Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Seize the day (d.p.)

What I want from life is to not be afraid to stand up in what I believe or if I have to say something do not be afraid to say it. Not to follow the crowd or to do what everyone else is doing and do what I want to do. I feel that it should not matter what anyone else thinks. I know I don't have to follow the crowd to be cool or have friends. I feel in life that if you are just someone who follows your not doing what you want but, you're doing what that other persons what's. I know I do not follow anyone and do what they want because really I don't care if i'm cool or not. If you are someone who all whys follows someone else you will never be able to life to the fullest.
    In life change is necessary because it might not be the best thing you are doing for yourself. Like if you are always getting in trouble for stupid reasons there's something to change. In most cases change is a good thing to do in life but there can also be bad changes that people make. A good change for example would be if you're on drugs they go to rehab and stop taking drugs that be considered a good change. If were not on drugs and started because of a friend that not a real friend and it was a bad change on your part. I feel that change is necessary in life for everyone. Everyone needs to change in some way even if a person thinks they do not have to change. It might not be a big change but, a change is a change. All people need to make changes whether they're a big change or even a small change. No matter how large the change that change will always be necessary in life. I try to change things in my life that are bad qualities but, change can be hard if you keep trying to change that bad quality you will eventually succeed.

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