Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Harvard Cheating Scandal

After just watching a short video clip on the Harvard Cheating Scandal and hearing from four different student's point of view I say confidently that the students did not cheat but only collaborated. As far as the plaigerizm goes, I don't know but as an educational guess I would suggest that they did not. Harvard is an outstanding university and it is in many people's goals in life to get there; so why would a very intelligent student do such a foolish thing? Collaboration is a very important tool that we use often in my eight grade classroom. We use goggle documents which is a great way to share documents with your teacher and collaborate with your friends and classmates. Our teachers here at St. Gabriel School express strongly the importance of collaboration day in and day out. The suspects of the cheating scandal were doing a take home exam and are accused of collaborating and getting answers off each other. This is a very important subject and you will here my opinion on the consequences in the following paragraph.

If what the professors at Harvard are saying is true the students should be expelled from the university immediately. I stress this opinion because if the students only get suspended then students all over the campus may take cheating as a joke and do it frequently. If these were foolish enough to attempting such a thing and risk getting exempted from this fabulous university they do not deserve to be there at all. If i were to ever get excepted into a great college such as Harvard University I would do as good as my abilities would allow me to do so. After hearing my opinions do you think these students should get what they rightfully deserve?

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