Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

people not working hard

Do you no in america the middle class people have to work very hard and the poor get food stamps and medical thats not fear for the middle class when they have to pay for all of there kids asurance when the people that are lower than middle class are geting every thing there house dont cost anything and they are on wellfear and when they get on wellfear they stay home and dont try to get off
wellfear and make there selves a better person and thats why its so many poor people because the state will take care of them until they are on the street.I think the the united states sould stop helping those who don't he there self if you did the best you could and your on wellfear
and still that the top person the united states sould be help not some body that's on wellfear and
wearing nike and dont take care of there kids and live in the projects with 4 kids and they are curseing but can't even read but can every curse word in the book so i thing the president sould fix that for we have a'lot of homeless people because they think when the fall united states pick you right back but people don't no not all the time and it put inpect on the african american race
but all of use is not the same they other races thinking they are

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