Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why should children have and do the same things?

The reasons I think we shouldn't have the same things is because if I downloaded and app to my iPad, and I thought it was cool I want to be the one to tell people about it. If we had the same things that would mean when I downloaded the app it would appear on my friends I pad. So by time I got to them and told them about it the would have already tried the app for themselves. Also If we have the same privileges and possessions that's not giving the child that likes androids an android he would got and apple iPhone because the child next door got and iPhone.
My cousin and I always compare our music on iTunes because we like to see who got this cool song and who didn't. If we all got the somethings me and my cousin would have had the same song and there are some song of his that i don't like. I have one question i would like someone to answer. Would the town that we live in have the same things such as emails, apple ids, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. If so that would violate our personal privacy. I sure know that i wouldn't want to be on my personal accounts. If it was only in the city of Philadelphia and my friend was on the accounts and my friend that lives in Allentown he or she would think that there talking to me because it says i'm online.
If all children had the same privileges that means the kids who wanted to play football would also have to play basketball because there are kids playing basketball. There are some children who could play or do both and could be good at it.

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