Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Importance of History

People say history is fairly not important but I say it is part of who we are. History forged nations and destroyed them. While some people know our American history, younger people dislike it and think is something they should not learn it. History tells about how our nation got to the power it is today. History tells about marvelous inventions and their creators. It tells us what inspired people to build these things that we use to day such as cars cell phones and so many more. History also has a dark side throughout it there has been many devastating and brutal wars, their have been plagues also that would ravage country's to there core.

After all of what I just told you is only a tiny silver part of what history offers to us and yet people think it is boring. History needs to be taught to these people who refuse to learn to learn it because they are missing out on so much and it is a shame on their part. In my opinion I love to learn about our history from watching shows about to reading about I like it because it fun to learn. History should not be treated as garbage it should be taught. History should be respected just like you and me.

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