Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The problem with cheating

Cheating when caught is a very serious thing and must be dealt with. Recently I watched a video on a cheating scandal in Harvard University. The accused students were doing a take home exam and were apparently collaborating and getting answers from each other. I think cheating is a serious problem and must be eliminated from schools and universities. Also, I think people should be taught the consequences of cheating in school. These students were wrong and they knew it and if you ask me I think they knew that they were going to get caught.

I go to St. Gabriel School and here teachers want us to collaberate together for our benefit of learning not to cheat on something as serious as an exam. These students should get want the deserve a trip straight to home becase they should get expelled. Harvard is a prestine Unversity and should not get brought down by a group of michevious people that cheated on an exam. At St. Gabe's teachers would not even think of students cheating in class. By the time you have read this blog do you think these students should get there just deserts.


  1. I fully agree with your opinion. You have had some grammar mistakes such as the last sentence should have a question mark.


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