Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I have recently watched a video about people collaborating on a take home exam at Harvard University. Four people gave their thoughts on it and all of them thought of it as cheating, I agree. It's one grade for one person. If you're collaborating, you most likely have the same answers. Plus, this is also an Ivy League college, you have to be really smart to get in. If they cheated on this take home exam then they would've cheated when they tried to get into Harvard. The teacher must have had a lot of trust on these students if they let them take the exam home. You never know what they could do with a take home exam, they could google answers, ask people, and etc. I don't even know why they would think they would get away with it because if it is a take home exam and this is Harvard, they probably checked deeply into it, making sure no one cheating or anything like that. They did it, got caught, and now they have to face consequences, either get off with a warning or be expelled completely from Harvard. I think they're most likely going to get expelled because, simply this is Harvard, not many get in. Harvard has earned its title as an Ivy League and they probably wouldn't want people who have cheated attend this University. They only want students who are going to be committed to their work and do it the best of their ability.

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  1. I agree these students knew they were wrong and should get what they deserve. Everyone ones that when you cheat there will be consequences. They were flat out wrong and should get expelled for losing the trust of the teachers and the students.


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