Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Proper Grammar is a MUST !!

   If you think you don't need to know proper grammar then maybe you should just go live with a cow in a barn. Grammar is one of the most common things that people use improperly in their everyday lives. Some people think that just because you are not a teacher , writer , or even a journalist that you don't need to use the proper grammar.  WRONG , you should always used proper grammar everywhere you go. Kyle Wiens the author of " I  wont Hire People who use poor grammar ! Here's Why. " wont even hire a person who is qualified for the job that uses poor grammar. Well , I'm not a grammar sticker like Kyle Wiens  , but I strongly believe that you should always use correct grammar. I am convinced that you will not get accepted to your dream high school or college , or even get hired for a job using improper grammar. Don't you agree ? 
    People  judge you if you can't tell the difference between to , too , or two . People should just keep in mind that using the correct grammar is a must on blog post , Facebook statuses , or even a in e-mail. In my opinion , if you use improper grammar , people will think that you are uneducated or just plain stupid!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Who cares 4 grammar?

          The article " I Won't Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar. Here's Why" is article by and about Kyle Wiens and how he is a "grammar stickler" and wouldn't give someone a job if the didn't have almost perfect grammar. He gives all his employees (even the people who's jobs have nothing to do with grammar) a monthly grammar test, which I believe is a absurd and useless idea. He says  that people judge you if you can't tell the difference between there, they're, and their which is true but why should it matter how people judge you it's a slight learning curve that you can fix if you want to. There is no reason for you to care what others think or for your grammar to be perfect. In his article he says that performance, creativity, and intelligence involve grammar. Which I believe is completely ridiculous. Your creativity and job performance have nothing to do with your grammar they have to do with nothing other than your will to try. 
          Kyle Wiens' article "I Won't Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar"  was in my opinion harsh and opinionated. His idea that if you have bad grammar you are most likely bad at  other actions. Which is telling people who have bad grammar they  probably can't stack books. If you can't separate to and too you have a slight learning curve that does not mean  you shouldn't get a job you do.      

Does Grammar Matter?


     In the blog "I won't hire people who use poor grammar here's why By Kyle Wiens." The author distinctively points out on how Grammar is a number one importance for today's world whether it is applying for a job or using social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs etc. I thoroughly agree with this article because I also feel that grammar should be a number once importance for us. Grammar is a big thing but I don't mind some slang here and there talking to some friends, I am not what some people call a Grammar "Stickler". When you are applying for a job make sure you don't make any grammar mistakes or misspell anything on your job application. My whole point was to make sure you don't make a fool of yourself and use bad grammar, and make sure you use proper grammar for important things.       

Do you have good grammar!!!!! By Carlton Patterson

After reading Kyle Wiens blog on grammar I can infer that good grammar is a great thing to have.
Having good grammar could be the one thing that keeps you from getting your dream job. For me grammar is necessary in school and in the workplace. Many people will think of you as an unintelligible  person.

        I agree with  Mr. Wiens about grammar . Making grammar mistakes can lead to common mistakes in the workplace while stocking shelves or counting money. If I was an owner of a multi-million dollar company I wouldn't bother  with an applicant that uses bad grammar.Mr . Wiens is a bit of a grammar Nazi and to some people he might simply be exaggerating, but in my personal opinion grammar is a big deal. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

You Think Grammar Ain't Not Important???? By Michael Leopanto

In the blog, "I Won't Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar. Here's Why By Kyle Wiens," the Author passionately expresses his feelings and views on people who use poor grammar. Through his writing I think it would be safe to say that one of his "Pet-Peeve's" is a poorly spoken and written employee (or just person at all). Kyle Wiens believes that even if a software designer has every other qualification for a job but has poor grammar they should be passed up for the job. Mr. Wiens claims that he has a zero tolerance level for poor grammar and also feels that every business starts with good employees which in his opinion includes good grammar as a quality. Kyle Wiens has strong opinions on how he runs his business. I agree with him completely.

Many things that Kyle Wiens stated in his blog stood out strong to me. One thing that stood out to me the most was when Kyle Wiens said "Good grammar is credibility, even on the internet," he then continued to explain that good grammar is important even in social medias, blogs, and texts. This stood out to me so greatly because this is one thing with grammar that I could say that I am a "stickler" with. When it comes to things like this I feel as though some people do not understand the importance of good grammer. Many people feel that grammar is of no importance in their younger years. These people are completely wrong. At my age grammar should be of top priority when it comes to not just school, but even when it comes to life in a whole. Overall I feel that grammar is one of the most important aspects of life and that Kyle Wiens expressed my opinion in the best way possible.

Grammar-Friend or Foe by Anirah Drew

         Trust me, we all made grammar mistakes before. Grammar is one of the most common things people make mistakes over. Personally I think grammar is hard and could take some time to learn. Then there are people who just don't use proper grammar at all. Kyle Weins' article "I won't hire people who use poor grammar, he say that some might call his approach to grammar extreme. Grammar was taught in grade school and if you are 20 looking for a job and you have bad grammar, you can kiss your chances goodbye.
        Weins says that people who make fewer grammar mistakes on a grammar test also make fewer mistakes when they are doing something completely unrelated to writing. Grammar is super important to all ages. Have you ever had to correct someones grammar every time they talk? It annoys you, doesn't it? Kyle Weins is a grammar stickler which means he has a low tolerance for grammar. I mean, texting is a different story. You're with your friends and you use slang or you text in slang. That's okay on some levels but if you are talking to me and I can't understand you because of your wide use of slang, stop talking immediately or I will flip. If you think grammar doesn't apply for an easy job, you're soo wrong. Every job has a grammar test so you won't get the easy way out applying for a janitor or waitress. Kyle Weins got his point across by saying that he will not hire you if your grammar is terrible even if you are perfect for the job. End of discussion.
           Look, You will be judge by your grammar. Use it all the time so you wont have to be judge. Easy as that.

Grammar is EVERYTHING! By Amaya Drew

         Grammar is one of the essentials you learn in Grade school. You should carry grammar on until you die. I feel if you don't have grammar, you have nothing! From essays to resumes, poor grammar is the result of failing or being passed for the job. We all make grammar mistakes, but when you use it poorly in your everyday life, it's just shows others that you're not such a bright person. I admit to making the simple grammar mistake of "your and you're" form time to time, but you live and learn. Some don't really think so.
         In the article "I won't hire people who use poor grammar, Wiens explains that even if you are superb in skills and technique, you WILL NOT be hired if you fail to use correct grammar. This is something I totally believe in. You won't be working as a writer,but how would you make your company look if all of their employees are mixing up "your and you're." It just give the company a bad look. Wiens also says that grammar is credibility, especially on the Internet. How many times on Social networking sites have you commented "it's you're, not your" or "you used there when it's they're" on a status or tweet? I'm guessing an abundance, correct? It is indeed annoying, and you are very tired of commenting the same mistakes. One of Wien's statements in the article stood out to me the most. He said "Good grammar makes good business sense, not just to writers". I simply love it. You could be applying for a job as a waiter, but you should still have your grammar in tact. If you talk to me like you've missed out on grade school, I will not tip you as much. This applies to all jobs. It's just the way it works. Teenagers are the epitome of bad grammar. We use slang in our everyday world. If you use this slang in front of your friends, fine. However, in school or in the work place, you should be able to write a summary without having your teacher rip their hair out or cry in a corner. I also like when Wiens explained that applicants who make less grammar mistakes make less mistakes in the work place. I'm not in total agreement with him. If you are a A+ student, then the slang you use with your friends should not affect you. If it does, then you should really consider laying the slang off a little.
          Grammar is part of life. I have yet to perfect it. In all honesty, no one will. However, if you have the grammar of a 5 year old, you might want to work on that before entering any work.

Grammar Matters Two by: Emily Hodge

Kyle Wiens, the Author of the blog "I won't hire people who use poor grammar here's why," has a no tolerance approach to grammar mistakes.  He believes that even if you have all the qualifications for a job, but use poor grammar you should not be hired.  If you are going for a job interview at either of his businesses,"iFixit and Dozuki," you better be prepared for his mandatory grammar test. Also if you believe grammar isn't important in any job, this isn't the job for you.  If you don't think grammar is important, then you will think other important things are unimportant. If  you make simple grammar mistakes, then think of the mistakes you will make stocking shelves, or programming software. In my opinion his hiring ethic is better than others.
If you are going for a job interview and you use improper grammar, it will just make you sound unintelligent. Usage of improper grammar makes you sound unintelligent all together.  When you are texting it is a different story.  The entire point of texting is to send a quick message, which in most cases means using improper grammar.  So if you are texting someone, in my opinion improper grammar is okay, but if you are speaking to a teacher, going for a job interview, etc, improper grammar makes you seem uneducated, and just plain stupid.

Why Should We use Good Grammar?

           Grammar is necessary  to learn and have because it shows manners. A man named Kyle Wiens CEO of  repair website called is a big time grammar stickler.  He believes that grammar is very important and if you don't know good grammar you're out of luck with the job. He will not hire anyone who does not know grammar. Kyle Weins states "the minute you say one word that is not correctly said you will be asked to leave the interview". Good grammar is credibility especially on the internet. I agree with all of Kyle Wiens beliefs but he is very strict on interviews which would not be me. If I interviewed a person I my self would for that person to use necessary grammar instead of slang words. Slang words are words that do not sound good going together. He wants you're grammar to be great because thats all the job relies. Thank you for reading this please comment if you have questions.

Why I would not hire a with poor grammar skills

                   I have recently read a article about a CEO of a company and how he despises horrible grammar skills in his applicants. I am in favor of this man's zero tolerance grammar policy and am here to continue his blog with a few of his points. Grammar Is used everyday by everyone no matter how horrible it's used.  Many people believe that grammar does not relate to other subjects such as social skills. I assure u it does would you like a person to come up to you and say ''Yo you ain't seen my school did ya.'' Do you see what i mean it sound like rubbish and I do occasionally you such horrible grammar skills but only in the present of good friends. The jest of it is that you should practice good grammar skills . Do I mean talk like a well mannered king no but think of a future job or date you want these people to take you seriously. To all those who have taken your time to read this blog thank you and comment if you like.      

Grammar Is Awethome!

                 I feel like grammar is important in life. Even though you can play a sport or build a machine, you also need to know how to spell and speak properly. In the article, Kyle Wiens clearly states that people who use poor grammar are stupid. I don't really agree with that statement. I think that if people use poor grammar are not really trying at all. Usually over texts or Facebook I see people using the words "u" instead of "you" or "r" instead of "are", and that really gives me a different perspective on how those people speak in real life. I don' really want to judge people on how they speak, but I want them to know that sometimes when they text just one letter for fun over a text, that letter could also be a mistake you make on a report or test. I do think people should try more on using proper grammar. You can do it if you try! Can't you?

                                                                                                                                           Marco Medina