Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Monday, February 28, 2011

younger vs. older generations

I might be a teenager, but I don't act half the way adults think we do nowadays. I do my work in school and at home along with many, many other children in the world. Older people need to stop thinking so poorly about us. Instead, they should think more about the conditions that their lives are in and also more importantly, thinking poorly about them selves. It is the adults' fault that their children are acting so bad. It is their fault because of the way the children were raised. The music industry also has a part in all of this because of the horrible music being accepted and letting kids listen to it. The younger generation looks up to what the older generations are doing. So, if the older generation is doing something inappropriate, then the children will follow their example and do the same. It's not the younger generation's fault for doing what they do today. Young generations need someone to look up to so they look up to the older generations. Most older people are alcoholics, drug addicts, smokers, and drug dealers. Kids try to be like them because they were taught that way. If the parents of these children want to stop what kids are doing on the streets then they should learn how to control their own children.
Ryan / grade 8

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