Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Friday, March 15, 2013

Prejudice D (B.Q) Blog

People much older than I am think that people my age are all less mature than they were and we are far more irresponsible. I think that they forget how they were when they were a kid. Truth is, it's a different time with different kids. Nowadays  there are celebrity kids doing drugs and drinking alcohol, so they immediately connected their behavior to ours. They need to see through that. They would be angry if we say that they are old and complain too much. I'm pretty sure that they did the so called “childish” games when they we teenagers too. They have been though alot which helps your mind mature. We are still learning and our minds are just beginning to mature. I think they need to respect our goals as a teen and stop judging us.
Older people are on the computer complaining about us being on the computer. This make the all hypocrites. On a lady, that claims she is a “expert” on youth, writes an artical about how the youth is on the computer to much. When she is the one on the computer writing it. She also says “that is our problem” in the same article. Another older man from thinks he is doing right by trying to figure out “why we are the way we are” and “what we are missing”. I think this man is putting us down and judging all of us based on a couple of us. This is completely unfair. If we said all older people hate technology the one that love it will get mad. Same with us the judge our whole generation of a few kids our age. Now we are mad. They all think that if life was hard for them it needs to be hard for us.

I feel that they just need to give us younger people some room. Judging like they are is not how people should be. This is not different than judging the poor or someone with a different color. Prejudice is a candidate for the thing that are going to destroy us humans. Not just older people but all different people need to stop being prejudice.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Prejudice Of People In Philadelphia

People who live in other cities think that people in Philadelphia are horrible. I chose this topic because I am from Philadelphia. I don’t understand why some people think that people in Philadelphia are not nice. I feel that some of the people who say that people from here are horrible are wrong. Most people here are nice so the people who say they are not are wrong
The people here are very nice; they have good manners and say please and thank you. So why would people from other cities say these things; maybe because they
just dislike people from Philadelphia. There are even websites dedicated to people hating Philadelphia. Some of the people who say mean things about people from here have probably never visited, just heard things. I don’t understand why though, the people from here are friendly.

Yes, there is a prejudice about people from here. Even though I have no facts about it, but I did find websites about the topic that mostly opinion based, I think I am right. I’m sure not everyone from other cities hates people from here. I believe that the people from here are not horrible. Philadelphia a great place, it has a lot of history like the Liberty Bell, the Constitution was signed, the Declaration of Independence was written here. We also have a diverse culture here. Philadelphia is a great place to live.