Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Integrity? Are you honest or not?


A person of integrity lives through their morals of being honest and being ethical. In our world today, there aren't many people of integrity but there are still people out there. Examples of being a person of integrity are living up to your morals and being honest. I would like to be a person of integrity. I know I am not because I don’t live to moral principles and I’m not always honest. I wish I was a person of integrity.

 I’m not really sure if I am a person of integrity anymore. I can’t really tell if  I am or not. I don’t steal, but I’m not honest all the time, so I guess I can’t be considered a person of integrity. Today in the world, we need more people of integrity. For everyone to be a person of integrity you need to live up to moral principles, be honest, and ethical. So overall, being a person integrity could make the world a better place and of course I couldn't live up to be a person of integrity. Are you a person of Integrity? If you are what would be your advice for someone who wants to be?
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Integrity for life?

A person of integrity lives by the rules of honesty, kindness, morals and caring for others. They live with virtues and morals that they know or believe are right. In my opinion, a moral person may lie to some extent or be honest to some extent. A person of integrity does not always live by Google’s definition of integrity but by what is right wrong and just.
In my opinion a person who lives in integrity is not always right in the way that they live. Some people live with too much integrity by being a bit too honest or having too many morals that they are no longer a person but a robot that doesn't know anything but what they believe is right, which isn't always bad but could be if they strive too hard. Next,there are people who live with little or some integrity. They will live by what they know is right but in some cases stretch or twist the rules for their own wants or desires. Me, for example, I will make it look like I did everything I had to but in reality I didn't do anything at all except mess around. I am usually honest but I am not the person who has “noticeable integrity” or “ recognizable virtues”. I live by what I believe is right and still make mistakes. Finally, there are people who have no integrity at all. They are not honest, moral, appreciative, kind or even have the slightest bit of care. These people are not wrong for how they act in any way in my opinion they have their own rights and they have free will, but it is acceptable to disagree or not feel right  about these people but we have no right to judge.

I myself am partially a person of integrity. I lied and all those other things but I always paid the price. Integrity has never truly been the thing I cared about, it has always been something I said that I only have to do when I get older or I do it at certain moments it has honestly never been a true priority. I’m not saying I lie all the time or that I’m always purposely doing the wrong thing. All I’m saying is that until a few hours, days , or weeks ago I never really cared for the word integrity or really even completely understood it. Integrity has never been a word in my vocabulary, now it is a word I will try to live by.

Integrity Blog

A person of integrity lives in honesty. A person of integrity is a person you can trust with anything or anyone. I don’t know many people that live in integrity, they would find a wallet and probably take the money that’s in the wallet. If I found money on the street I would ask whose money  it is and if no one responds, it’s mine.It’s a whole different story finding a wallet because they have all of their identity and they would probably live off the money in the wallet. If I were to find a wallet I would definitely return the wallet and with everything inside.
          I’m a person of integrity.My friend at my campround lost $53 and he asked me if I saw it, I looked around and I saw the money sitting under a chair next to the pool nearbye; I returned the money and he rewarded me. Some people would have probably taken that money but I returned it as a person of integrity. I like being an honest person because everybody likes someone to be honest to you. Being a person of integrity is better than lying to someone and having all of this weight on your chest. That’s why if you tell the truth matters will be better!

Integrity: do you have it?

What is integrity? In my opinion, integrity is when an opportunity occurs where you can make a profit by doing the wrong thing, but you do the right thing instead, not because someone is watching, but out of the goodness of your heart. In our world today not many people are left who have integrity. If the opportunity occurs many people will just do what is beneficial for them, rather than what is the right thing to do.  A person of integrity lives a moral, honest life. In order to live a life of integrity you must do what is right. Say you see someone forget something, but it is something that you want or need, a person of integrity wouldn’t even have to think twice about giving it to it’s rightful owner. Having integrity isn’t just doing the right thing when someone is watching, or when the situation is major. You must do the right, and moral thing everyday. In school if you are having trouble with your work, a person of integrity would ask for help, a person without integrity would take answers from others. Integrity is a pretty hard thing to have, but it is easier to live a moral life if you are taught to live that way.

I try my best in my everyday life to have integrity. Some days it is harder than others, because maybe you forgot to study for a test, or you found money on the ground that does not belong to you. Even though it is really hard when things like that happen, you must do what is right. I always think I must react how I would want others to react if the situation was the other way around. I am not always a person of integrity, but most of the time I try my best to do what is honest and right. I want to live a life of integrity, and as I get older, but right now I am not really a person of integrity. Even though I am not always a person of integrity,  if I find something that doesn’t belong to me I am not going to keep it, even if I do need it. There may be some doubt in my own head, and the heads of others, but I will do what is moral no matter what the circumstances.

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All About Emily


A person with integrity lives their life with pride and justice. Integrity means to live an honest and moral life and that’s what these people do. They don’t need to live their life like this but they do. They do it because it’s the right thing to do not because of fame or money . The life of a person with integrity isn't one filled with admiration and praise but one filled with righteous and kind acts of service to the world. Why must everyone think when they did something right there should be a prize for them. In fact no prize should be given to anyone; we are all humans why must we need money or gifts in order to help others. I believe it’s enough to know that people thank you for your deeds and your kindness,but then again a little gift never did hurt anyone.     I hate myself sometimes,mostly because i don’t live with integrity. I wish and try so much to be a good friend and person but It seems people love to treat me like dirt. I’ll help people.  I hate people who i never liked or people who don’t talk to me. I don’t know why but it’s the way i am and hate it because people think  I'm a big push over but maybe that is what integrity is, being helpful no matter what happens. I don’t care! I just hope I’m doing the right thing... i just hope!


Are You A Person Of Integrity? You Decide!!!

You might ask a thousand people a thousand times and get thousands of different answers but the real definition of integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles or righteousness. Integrity is honesty, ethics, morality, virtue, and just plain decency. Without these qualities in a person you are more like an empty shell with nothing to fill it but dark promises of the future that will never happen. Integrity is a key component to how a person builds up their moral principles and without it you will be left without any key aspects to how life works. This is also a huge trait that tells someone your values. In my eyes without integrity you really have no values when it comes to your moral or spiritual life. If you think that integrity is not important to your current lives then you're dead wrong! How would you like it if someone walked behind your best friend when you were getting lunch and saw a twenty dollar bill fall out of his/her pocket, then took it and you were behind the culprit? What would you do and how would you feel? If everyone was a participant in integrity we would have nothing to worry about but sadly enough, we have plenty to worry about!
While integrity is an easy concept to grasp you aren’t just born with it. You have to earn integrity just as you have to earn God’s grace, through hard work and dedication. Having a good example to follow is also a very important factor in gaining integrity. To me the source of one’s own integrity is the parents of those who live by a moral code. As a kid, your parents always teach you things that you may not have thought of as integrity since you just saw it as simple constructive corrections. One example of the ways parents teach you integrity is through telling you as a kid that you must always thank someone for a gift that you are given- this teaches you to always be thankful for the things you are given. You see, integrity is important to how life around the world works and as many scientific theories even prove, everything good or bad has a source!
To me a person with integrity must live a very fulfilling life. A person with integrity is someone who knows exactly where their morals should be when it comes to regular everyday life and their future. Through these qualities that come with integrity this person may go about their day with a constant idea of virtue in the back of their minds.  I do believe that I have gained some integrity but I still have my weak points. Even as a young child, a toddler even, I was always willing to help others. Everyday, I volunteer myself for something different when it comes to school, parish, or after-school activities so that must mean something. Though I do enjoy helping others and seeing their faces happy or filled with joy, there are definitely still times (though none come to mind) that I was a person who lacked integrity... I believe that at times I do have my points where integrity takes over but there’s always room for improvement!

Anyone can have integrity in their lives and it just takes a little work. It’s best too!

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Integrity Blog (M.M.)

A person of integrity lives with honesty and virtue. People of integrity would give back a lost book, or wallet, or purse, no matter how much money is in it, or how bad they really want it. I have seen people with integrity, but not often. I thank them for being the most caring and honest people. They know that the right thing to do is always better than the wrong thing!! I see people with integrity as having a heart for others’ problems! People with integrity can go home knowing they did the right thing for the right reason. If they want to help give something to someone because they know that someone is struggling in their doings then they will. If they found out someone had lost something that could possibly be very close to that someone then they would find every possible way to give it back.

           I am not a person that lives with integrity. Maybe sometimes I live with integrity, but I know that one day I will find a dollar bill, pick it up and just give up on finding whose it is. I will take it because there is no use in trying to find someone. I mean it is just a dollar bill, but I am not living with integrity if I do take it. Maybe I could give it away. Maybe I could donate it. If I can’t even do that, then what's the point? I do help people find things they have lost or may have been left behind somewhere where they know it could be but overall. I’m nothing special. My thinking is that if I were to be a person that lives with integrity. I would have to always find a way to help or give back something to someone. I can’t! Sometimes it’s hard! I am not fully a person that lives with integrity, but if I find a way to help someone. I will.

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Integrity Blog

In our world people do not have integrity. To live with integrity is not to be greedy, dishonest or untruthful. I am not honest at all times but I do try to be truthful. One time I was not moral was when a cashier at a coffee shop gave me the wrong amount of change and I did not tell her. One time I was honest was when my friend dropped ten dollars and I picked it up for her. Integrity is doing the right thing and being pure. If everyone was pure the world would be a great place. A person of integrity follows in the footsteps of Jesus. A person of this lifestyle would not allow others to live without integrity. Like Jesus, they would teach others how to follow the path of righteousness and to be a sincere person.
I do not think one person could live with partial integrity. Either you are honest, sincere,and just or you are corrupt, rude,and/or unfair. I am not always honest so I would deny that I live with integrity. Honestly it takes some getting used to to be all of those things. When I was growing up there were an abundance of  unpolite and unjust people in my neighborhood. I would love to be a person of integrity. My teacher Mrs. Carboni is one of the people who inspires me to live with integrity. A person with integrity will most likely end up in a successful position and that is where I want to be. I know that goal can be reached if I live w

Integrity by Anirah Drew

How does a person of Integrity live? A person can live by integrity by being honest, reliable, and having moral principles. I have to say that after reading “ Thank you M’am” I realized that many other people do not live with integrity. They are the people who lie constantly or steal from other people repeatedly . By a guess, you can tell who does and doesn't live with integrity. You should always have integrity or soon people will lose trust in you . When you lie to your best friend saying that you didn't go to that other party but you really did is a good example. The other girl will slowly lose trust in her best friend. Integrity is important to have as a quality in your life.
I don’t live by integrity. I usually lie to my parents or siblings so I won’t get in trouble.
Once I lied to my sister Maya saying that I didn't steal her money but I did so that we could have the same amount as each other. She still doesn't know ‘till this day ( Sorry Maya ). It’s hard for me sometimes to be honest. I lie constantly to hide things or because I don’t want to hurt others. When I speak my mind, I sometimes get ridiculed for it. I don’t live by integrity because I usually lie all the time. I mean I am honest when I need to or feel like it but besides that I lie. I find it harder to tell the truth. It’s really difficult to explain to people that for me being honest is harder. Basically, I am not a girl of integrity.

I want to live a life of integrity. I’m trying to be honest with other people so that I can be a person of integrity. I hope that in the future I can say to myself that I was a person of integrity.

Be Honest Not Dishonest!


What is INTEGRITY ? Integrity is the quality of being honest , loyal and having strong moral principles. A person of integrity lives with honesty. People with integrity do not steal or Lie. I would say that I am a person of integrity because I do not steal , have never stolen , and never will steal. I have come across so many situations that have tested my integrity. For example , I was sitting outside in my tent one day and I found a twenty dollar bill. I knew it wasn't mine because I didn't lose any money.  I could have easily kept the money for myself but I thought about being honest. It was my best friend’s money that she dropped when she came over. I felt so much better knowing that I was honest and had given her money back.

How do people have strong moral principles ? Some people are raised with morals and integrity and others just know it’s the right thing to do. I believe that every person should have integrity because it makes our world a better place in the end. Are you a person of INTEGRITY ?

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Are You a Person with Integrity??

A person who lives with integrity is someone who is surrounded with temptation and sin but they still choose to do the right thing. Even though they may benefit from the sin and gain something, a person with integrity keeps their thoughts moral and virtuous. They are honest and if their opinion hurts someone then they try their best to make it less offensive. People with integrity usually are the people on the news returning valuable stolen items. A homeless man, Billy Ray Harris, finds an engagement ring one day. Instead of pawning or selling the expensive ring, Harris returns the ring to it’s rightful owner. That man is a perfect example of integrity. Even though he was poor, he still did the right thing. People with integrity don’t accept rewards, but they do however receive good karma. If you live with integrity, then you will have a  positive outcome. In today’s world, integrity is like rainbows. You see it rarely, but when you do, it’s a beautiful sight. Just giving up your seat on a crowded bus to the elderly or pregnant mothers are simple acts of integrity. It may not really affect you none, but to that person it might’ve made their day just a little better. Integrity isn't even considered a chore. There’s a slight chance at least once in your day you did something that represents integrity. Even though our world is corrupt, once in a while we get to see a rainbow.

I never really considered myself a person of integrity. Maybe once or twice I've done something that would sort of fall into the category, but never something that’s made an impact. I would like to be a person of integrity, and there’s nothing really stopping me. I feel as though I just don’t recognize a chance to show the world that integrity still exists. I have given up some of my things for others, but honestly there was nothing I have done that would've changed somebody's perspective of people. To me, showing more integrity is a goal I want to accomplish this year. I want to be able to call myself “A person of integrity” without lying. However, I will try to do little acts of integrity, because I never know how a person might react to it. If I try harder and do what’s moral, I could also be the rainbow everyone looks at in awe.