Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Assessment 1 (T.N)

What i want from life. I want from life is that to make peace in our countries and to make things to help our world, and a new way to get energy.  To make peace in our countries is necessary because when i was doing my gun control project i read that a lot of people die from violence everyday. In the US every 100,000 residents have up too 3680 violence crimes. This is change is necessary in my life is that I have to stop disrespecting people and that to stop getting my self in to fights.  To make things to help our world. I want to make new things is because that cars and other ways of traveling are using up our gas supply. if we don't  find a new way of traveling we will burn right throw our gas supply. In 2004 the US use 140 billions gallons of gas. That number is rising every year that goes by. This change is necessary in my life is that i need to start ridding my bike more and to walk to places instead of  getting someone to drive me and that i need to start paying attentions in class ,and studding to make this change in the world. I find that in my life that if i start to study and pay attention i can make the world seem beater than now. Most people think that in there life it is not necessary to change it. but if you start to change your life you can help others and your self.. If you still young you can sill change your life around. One of the person that i can live up to today is  Duane Chapman. At a young age he got lock up and do a lot of bad stuff  in to a police officer gave him a speech. The police said to him in 30 years you will never now how your life will end up but you can make a path for your self. Today Duane Chapman is a world class bounty hunter. He hunts people down and helps them change there life around.  

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