Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"Memories Are Forever"

The quote “Memories are forever,” is a strong statement. Once you make memories, you can’t remove them. They’re always going to be there. People make many memories, some that they like and some that they don’t like. No matter what, you’re always going to have an image of the memory once you create it. Memories are everlasting, and everyone in the world has them. I believe that happiness comes from memories. Sadness can also come from memories, but happiness should always overcome sadness. When I think of memories, I think about all of the happy times that I’ve had. Christmas is a happy memory that I like to think about. I like the memory of Christmas because it’s always a happy time of the year. Everyone’s cheerful and music is played all around.
Memories happen everyday. You can create memories at home, outside, and even in school. They’re always going to be on your mind. When you think of the past, you think about the memories that happened there. Even when you think about family, the memories come to you. Memories occur everyday and sometimes people can’t control memories. It’s what you do that creates the memory. While you’re spending time with someone and having fun, you're creating a memory. 
In conclusion, everyone creates memories everyday. Many times you don’t even know you’re creating a memory, it just happens. I like to create happy memories that I can remember forever. Memories can be happy, sad, and even depressing. Happiness is all your memory should be about.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

You May Lie

 Neysa Porter                                                                                     November 14, 2014
                                           You May Lie

Whether you know it or not, our world revolves around lies. You never know what is true and what is a lie. It’s very simple and could either hurt or pleasure someone. Lying can be very hypocritical to those who dislike it. For instance, for me personally I do not like those who lie to me. Although, I can admit I have lied before and it’s not a thing to be happy for doing but I have. Lying could be for good purposes or bad purposes but it’s a fact the majority of people lie for bad purposes. Lying is what blinds the world to seek the truth, it tests our fate.
I believe that sometimes lies can be a good thing for people. A lot of people may not know the truth but it can be a good thing to hide the truth from certain people in certain predicaments. Even though I dislike being lied to, sometimes it’s the best for me and people around the world. When people lie they can cover the truth. For example, a Father gives his daughter a hideous Christmas sweater. She lies to him and says she likes it, however she was trying to protect his feeling from getting hurt. This clearly explains to you how lying can sometimes be for good purposes. It sometimes shows your love and care towards a person you don’t want to hurt. Lies cover up the truth and the truth can be even more painful that a lie.
When you think of the word “lie”, you mainly think of the word in the negative category. That is accurate because lies are usually negative. For example, A boy pours milk all over the teacher’s desk. When the teacher asks who did it the boy decides to lie and blame it on another classmate. This results to the other classmate getting in detention. This is how lies can be betrayed into a negative role. When people lie to hurt someone's feelings, it can cause a lot of controversy, conflict, and harm. Horrible lies results to horrible thoughts and leads to horrible actions. Lying can also break trust and honesty that someone once had. Lies can break apart friendships, families, marriages, and bonds that once was unbreakable until lies are formed. “ One lie can ruin a Million truths”. This quote from tumblr simply shows how lies overpower the truth and that it hurts more to accept a lie rather that the truth.
As you can see, lies can be both harmful and uplifting, its both 50/50. It can be positive by lying to prevent someones feeling from getting hurt. Lying could also be negative because if someone constantly lies it can be hard to gain full trust again. “Lie “ is a powerful word and reflects your image as a person and how you treat others. Lies are much stronger than truth.