Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jealousy and Competition

       Jealousy is usually the main problem in most teenage girls. They do some stupid things because of jealousy. They try to make the other person look bad because they're jealous. They want to be better than that person. They'll do anything, no matter what it is to ruin the other person's image. They don't want some person better than them, they want to be the top. Because of this, a lot of problems develop. I've been that person who's image was trying to be ruined. There were some girls who tried to do stupid things to make me look bad, but I didn't let it get to me. They disliked me a lot, but I didn't do anything to them. Jealousy took over them and they came to hate me as time moved on. I do get a jealous sometimes, but I don't do anything like this, I just move on with my life. You have to realize there are going to be people smarter, prettier, funnier, and etc. but no one can replace you. There is probably a lot of other girls who have gone through the same thing as this. Problems came about in our lives that wasn't even necessary. These things I have said, could have not happened, but some girls let jealousy get to them and they do reckless things. In my opinion, when girls do things like this, they're ruining their own image, not the person they're jealous of.
       Competition is the main problem in most teenage guys. For some guys, they take competition way too seriously. In their mind, it's all about winning. If they don't win, they get really angry or get mad at their teammates for not doing a "good job". They could lose a lot of friends because of this. They forget the fun in the things they play and only think about winning. If they only think about winning, they'll lose that fun they had. If they lost, they probably would've thought it wasn't fun, simply because they didn't win. They have to learn it's not about winning or losing, but having fun. The problems I have listed, most likely can't disappear, but that's just life.

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