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Class of 2013
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Friday, September 21, 2012

What Is Family History To You?

      Family history is that imporatant to you?. Well it is to me because without knowing family history or family in itself I wouldn't be the person who I would be today. Without family is like missing apart of yourself or not knowing yourself fully. I like to think of family like this it's a very big puzzle. The very first piece determine where the second piece is coming from and so, but that puzzle never finish because family never finishes,whether they are alive or deceased they are apart of your family puzzle that will never finish but interesting to watch as it grows bigger.

Like most family members, you share common or similar traits,habits,or action and you wouldn't even know that you have family to tell you that you look like family like I mentioned in the first paragraph family is like a puzzle all the pieces are the same but fit into different spots on the puzzle and that is exactly like family your all related but from different generations and that why family and it's history is important to know what you are and what family memeber you act like which make fit into that particular part of the puzzle and that what make your family puzzle and you special and without family you probably wouldn't know yourself as a being.

Family Histories

        No real need to know about family history. I disagree about what this is saying because peoples children are going to want to know were there great grand parents came from and they aren't going to now. This is a shame to all the family's that had great people in there family's. Like actors, sport player, mayors, presidents or maybe, vikings. Just because your mad about some thing that happened in the past doesn't mean you don't tell your kid about it.

Alot of people should figure out what happened in there family history so that they can share with somebody. It is important because so much thing happened in the past and your family my be apart of it. We all have somebody great in our family famous or not they should still be known. So spread about what happened in your family history.

Families Shall Express Their Feelings

Families will feel closer when they share their feelings on a daily basis; kids need to express what troubles they are having at school or at events such as football practice. My mother makes it of high importance that I tell her everything that is going on at school, with my friends, with my coaches, and with anything she feels the need to. A kid who isn't sharing their feelings with their mother, father, or guardian will begin to feel very angry, upset, or even depressed. Incidents such as the one many of you heard of, when the bloody massacre happened at the Batman movie in Colorado. This terrible scene was due to the fact that the person didn't get his feelings out to his mother or father and let all that depression build up inside of him and suddenly exploded. This huge, bloody, family-destroying massacre could have simply been prevented with just a talk every now and then at mealtime. If every family in the whole world expressed their feeling with each other I guarantee that you will see if not no, little to one incidents like the, "Batman Massacre." No one shall let all their feelings from years ago ruin their lives today only because they didn't let them out or share them with anyone.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Competition and Jealousy Between Adult

All adult are always competing with each other. Other people are just jealousy of each other. One of the many places where adults are competing and jealousy of each other is there neighborhood. One way they compete is who has more deceleration during the holidays. Another way is who has the bigger and more wonderful house. Who kids are doing the best in school and sports. What their children does as a hobby like learning a new language, having a special talent, and etc. The big one is who has the better job and makes more money and this where jealousy comes in.
 You can tell when someone is making more when they buy more valuable items. So then some tries to by something way more valuable items then them. Sometime people are just jealous of their husband and wives. Is  how much money they make from their jobs. They are sometime of each other children. That why their is so much competition and jealousy between adults in there comminitiy.

Why I think social studies should be taught.

          History should be taught just as much or maybe more than any other subject. There are many reasons that history should be taught. The most important reason in my eyes, is that you learn from others mistakes. Here is an example, if Hitler and Napoleon trying to conquer Russia and failing was not taught in history, many others would of did the same thing. This is only one of multiple reasons why history should be taught.

          Another reason why I think history should be taught because it is a good thing to know about other people. It is very important to know about other people. This is so you have a full knowledge of the world. It can also give you new ideas for other things.This is why I think social studies should be taught to people. 

should all kid have the same things

All kids in American should have the same things because kids are getting picked on because they have different things. The kids are being picking on because have different things like hair cuts, shoes, book bags, uniforms,religion. If kids all have the same things they will not be picked on. If kids are beings bullying because the have different things.

If kids have the same thing other kid might start playing with them. Kids should have the same things so other kid willn't bully them.The Kid will help other when they are not being bulled


There was a question asked "in a perfect world would there be unemployment". No I don't think there would be. In a perfect world you wouldn't have to worry about losing your job. Unemployment can be very devastating to many families. I don't think anybody would want to be worried about how they are going to pay a bill or how they are going to put food on a table. Personally I know what it's like to have a parent that is unemployed. My stepfather was unemployed for almost two years. I seen my parents struggle to make ends meet but they did it. The unemployment rate in Philadelphia is at 11.6%. Throughout the country the unemployment rate is at 8.1%. Even though this dosen't seem like alot it is almost 10% of the work force and there's nothing perfect about that.

Does history need to be learned?

History is one of the most important things you learn in school. I fell everyone should learn it. Why not learn it? It tells us how our country was formed, it tells you about your family ancestors,how some inventions came to be, how the country was nearly destroyed, and how we came to be in this place called america. I do not understand how students dislike, or get bored. Wouldn't you want to learned about things that could have affected your life,or even existence? So yes history does need to be learned, show the students who dislike or get bored that it is fun and exciting!

Jealousy and Competition

       Jealousy is usually the main problem in most teenage girls. They do some stupid things because of jealousy. They try to make the other person look bad because they're jealous. They want to be better than that person. They'll do anything, no matter what it is to ruin the other person's image. They don't want some person better than them, they want to be the top. Because of this, a lot of problems develop. I've been that person who's image was trying to be ruined. There were some girls who tried to do stupid things to make me look bad, but I didn't let it get to me. They disliked me a lot, but I didn't do anything to them. Jealousy took over them and they came to hate me as time moved on. I do get a jealous sometimes, but I don't do anything like this, I just move on with my life. You have to realize there are going to be people smarter, prettier, funnier, and etc. but no one can replace you. There is probably a lot of other girls who have gone through the same thing as this. Problems came about in our lives that wasn't even necessary. These things I have said, could have not happened, but some girls let jealousy get to them and they do reckless things. In my opinion, when girls do things like this, they're ruining their own image, not the person they're jealous of.
       Competition is the main problem in most teenage guys. For some guys, they take competition way too seriously. In their mind, it's all about winning. If they don't win, they get really angry or get mad at their teammates for not doing a "good job". They could lose a lot of friends because of this. They forget the fun in the things they play and only think about winning. If they only think about winning, they'll lose that fun they had. If they lost, they probably would've thought it wasn't fun, simply because they didn't win. They have to learn it's not about winning or losing, but having fun. The problems I have listed, most likely can't disappear, but that's just life.

An Ideal Community

Why I believe an ideal community would not have any jealousy or competition is because a lot of fighting and arguing starts because of jealousy and competition. Not only fighting and arguing but inside it makes you feel like your not as good and that you need to be better. The feeling of not being good enough and feeling like you need to change who you are just so you can fit in can be the worst emotional pain you will ever feel. Being the age that I am you hear a lot of people not liking each other and most likely the reason to that is because the other person has something they don't. We all have to admit that from time to time we all do get a little jealous but to some people there jealousy takes over and they do not such smart things.

Over Populating? What!

       Some may say that over population is such a problem that families should only be aloud to have two children, but i say that is nonsense. First off, some people already have more then two children. What's going to happen to the rest of them? Their has to be a consequence. Plenty of older kids plan on having more then 2 kids when they become an adult. It's not fair to the parents or the kids. I understand there are some kids that are the only child and its not all that bad but you have to look at both sides. If families are only aloud to have two children there will be a lot of families upset and the families that already have two children or less won't have to worry about anything. Okay yes, over populating is a big problem but its really not a good idea to tell families how many children they can and can't have.

"Is there really a need to learn about you family history"

I just answered a question saying "There is no real need to learn about your family history". I strongly disagree with that. I think we should all know where we come from and where are families come from. I think because we each have a family history so we should look into it and find new relatives that were alive during the wars. Now and Days all you have to do is go on a website and type in your last name and a whole bunch of info will come up. You can also look up your families health and possibly find a problem that runs in the family. Finally those where my thoughts and feeling on this topic.   

Overpopulation: Seriously?!

I know that overpopulation is a big problem, but should a couple, who want to have a big family, stop at two kids?! I know that starvation can occur when you have a big family. But, some of the kids can split rations of food with each other so they won't starve. I understand that some families already can't afford enough food to feed anyone in their family, so why have more children and stress yourself? But, if you are a person who wants to have a lot of children and you have enough money to feed them all, why not have many children? If you are a person who has extra money that you can buy food with, you should donate it to the families who are hungry?

   If the world does get to the point where overpopulation is a big problem, well, I say families who want many kids should stop at three kids, not two. Now, if the world doesn't get to that point, then let families make a bigger generation. I think the world would not get to that point because, sadly, people die everyday. I think that the families who cannot afford to feed all of their kids right now, and are still having kids, are very wrong to do that. Overpopulation, some people think it may happen, but I think it may not happen. There is a possibility, but in my opinion, a low possibility. You see, I have three siblings, and that is why I'm defending myself and others, against people who say overpopulation is a problem and that families should stop at two kids. If my parents did stop at two kids, I wouldn't be here today. So, when you say overpopulation is a problem, think about the babies who haven't been born yet and are taking the place of the people who have passed.

Importance of History

People say history is fairly not important but I say it is part of who we are. History forged nations and destroyed them. While some people know our American history, younger people dislike it and think is something they should not learn it. History tells about how our nation got to the power it is today. History tells about marvelous inventions and their creators. It tells us what inspired people to build these things that we use to day such as cars cell phones and so many more. History also has a dark side throughout it there has been many devastating and brutal wars, their have been plagues also that would ravage country's to there core.

After all of what I just told you is only a tiny silver part of what history offers to us and yet people think it is boring. History needs to be taught to these people who refuse to learn to learn it because they are missing out on so much and it is a shame on their part. In my opinion I love to learn about our history from watching shows about to reading about I like it because it fun to learn. History should not be treated as garbage it should be taught. History should be respected just like you and me.

Why should children have and do the same things?

The reasons I think we shouldn't have the same things is because if I downloaded and app to my iPad, and I thought it was cool I want to be the one to tell people about it. If we had the same things that would mean when I downloaded the app it would appear on my friends I pad. So by time I got to them and told them about it the would have already tried the app for themselves. Also If we have the same privileges and possessions that's not giving the child that likes androids an android he would got and apple iPhone because the child next door got and iPhone.
My cousin and I always compare our music on iTunes because we like to see who got this cool song and who didn't. If we all got the somethings me and my cousin would have had the same song and there are some song of his that i don't like. I have one question i would like someone to answer. Would the town that we live in have the same things such as emails, apple ids, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. If so that would violate our personal privacy. I sure know that i wouldn't want to be on my personal accounts. If it was only in the city of Philadelphia and my friend was on the accounts and my friend that lives in Allentown he or she would think that there talking to me because it says i'm online.
If all children had the same privileges that means the kids who wanted to play football would also have to play basketball because there are kids playing basketball. There are some children who could play or do both and could be good at it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Only allowed to have two children (are you kidding me)

In a survey it said that in utopia the population was over populated. Therefore the people in the community wasn't allowed to have more than two children. Many will agree with this statement. Many people would say that if you were allowed to have more than two children to community would have more problems. Suck as the need to work because you would have to provide for more than two children in your home.
I disagree with this statement. If you are only allowed to have two children then the community would not keep prospering. Also if this would happened, the community would have less people to help the community to grow. For me that isn't right. I think that that would be cruel.
In my family I have more than two sisters, which would mean that two of us would be killed or would have not been born. Also when I am ready to start my family, I plan to have more than two children. In my humbled opinion, I believe that having two children wouldn't be part of a "perfect community." My prospective of this statement is that I wouldn't like to live in that community. To me that wouldn't be a perfect community!
( This to me is a "perfect community!"

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cheating Scandal

Just watched a short clip on the cheating scandal in Harvard university. I thought it was quite weird to hear about cheating in Harvard. Hearing about all the qualifications you need to get into Harvard you would think student would think twice about cheating. Being able to attend Harvard would be a big accomplishment and to throw that all away by cheating is not worth it all. Your better off studying and figuring it out yourself because all you are doing is cheating yourself. Also I think your cheating your family.

CHEATING! In Harvard, that a head scratcher!

I saw a video on a cheating scandal at Harvard. What cheating means to me is that you are taking somebody work. First, why would you cheat in a Ivy league school. They got in there from their  knowledge they  know. Second, when they for the interview they sure enough told the main rules of go there. Another thing is that did they really think that they could have cheated and got away with it. Just because  its a take home exams doesn't mean that you cheat off each other and peristalses.

Harvard Cheating Scandal: Major Setback

Yesterday morning I watched the Harvard cheating scandal and I thought to myself this is a major setback for this Ivy league school which was rated on the top university in the country and for this to happen it might take Harvard a while to get back from this shocking scandal. With this scandal comes suspension and consequences for the student who were involved the consequences can be anything that the teachers want to give them because they trusted them to do a test so its like a slap int he face for the for trusting kids to do something that they are suspected of them. The suspension part comes in for the innocence kids who did what was suspected of them who knew nothing about this but still has to suffer because kids have to cheat to get a good grade and past and didn't care what the consequences was or what it will do to the students who werent involved.

Harvard Cheating Scandal

I have recently watched a video about kids in Harvard University who were given a take home test. The officials at Harvard are saying that they were cheating. The students might have collaborated with each other so that they can get answers. This might cause the students to get suspended or even expelled. People are picking up for both sides because you cant it was really both of there sides. In my opinion it was a bad idea for the teachers to give them the take home test because they should of expected them to cheat off of each other. It is also the students fault because they were given rules for the test and they had broke them. If it was me to decide I would blame both of them.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Cheating Scandal at Havard." (should it really be called a cheating scandal ?)

In a recent video I watched there was cheating scandal at Harvard University. Student were giving a take home test. Some of the students collaborated with other student about answer to the test. Which went against the university code. The university is conducting an investigation on the scandal. The university is making decision on what should they do to the students who did the scandal.
Many would say that collaborating with other students on a take home test is cheating. In my humble opinion, I think they were not cheating. If you are giving a take home test, you would have the right to get all the help you can get. This incident shouldn't be considered as cheating nor a scandal. If the professor didn't get specific instruction on the test, the students should have known what they should do and not do. With a take home test you should find every resource you can to help you get the answer you need.
I think the university should consider this a trial and error. The university should make sure that the rule are strictly reinforced so that this don't happened again in the future.

Harvard Cheating Scandal

After just watching a short video clip on the Harvard Cheating Scandal and hearing from four different student's point of view I say confidently that the students did not cheat but only collaborated. As far as the plaigerizm goes, I don't know but as an educational guess I would suggest that they did not. Harvard is an outstanding university and it is in many people's goals in life to get there; so why would a very intelligent student do such a foolish thing? Collaboration is a very important tool that we use often in my eight grade classroom. We use goggle documents which is a great way to share documents with your teacher and collaborate with your friends and classmates. Our teachers here at St. Gabriel School express strongly the importance of collaboration day in and day out. The suspects of the cheating scandal were doing a take home exam and are accused of collaborating and getting answers off each other. This is a very important subject and you will here my opinion on the consequences in the following paragraph.

If what the professors at Harvard are saying is true the students should be expelled from the university immediately. I stress this opinion because if the students only get suspended then students all over the campus may take cheating as a joke and do it frequently. If these were foolish enough to attempting such a thing and risk getting exempted from this fabulous university they do not deserve to be there at all. If i were to ever get excepted into a great college such as Harvard University I would do as good as my abilities would allow me to do so. After hearing my opinions do you think these students should get what they rightfully deserve?

Why Cheat At Harvard?

Harvard is one of the hardest schools to get into, so if you get in then your obviously smart, so why cheat and plagiarize? I think that it is just wrong because all the other students have to work to their full potential while some other students just cheat, its just not fair. If the instructions of the exam state that you are not allowed to collaborate and plagiarize then don't do it. It's fairly simple just to follow instructions. Even if the exam is hard that still does not give you the right to cheat, plagiarism is one of the most used things when it comes to writing. The students should be expelled because how do the staff of Harvard know what else they have cheated on, they could have cheated to get into Harvard! It is lack of intelligence to think that you can cheat and plagiarize without it being noticed.

Cheating Scandal At Harvard

Many have heard of the cheating scandal at Harvard University. It was said that a group of students worked together on a take home test and supposedly use plagiarism. Working together on the quiz was bad enough but they made it worst when that chose to use plagiarism. I believe that they should be expelled from Harvard University because apparently they aren't ready to take on the hard work that comes with being at such a great school as Harvard University.

Opinions: Harvard Cheating Scandal

Earlier, I watched a video on the Harvard Cheating Scandal. I have to say that I was a little confused. I was confused because if your teacher or professor gives you a take home "test," you should know not to plagiarize. You should use your own knowledge and not someone else's. Also, I think the professors were very naive to give the students a take home test because if I were to be on of the students, I would probably collaborate with my classmates, too. I think if had ever cheated on a test, my parents would not be too happy about that. I think you should never cheat on a test because I think you're taking away from your own knowledge, and even if you don't know something, don't cheat, take an educated guess. Thats mostly what I do, I think that even if you don't know that you have a test coming up, you should study anyway. I think the students should know that you should not collaborate on a test. But, I think they should just get suspended, not expelled.

Cheating is intolerable!

As a student, I fully disagree with people who cheat. If students are around others who are cheating and getting the grades they need it can cause them to follow. This is why cheating is getting popular throughout the world. Even in huge universities such as Harvard in the recent scandal they were involved in. Students who cheat should definitely have punishments such as a zero in there assignment, suspension, or even explosion. Cheating is can be an embarrassment to you and your school.

The scandal in Harvard University is a perfect example of cheating and what happens when you cheat. Harvard is the best school you can go to in the country. If a student comes from Harvard they can have almost any job they want, but fifty one student ruined that because of a massive cheating scandal. These students have cheated on a take home exam given out the introduction to congress class which was said to be one of Harvard's easiest classes the year before. Now these students face a one year suspension and for the students who have already graduated the revocation of their diplomas.

Were Harvard students really cheating?

I watch a video about the cheating scandal in Harvard and i'm going to tell you my option about cheating. Well to me it depends what the person cheats on. If they cheated to get get there licences the I think that is bad because if you really don't know how to drive then the person could harm many of people on the road with them. In Harvard the teacher gave the students a take home test. Now of course one student was going to cheat. It's Harvard which is a hard school to get into. I don't think the should get expelled make them do the test in school and the show them what could of had if the were to do it by them self. If they do it another time that's when they should get expelled or suspended depending on what they cheated on.


Recently I watched a video from Harvard University about a cheating scandal. The students there were collaborating on a take home exam. In my opinion yes I do think cheating is wrong but I think that it was bound to happen. Students are going to think that because they aren't in school that they can go behind the teachers back cheat and get away with it. I don't think they needed to cheat they got in the school for being smart so they should use the knowledge they have to do the exam. They should also use the knowledge they have to know not to cheat. I don't think it is fair for the other students who had to work hard for the exam and do it on their own. I think the students should get expelled because how do you know that their not going to do it again and other students could look at what they did do it and think they can get away with it.

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

I recently saw a video about students from Harvard University cheating on a take home spring exam. They where collaborating 4 students spoke and told us how they felt about the situation all four student said a lot of great things but one stood out to me and she was a sophomore and she said "how do you know the students where aloud to call or talk to each other about the exam. I do think it was cheating but if they did not have a history of cheating then the teacher must of trusted them. I think there punishment should to be expelled. If they really wanted to be at Harvard then they would really take there time and study and take the exam right. After all they are in one of the best collages in the United States and another person would die to go to Harvard and take their place.


I have recently watched a video about people collaborating on a take home exam at Harvard University. Four people gave their thoughts on it and all of them thought of it as cheating, I agree. It's one grade for one person. If you're collaborating, you most likely have the same answers. Plus, this is also an Ivy League college, you have to be really smart to get in. If they cheated on this take home exam then they would've cheated when they tried to get into Harvard. The teacher must have had a lot of trust on these students if they let them take the exam home. You never know what they could do with a take home exam, they could google answers, ask people, and etc. I don't even know why they would think they would get away with it because if it is a take home exam and this is Harvard, they probably checked deeply into it, making sure no one cheating or anything like that. They did it, got caught, and now they have to face consequences, either get off with a warning or be expelled completely from Harvard. I think they're most likely going to get expelled because, simply this is Harvard, not many get in. Harvard has earned its title as an Ivy League and they probably wouldn't want people who have cheated attend this University. They only want students who are going to be committed to their work and do it the best of their ability.


We just watched a video about Harvard University cheating scandal. Cheating is a big deal because you can get into trouble or worst get locked up.cheating and copyright are the same thing. In the video kid in Havard was talking at the take home test and some of them got a warning and some got kick out of the school. Now Hardvard is trying to stop their student from cheating.

The problem with cheating

Cheating when caught is a very serious thing and must be dealt with. Recently I watched a video on a cheating scandal in Harvard University. The accused students were doing a take home exam and were apparently collaborating and getting answers from each other. I think cheating is a serious problem and must be eliminated from schools and universities. Also, I think people should be taught the consequences of cheating in school. These students were wrong and they knew it and if you ask me I think they knew that they were going to get caught.

I go to St. Gabriel School and here teachers want us to collaberate together for our benefit of learning not to cheat on something as serious as an exam. These students should get want the deserve a trip straight to home becase they should get expelled. Harvard is a prestine Unversity and should not get brought down by a group of michevious people that cheated on an exam. At St. Gabe's teachers would not even think of students cheating in class. By the time you have read this blog do you think these students should get there just deserts.