Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Monday, February 28, 2011

younger vs. older generations

I might be a teenager, but I don't act half the way adults think we do nowadays. I do my work in school and at home along with many, many other children in the world. Older people need to stop thinking so poorly about us. Instead, they should think more about the conditions that their lives are in and also more importantly, thinking poorly about them selves. It is the adults' fault that their children are acting so bad. It is their fault because of the way the children were raised. The music industry also has a part in all of this because of the horrible music being accepted and letting kids listen to it. The younger generation looks up to what the older generations are doing. So, if the older generation is doing something inappropriate, then the children will follow their example and do the same. It's not the younger generation's fault for doing what they do today. Young generations need someone to look up to so they look up to the older generations. Most older people are alcoholics, drug addicts, smokers, and drug dealers. Kids try to be like them because they were taught that way. If the parents of these children want to stop what kids are doing on the streets then they should learn how to control their own children.
Ryan / grade 8

Friday, February 25, 2011

What older people thimk about teenagers

Older people with Prejudice aginst teenagers

Older people don't like teenagers because some of them display age discrimination and feel like they can't do anything like teens or act like the teenagers. In the message I have read people have discrimination against teens because teenagers who skateboard don't pay attention to their surroundings and they cause a hazard for people who would like to walk where they are skateboarding. When ever older people play their music the teenagers tend to walk away because the music that the old people play drives the teens crazy and they just leave the area. In the year 2008 someone designed a noise maker that only teens and young adults could hear, and people tend to use them outside of the movie theater or other stores. As I finished this essay I talked to my grand mother and she agrees with the person who wrote the essay where I have gotten my information from. In England they are trying to make uncomfortable steps and side walks for teens to sit on and they are getting rid of side railings so the teens that like to idol and lean on things won't have anything to lean on or stand next to. Even though older people think teens are disrespectful, they want to lead them in the right direction and give them a better future.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Music Discrimination? Against rap and hip hop?

Why do people think that Rap and Hip Hop are such bad types of music to listen to? It used to be all fun and games until all of the cursing and talk about drugs, sex, money, cars, girls, guys, and killing got into it.
" Music affects
said one person online named Charlene C. For the most part that is true. How can " Music" affect people? Well it can because I did my research and one of the facts that I have found is that " Music is a tool for manipulating emotion" said Some people think that Rap and HipHop is just about killing, drugs, money, cars, and prostitutes selling their bodies for money. Well think again! Because some of that is NOT TRUE! That is how SOME songs are and what some rappers are talking about in their music but not all of them. For example EMINEM, the well known artist that is " Not Afriad" to express himself, as he does in his music. He used to rap about all kinds of crazy things like killing, drugs, slaughtering, and things that are very disturbing that I can't talk about. Well he has changed a lot and is now rapping about his life, for example, his song "Not Afriad" is a song that is about him starting over and turning his life around and being brave to do so. That's a good song and if you haven't listened to it do it now on
Here are some opinions of people who like rap music...
Someone in the school that I go to named Sabria said

" Rap is cool, but sometimes the lyrics are too sexual for little kids to listen

Another person on http://www.stormfront/ said

" I think the Hip Hop culture is already dead. What survives is a
Giant Nike commercial."

I thought that the remark that they made was very disrespectful.but I like Hip Hop/ Rap music and its all I listen to. These rappers put their work (which is really poetry with a nice beat) out there for everyone to listen to. Yes they can tone down the foul language (cursing) and yeah they can talk about something else other than "popping" and "booties shaking", drugs, cars, money, and girls. I like rap but I agree it is getting a little bit out of hand. Even little children just about ages three to six are singing these types of songs and I don't think that it's right. If God wanted everyone to be influenced to shoot our neighbors and do drugs he would not have been bothered!
NOTE: As Robert's teacher, I felt it best to not post the links to these songs. Anyone interested in listening to any mentioned can find them through Google.
I like all of the old types of music, but this is when rap and hip hop really was starting out. So please do me a favor, listen to most of these songs and maybe you will get the idea of what this type of music really is like.

Teenage Brand Name Clothing

People who don't wear clothing like mine think that people who do have a lot of money. Really how much do we teenagers care about fashion and dressing to impress? Teens nowadays only want to fit in, not stand out. Who really cares about what other people think? In all honesty, I do not care about what others think about my outfit. I wear what I want, when I want, and I don't think about what anybody else thinks. Being an individual is easy to want, but hard to attain. Someone who loves themselves and embraces their flaws will achieve being an individual.Clothing may make a person but it can also break a person. What I mean by this is that people might make fun of you for the clothes you wear but you shouldn't let that hurt your self- esteem. Also, it can break you because you never know if you would end up in a financial problem.

There are some ways though that it can make you; clothing shows your personality and expresses your feelings at times. " Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal." One of the quotes that I absolutely love because fashion may come and go but your style will never end, so you can wear what you want. No one wants to live a totally predictable life. I sure know I don't because then my life would be boring and I would end up doing the same thing over and over again every single day for the rest of my life. " There's room for everybody on the planet to be creative and conscious if you are your own person. If you're trying to be like someone else then there isn't. " A quote said by: Tori Amos; I totally agree with her statement because you have to learn to be your own person and not someone else's puppet. " If you are confident about yourself, you can feel comfortable standing out. You can glow from within, as if saying to the world: Here I am; This is me, and I'm going to shine." The only thing I really have a concern with is that my clothing has to always be clean! ( I don't really have any trouble with that though, but I'm pretty good with my laundry.) Is brand name clothing really that important? Really, why do you think that it's important to advertise yourself because you're wearing brand name clothing. You can stand out, feel proud, and be a true individual. Be peculiar and distinguish yourself from others, and always remember this: "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it is better to be absolutely ridiculous than to be absolutely boring." (A quote from Marilyn Monroe).

When everybody wears the same things, all the kids in the school hallway just blend together into one group of boredom. Clothing is a very unique sequence; one after another and another; it just will keep going sometimes in a tranquil way or sometimes in a hectic way. "The only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in." So please I'm asking all teenagers, kids, and adults - don't judge the way other people dress; judge with your heart not your mind. So now - my final words - I will leave you with these three quotes that I would like you all to ponder and respond to, what do you think they mean to you and what do they have to do with our everyday life?
1."Elegance is a question of personality, more than one's clothing."
2."I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, and not for fashion."
3. "The difference between style and fashion is quality."

Monday, February 7, 2011

New Year resolution- Bullying

One of our new year resolutions is preventing bullying.

Bullying is the prime subject of our time. Most people that are bullying others are insecure or having problems in their personal lives. Bullying isn’t something that you should be proud of, its not just something that’s a bad thing to do, its a crime. You shouldn’t bully because what you are doing can affect the person’s life mentally, physically, and socially. It may effect them in these ways because it may lead to scares, pain and or even worse, such as suicide. This is even worse because their families can seek vendetta. Bullying is definitely a thing that needs to be worked on this year.

This blog was consolidated by: Talesia, amber, Noelani, and Robert.

What Can you Do To Help Your Community?

To make the world a better place, our group decided to give back to our community by giving away our old clothes that aren't needed to the Light House, which helps people who are less fortunate and by giving at least two food items each to the food cubby at school, which helps the poor people who can't afford to by their own meals. We also decided to be more generous to our friends, families and neighbors by helping them with anything when ever they need it, and being nice and friendly to those who don't have many friends.
We chose to do this because we feel that there are too many people in the world that have no one out there to help them, so if we give a helping hand maybe that will give them some hope in life. If four teenage kids can do something as simple as this, then imagine what the world can do to help those less fortunate then ourselves. The world would definitely be a better place.


Going GREEN by using Technology

Hey teachers that aren't really up to date with today's technology, Our group would like to inform you of our use of technology that helps to save the world. We hope we can influence you to use it more; Not only to be up to date but to go green by saving paper. These are some things that nobody would probably even think of. When we encourage you to use more technology we will be saving the world. There are online sources such as Grouply, Google Docs, Schoolnotes, and Gradeconnect that we could use besides old fashioned pen and paper. If you use these resources we would be saving trees by not using so much paper. We will explain them for you. Google Docs is a wonderful website you could use to grade papers and type documents. People use google docs because it helps you to stop writing on paper, and wasting trees. Another special thing about google docs is you can see the people you collaborate with typing their comments, and corrections. Grouply is an online site where teachers and students collaborate with each other on their current school curriculum they can also instant message each other their important notes. Grade connect gives you the opportunity to check your grades online anywhere and at anytime. Teachers upload our grades after every test we take so we can review our averages and find out what we have to work on. Schoolnotes is like an online calendar for students to remind them of their up coming events and assignments. So if a child comes to school after a day of absence that leaves them no excuse for not doing homework because it is always posted online. So if you use technology you will not only be enhancing your students' learning you will also be saving the world.

Reach Out for Hope

Every day someone needs a helping hand, or as we would like to call it, a boost in hope. While we're in our homes eating our dinner and keeping warm on a cold night, some people are starving, crying, freezing, and even dying. Just by donating anything that someone in need could use, we could help to save a life.
Our idea is to give to the less fortunate people because they deserve a future just as bright as ours. By donating money, clothes, food, etc., we can make a difference to at least one person in our world. So, our group is commiting ourselves to gathering some things and by taking them to places like Goodwill where people who can't afford to buy essential items to survive can purchase them, we'll be reaching out for hope. By doing this, we are giving the hope needed to pursue in life back to those who have lost it because they face hardships every day.
This was a collaborative blog written by: Gabriella Patrone, Tamia Carter, Ziyonna Powell, and Charles Le.

Our New Year Resolution

Our group's new year resolution is to not spend so much money on unnecessary objects. Our plan is to donate the money to a charity or the salvation army. When we go shopping, instead of buying multiple things we already have for ourselves, we will buy that thing for someone for the first time. Our goal is to changes someone's life for the better. We will save our money for someone who is less fortunate then we are.