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Class of 2013
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Girl Who Silenced The World

I believe that the girl did silenced the world and people in the United Nations . She have a lot of good point. I believe in all her point. The point that i like the must is that "We have alot of money and thing but we have to be greedy and not share with everyone". If i was at the United Nation meeting i will talk about we having alot of money and we wont share. I will talk about how animal is dying everyday because of us. The biggies thing that i will talk about is how violence grow everyday and people is dying.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Girl Who Silenced The World

I believe the girl silenced the world completely. The whole time I was watching her video I had chills. I agree with all her points. There are people who are homeless and starving! What are we doing about it? Nothing. People can have ALL the money in the world, and not give one penny and that thought makes me sick. What is this world becoming into? A trashcan? Sooner the later we are all going to be homeless and living on the streets. Sooner or later there isn't going to be any animals, or any nature. We have to make a difference, and this girl got that point across very clearly. Like what she said "We have more than enough, and we are afraid to share". This world is falling apart piece by piece. She took my breath away, and took all the words right out of my mouth. We are the future, but the present setting such a horrible example. What are they going to do when the world suddenly crashes down? Actions speak louder then words. Put the puzzle back together, and realize that we cannot be in this alone.

"The Girl Who Silenced The World"

I agree with the title,I think she did silence the world. The faces of the representatives at united nations were surprised at how she spoke and told about the problems the world faces. I understood her speech from beginning to end, I agree with a lot of her points like the adults telling us to keep the world clean but then turning around and polluting it. The littering and pollution of the earth is creating a bigger hole in the ozone. And pollution is causing global warming. A lot of animals are going extinct because of us, we destroy the natural habitats of the animals going extinct we cut down trees to build houses and roads. We also hunt animals for their fur and their meat and pollute their habitats like oil spills,acid rain, and water pollution. I'm afraid that children in the future won't see animals that we see today and that they won't see some beautiful landscapes and environments that we have. And that's why i agree with her.

The Girl Who Silenced The World

I do not think she silenced the whole world i think she silenced half of the world i agree with a lot of her points one of them which is my favorite is the one when she says you've endangered the animals it is too late you cannot bring them back. I am concerned about a lot of things and one of them is me stepping out of my house and something happening to someone i know right in front of me.

Yes, I believe that she astonished the world to the point of silence. I agree with most points she had, but saying that we turned forests into deserts was over the top. Another point that I can't come to agree with is that humans are afraid to share. I quote from, "The American Red Cross today announced that the public has generously donated $120.5 million to help the people of Japan following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami." Doesn't look like anyone held back on sharing to me. I'd include the Haiti incident but I believe a point has been made. Also, money cannot end poverty. It was actually put into practice in Dauphin, Manitoba once. Beginning in 1974, Pierre Trudeau's Liberals and Manitoba's first elected New Democratic Party government gave money to every person and family in Dauphin who fell below the poverty line. Under the program—called “Mincome”—about 1,000 families received monthly cheques. During the Mincome program, the federal and provincial governments collectively spent $17 million, though it was initially supposed to have cost only a few million. Meant to last several more years, the program came to a quick halt in 1978 when an economic recession hit Canada. The recession had caused prices to increase 10 per cent each year, so payouts to families under Mincome had increased accordingly. This was only a town in Canada, imagine catering the whole nation. The current state of our economy cannot afford to get any worse. If I had to speak to a United Nation meeting, I would address the topic of education. Education budget aside, I mean how children handle education. It's so common to see "When will school be done so I can live like a free man!" and "I think I'm gonna' drop out ---". Truthfully, I fear for the future generations if we survive this one.

The girl who silenced the world.

Environmental Pollution 300x232 Environmental Pollution
I was dumbfounded when this young lady ended her speech. From beginning to end I had a clear understanding of what she said. She had many good points. I believe she had a good point when she brought up the topic what type of chemicals were breathing inhaling and exhaling. I agree with her because now and days little children have asthma and they can't even go outside without wheezing and coughing because of so much car driving and the gas. Another great point the young lady had was that we are lazy people. I strongly agree with her on that opinion. We are spoiled and we complained about the littlest things while there are kids starving in Africa and all over the world. We need o step up to the plate and we as a country should try and change our society for the better not for worse.

Simone Praylow

The Girl Who Silenced the World

After reviewing the video, I can also agree with the title, and everyone else. She did, indeed, silence the world. The faces of the United Nation members had faces filled with awe and they were entirely stunned by her speech. She spoke from her heart and soul when she spoke those words. She spoke of the environment, which is falling apart. So many species of animals have gone extinct and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Littering and air pollution are some of things that can cause the environment to fall apart. Like the girl said, we need to share and let others bask in our wealth. We can help a countless amount of people if the nation stops being greedy and shares. These are some of the points I would bring up if I had to speak in front of the United Nations. The environment is falling apart and only we can stop it.

"The Girl Who Silenced The World"

I believe that the girl did indeed silence the world. When you watch the video you can see the faces of the nation's leaders and how they were amazed that someone that is only thirteen years old could bring up all of those points and have a valid reason behind them to back all of them up. But I do not agree with her that money shouldn't be spent on war, but on more homeless children. No child should be homeless don't get me wrong, but money needs to be spent on war because of the close calls we've had in wars that the United States that were involved in. I would love money to be spent on children who are homeless, but it is an unrealistic idea, hopefully that can be fixed in the future. Also, humans turning forests into deserts is invalid. For many years forests have been wearing away from pollution and the holes in our ozone, so humans aren't the only reason for that. Other than that I agree with all the points the girl had. If I was to speech in front of all of the nation's leaders in the United Nations I would talk about how our economy is doing terrible right now and how it will be run into the ground if nothing is changed and no one steps up to fix it, but hopefully just hopefully that is changed and everyone goes back to a normal level in the United States the way it was before.

My video response

I believe the girl in this video did silenced the world because the expressions on nation leaders face's were as if they did not know how to respond and it also looked like she was making them think hard. I agree with all of this girl's points. I defiantly agree with the nations being gritty and not giving most children on the streets what they need to live but the nation can giving the war money to buy weapons. Homeless children are much important than war. I thought it was amazing what the child on the streets said to the girl about him wishing he could rich and that he would share his wealth with everyone that was less fortunate. I really dislike that poor children would share but the nation barley do and they have all the money. If I was able to tell the nation how I felt I would mainly focus on how they should donate more money to shelter houses instead of buying more weapons for the war. I also would say a lot of other things but this girl basically took the words right out of my mouth. I have all do respect for this girl because I would not be able to save money so I could go to the nation meeting and I would defiantly not be able to stand in front of all the nation leaders and tell them how I feel because I would be too shy and scared.

Respone to the video

I think the video that we saw was good and I agree with what said in the video. She made good points on good topics that is why I think it was good.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Yanchi Chen

Perhaps my biggest concern for this current world is education-wise. Many youngsters, especially those dropouts, does not even hold the slightest clue as to how urgent it is for them to have at least acquired an education in a century so demanding as the twenty-first, where birth-rates are increasing fast. Shockingly, not only does America bestow on its citizens a full education, children, adolescents in particular, dropout of high schools. In the third-world countries, where the incessant warfare and starvation are raging on, children don't ever even receive the chance of being taught to in a safe environment that they desire. Of course, in a world like today, there couldn't possibly be a long term of supplying a poorer country of its desired needs. Countries can help one another out, but not be in a fashion where it will wind up completely relying on another country for its daily needs. If there is even a step, which I believe there is, towards this problem, then people can, even with a mere penny, make a huge difference.

The girl who silenced the world!

Khalia Ficklin:
I agree with everything the girl said I really believe she silenced the world.
By seeing the leaders of each country their faces were amazed with astonishment and that she had the courage to go and voice her opinion.

If I was their I would bring up the violence in the united states!
When I go home and let out my dogs I always have to look around and make sure no one is around to take me away.The reason is because I here on the news and in the papers adults and children are being killed, and even worse raped and I am worrying about will I see another tommorow.

"The Girl who Silenced the World"

This young girl has indeed silenced the world. Her voice carried a certain power that made my neck tingle. I have to say I do agree with her on most of her topics. We don't have all the answers and we don't have all the time. Animals and plant life are going extinct and we don't no how to reverse that. I have to admit, I sometimes think about if my children or grandchildren would be able to see a Panda Bear or a Polar Bear. However, I do not agree with her statement that says humans turned forest into deserts. I disagree with her when she says all of the money being spent on war should be spent on ending poverty. You can't fix poverty with money, you need an economy to keep the people up. In order to have an economy, we can't just simply give away as she wants us to do in her speech. If I were to speak in on a United Nations meeting, I would focus on the economy and the education budget. I have to commend her for having the guts to go and speak like she did for only being a thirteen year old girl.

"The Girl Who Silenced the World"

I do believe that the girl has silenced the world because her speech had a specific emotion to it that gave it a sense of concern. I do not agree with some of her points because her tone of voice made it sound as if humans turned forests into deserts, which is clearly stated in her speech. I also do not agree with her when she said that humans are afraid to share. The reason being is because the way our society runs, the world cannot afford to share, but instead benefit from its hard work. For example, if the United States were to share money with other countries, it could not because as bad as our economy is, the United States can not afford to throw away money without decreasing the value of the dollar. I do agree with her on one point. Money should not be spent on warfare. This idea sounds good, but I sense a flaw in what she said. Money can not simply end poverty. It must be earned first in order to progress, just as success does not come to you. If I were to speak to a United Nations meeting, I would talk more about reducing the chances of global warming and how to spend more money on education while at the same time, keeping our military unit strong.

What are your thoughts on the condition of our environment?

You've watched the video, The Girl Who Silenced The World. Do you believe that she silenced the world with her talk to the United Nations meeting? With how many of her points do you agree?  If you had to speak to a United Nations meeting, what would you say - what are you concerned about as a young person living in our world today?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

If Everyone Had The Same Color

We think that color is necessary because it exercises human judgement. One should judge a person by how they act, not by the color of their skin. This is comparable to books and how people say, "Don't judge a book by its cover." This could go both ways, if everyone had the same color then people would rely solely on how one acts. It also creates diversity and in some cases separates cultures.*

* Sonny: Culture doesn't rely on the skin of one's body but how they were brought up in their lives.

-Nael Albaki, Zachary Marano, Sonny Truong.

same color

The question is "Do you think the world would be a better place if everyone was the same color?

Tony's opinion: is No, the reason is because everything will be the same, then the future will be the same and will not expand.

On the other hand I Khalia Ficklin will have to disagree with tony! my opinion: is Yes , If we were all the same color maybe we would not have racism in the world , no more fighting . I believe it would make the world a much safer place for everyone.

Sameness in Skin Color

We think yes, because the world would be a better place if everybody has the same color because there would be no discrimination in this world. It would not cause diversity and everybody would be happy in their own ways. Nobody would get left out because of there color, and everybody would be by each other's side. There would be no racism and everybody would be treated equally.

Joshua Davis
Brian McBride
Yanchi Chen


Danny: I think the world would be a better place if everyone was the same color. There would be no racism and no one would be judged for the color of there skin.

Simone: I believe we should have different colored people because it's better to experience a friendship with a variety of different skin colors rather then just one.
Yes, we do agree the world would be a better place if everyone was the same color. With everyone the same color there wouldn't be any discrimination against other races. Racism wouldn't exist if everyone were the same. Conversely, there wouldn't be any culture in the world. There wouldn't be any opportunities to learn something new about a different race. Everything would be predictable and boring. It seems as though we can't have culture and racism exist in the same world. With sameness comes peace, but with culture comes racism and discrimination.

Christian Reda and Alexis Cordero

Would the world be a better place if everyone was the same color?

Anthony and I both think the world would be a better place if everyone was the same color because it would prevent racism, bullying, and violence. If everybody was the same color nobody would be different nor judged, and we would live together peacefully. Many issues today would be solved if everybody was the same. People are continuously judge based on how they look or dress. Wars, gang fights, and disputes occurred and still do just because of somebody's race, and style. If everybody was alike this would be settled. Many people are bullied and tortured because of their nationality, and this has been a big problem for generations and sometimes it gets so brutal that people experience physical and emotional pain. Our overall opinion is that we would rather have everybody be a different race and have a different way of life, but having people the same would be better for the world to live in peace.