Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Teachers with tattoos

Teahcers with tattoos are bad. I really dislike them. I feel like they get tattoos when they were younger and they just wanted to be cool. But,some may be good. I personally don't like them.
I also think they don't care about much. I've seen teahcers with tattoos that do some good lesson plans. If a teacher was to get a tattoo then they should get somewhere no one would be able to notice it at all. But god said love everyone for who they are! So I will do just that.


  1. So I guess I'd better not get a tatoo. I don't think I could take the pain. Glad you would still love me, Simone!

  2. Hi, Simone--
    I am a teacher considering getting a tattoo--a cute discreet one--if I were your teacher, and you really really liked me/my class, would that change your opinion?

    Just wondering. . . .

    I am so proud of your honesty in your post! Keep on sharing!

  3. Simone,

    Isn't it wonderful that you received two comments on your blog. Keep sharing!

  4. Thank you for commenting Sister Santa!

  5. Hello Ms.Debb ,

    Yes because if I really really liked you/your class then I would look past the tattoo and focus on your ability to teach.

    Thank you for commenting Ms.Debb!


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