Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"The Ninny" & "The Governess"

There are not even that many discrepancies between "The Ninny" and "The Governess" but there are a couple which are that in the governess she was actually not too scared to disagree with the mistress as much as in the ninny was scared to disagree with the employer. The governess had some humor in it while the ninny did not. Both of these stories are very comparable because it is the same story but told in different versions. The governess in both stories were scared to speak up to their bosses about their salary being deducted because both governess are inferior. Most people that are inferior think that they have no say because the person above them will have a better say over their say.
In my point of view I liked "The Governess" better than I liked "The Ninny". The only reason I liked the "The Governess better is because "The Governess" was more understandable because it was written in a play format. "The Ninny" was not too effective because the governess's boss was not to loud or too mean as the boss in "The Governess". I liked "The Governess" more because it was more understandable than "The Ninny" and it was acted out.
People can stand up for themselves by not letting people walk all over them and to defend themselves in a respectful way. If you don't want anyone walk all over you than you should believe in yourself because if you don't believe in your self, no on else would believe in you and they would think they would be able to walk all over you and take advantage of you because your low self a steam. You can also respectfully tell the people how you feel and maybe they would not walk all over you.

Alexis Cordero

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