrong. They might think differently, but if they give us a chance and look at how we act, we can prove them wrong. There is prejudice against young people.

Prejudice against people in Philly.

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People who live in other states think that people in Pennsylvania are stuck up. To me I think this is somewhat true but then again I don’t. Everyone has something diverse about them that others don’t have. I’m not stuck up, I’m just a smart person. Being stuck up is when you think you’re all that and seem not to care for and/or about others. I care about everyone and everything and I don’t think of myself more than I do others and I don’t think that I’m necessarily all that.
Some people even said that they love the history and environment of Pennsylvania period. I love the way that Pennsylvania is made but even though I love it that doesn't mean I don’t want to try other places or go across the world. That just means that I love how it is and I love the way that many people treat me. For those people to say that they don’t like Pennsylvania only because of the place is not fair at all.  Many people have their own opinions on Philadelphia but there’s always a good part of a city, country, state, or even nation. The environment in Philadelphia isn't even that bad. There are not that many burnt down places. Like of course Philadelphia has the hood or the “ghetto” as people refer to places in which people are poor, hardly have any food and or items of their own, and who are selling some type of illegal item. Okay fine Philadelphia does have some burnt down places but it is not like that everywhere in PA. I actually like Philadelphia, Pennsylvania because many of the people here, you can trust, but you can’t trust everyone.
I love Philadelphia but I like New York even more. Honestly, people that hate Philadelphia haven’t been here and they hate it and don’t even have a reason for it. There are so many amazing places in Philadelphia and I will always love living here. I do not think this prejudice should exist.



Prejudice Against Teens in our Society

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 People older than I think that people my age are irresponsible, lazy, untrustworthy and make rash decisions. I see this form of prejudice  almost every day. Adults do not understand our way of thought. What they don’t realize is that there is a large gap in age between us. I agree that this type of prejudice does exist in our world today.
        Older people think that we are reckless. Some older people call us yob meaning young, reckless, and aggressive people. They never allow us to do anything by ourselves. In a way, they are like bullies taking rights away from us because of the way we express ourselves. Teenagers are considered immature compared to adults. Our bodies are still growing physically and mentally. Most teens handle situations very maturely. Everybody has a bad day and they can make wrong decisions. Now this is not a one sided argument, nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes and we correct them.Teenagers can commit major offenses just like adults. Older people think that teenagers are most likely to commit a crime but, it’s the opposite adults are. 46% of all youth related crimes are about property damage. Prejudice of this kind is in our world and i’m not sure if it will ever go away. There's just too big of a gap that can not be mended between these two different ages.

Prejudice is a very serious topic. I strongly feel that it is here to stay and will affect all of us one day. I hope that prejudice one day will be wiped out and we can live in peace. I believe that people can never truly get along if they are too diverse.

Prejudice Against Teens

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People much older than I am tend to believe that people belonging to my age group are lazy, irresponsible, immature, disrespectful, make irrational decisions, (etc.)  This stereotype, in my opinion, is due to the fact that drugs and alcohol are extremely popular with teenagers.  Older folks would dislike it if we said all old people are grumpy; therefore, they should not stereotype us teenagers.  Older people also want us to be as wise or as calm as them, forgetting that our minds our still mentally developing. For example, I am pretty sure that everyone has played Knock-Knock-Runaway or had a snowball fight at least once in their lives, but if an older person saw us doing this they would instantaneously holler at us.  I certainly recognize this form of prejudice every day in our society and it needs to be put to an end.
Another thing that annoys me about older folks is that they always complain about us spending too much time playing video games.  I completely understand that they are concerned for our exercise but give us a break!   People much older than I am, in my opinion, envy the technology our generation offers and that is why they ridicule it whenever they get the chance.  People of the older generations tend to forget what they were like as adolescents and want us to be as calm or mature as them.  Older people believe that they deserve the utmost respect in society just because of their age and that is not the case; I am not saying you should disrespect them but they take their privileges to the extreme.  For example, a teen was sitting on a crowded bus when older folks had to stand.  Eventually the older people began yelling and telling him to stand up, without knowing that he was disabled and could only stand for a short period of time.  These kinds of incidents need to be put to an end!
I witness this type of prejudice on an everyday basis and it needs to stop before it gets out of control.  Older folks shouldn't label a whole age group based on some incidents that occurred. Overall, this is a very serious issue in America and needs to be taken into consideration before it truly affects somebody’s life.