Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Families Shall Express Their Feelings

Families will feel closer when they share their feelings on a daily basis; kids need to express what troubles they are having at school or at events such as football practice. My mother makes it of high importance that I tell her everything that is going on at school, with my friends, with my coaches, and with anything she feels the need to. A kid who isn't sharing their feelings with their mother, father, or guardian will begin to feel very angry, upset, or even depressed. Incidents such as the one many of you heard of, when the bloody massacre happened at the Batman movie in Colorado. This terrible scene was due to the fact that the person didn't get his feelings out to his mother or father and let all that depression build up inside of him and suddenly exploded. This huge, bloody, family-destroying massacre could have simply been prevented with just a talk every now and then at mealtime. If every family in the whole world expressed their feeling with each other I guarantee that you will see if not no, little to one incidents like the, "Batman Massacre." No one shall let all their feelings from years ago ruin their lives today only because they didn't let them out or share them with anyone.


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