Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Friday, September 21, 2012

What Is Family History To You?

      Family history is that imporatant to you?. Well it is to me because without knowing family history or family in itself I wouldn't be the person who I would be today. Without family is like missing apart of yourself or not knowing yourself fully. I like to think of family like this it's a very big puzzle. The very first piece determine where the second piece is coming from and so, but that puzzle never finish because family never finishes,whether they are alive or deceased they are apart of your family puzzle that will never finish but interesting to watch as it grows bigger.

Like most family members, you share common or similar traits,habits,or action and you wouldn't even know that you have family to tell you that you look like family like I mentioned in the first paragraph family is like a puzzle all the pieces are the same but fit into different spots on the puzzle and that is exactly like family your all related but from different generations and that why family and it's history is important to know what you are and what family memeber you act like which make fit into that particular part of the puzzle and that what make your family puzzle and you special and without family you probably wouldn't know yourself as a being.

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