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Class of 2013
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Teachers with Tattoos

I personally have no complications against tattoos. A significant amount of people in this world wear the shades of permanent color on their skin. Though I find it to be completely normal, I find it extrememly inapropriate for a teacher to be exposing any kind of tattoos to their students. Usually tattoos would we worn by felons, juveniles, or people who participate in any gang or crminial acts. By exposing tattoos to young children, we would be giving then the wrong perspective. Even though the majority of tattoos were not meant to be used
for offensive reasons, thet still encourage young children to obtain one when possible.
Tattoos are not an accurate image of a good example; they will reinforce a bad reputation. a slight number of children would be able to resist the temptation of getting a tattoo, but other would not think of consequences and that is why teachers must set the perfect example for children of all ages. Even though we cannot banish tattoos from existence, teachers could always improve on this topic and why it is unhealthy by concealing any images they have imprinted on their bodies.


  1. Nael, do you have any evidence to support this statement; "Usually tattoos would we worn by felons, juveniles, or people who participate in any gang or crminial acts."? Sounds a bit stereotypical. At least that is the way I am reading it. Also I don't think concealing the tattoo will improve the topic of them being unhealthy. What it does is allow the teacher to depict an image that may not be accurate.

    Thank you for sharing this post.

  2. There are evidence to support my statement of how usually felons and juveniles wear tattoos. Commonly known as criminal tattoos, police use tattoos as codes to determine what a prisoner is convicted of. They are also used as a sign of what prison that person might have encountered. Prison tattoos can range from a small, simple drawing on the arm or shoulder to a whole body makeover. What I am trying to say is that the smallest drop of ink on the flesh can give others the wrong perspective. I do agree that hiding tattoos doesn't improve one's health, though I do admit myself that I did in fact mistyped my statement. What I meant to say is that children might understand the meaning of why tattoos are not physically healthy to the body. In order for this process to occur, teachers could conceal their tattoos, since the teacher is one of the greatest role models a child can have. I also do agree with the fact that tattoos do depict an inaccurate image. I really appreciate your comment and thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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