Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yes, I believe that she astonished the world to the point of silence. I agree with most points she had, but saying that we turned forests into deserts was over the top. Another point that I can't come to agree with is that humans are afraid to share. I quote from, "The American Red Cross today announced that the public has generously donated $120.5 million to help the people of Japan following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami." Doesn't look like anyone held back on sharing to me. I'd include the Haiti incident but I believe a point has been made. Also, money cannot end poverty. It was actually put into practice in Dauphin, Manitoba once. Beginning in 1974, Pierre Trudeau's Liberals and Manitoba's first elected New Democratic Party government gave money to every person and family in Dauphin who fell below the poverty line. Under the program—called “Mincome”—about 1,000 families received monthly cheques. During the Mincome program, the federal and provincial governments collectively spent $17 million, though it was initially supposed to have cost only a few million. Meant to last several more years, the program came to a quick halt in 1978 when an economic recession hit Canada. The recession had caused prices to increase 10 per cent each year, so payouts to families under Mincome had increased accordingly. This was only a town in Canada, imagine catering the whole nation. The current state of our economy cannot afford to get any worse. If I had to speak to a United Nation meeting, I would address the topic of education. Education budget aside, I mean how children handle education. It's so common to see "When will school be done so I can live like a free man!" and "I think I'm gonna' drop out ---". Truthfully, I fear for the future generations if we survive this one.

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