Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Going GREEN by using Technology

Hey teachers that aren't really up to date with today's technology, Our group would like to inform you of our use of technology that helps to save the world. We hope we can influence you to use it more; Not only to be up to date but to go green by saving paper. These are some things that nobody would probably even think of. When we encourage you to use more technology we will be saving the world. There are online sources such as Grouply, Google Docs, Schoolnotes, and Gradeconnect that we could use besides old fashioned pen and paper. If you use these resources we would be saving trees by not using so much paper. We will explain them for you. Google Docs is a wonderful website you could use to grade papers and type documents. People use google docs because it helps you to stop writing on paper, and wasting trees. Another special thing about google docs is you can see the people you collaborate with typing their comments, and corrections. Grouply is an online site where teachers and students collaborate with each other on their current school curriculum they can also instant message each other their important notes. Grade connect gives you the opportunity to check your grades online anywhere and at anytime. Teachers upload our grades after every test we take so we can review our averages and find out what we have to work on. Schoolnotes is like an online calendar for students to remind them of their up coming events and assignments. So if a child comes to school after a day of absence that leaves them no excuse for not doing homework because it is always posted online. So if you use technology you will not only be enhancing your students' learning you will also be saving the world.

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