Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blog assessment for "The Ninny" and "The Governess"

The story "The Ninny" and "The Governess are stories that have similarities and differences. Both stories have to deal with a governess who works for a rich employer, but the both of them get tricked by them and are considered spineless for not standing up for themselves. Also they both are basically the same story just minor changes. In the stories the employer tries to provoke his/her employee to stand up for themselves but both fail to do so and as each of them receive only ten rubles, the employer tells them that they are playing a trick on them. The differences in the stories are in the story "The Ninny" the governess will not protest when her employer says all the wrong things she has done which leads to her deductions in her salary, while in "The Governess" the employee sort of speaks out against the Mistress when she starts to deduct rubles from her salary. It is obvious that both employers are mean in a sense, but in "The Ninny" the employer tries to put fear into his employee, yet he still wants her to say something back because what he was doing was stealing from her. The employer in "The Governess" seems like she wants her employee to feel as if she is lower than her like she is worth nothing and she deserves to get only ten rubles, but just like the employer in "The Ninny" she wants her employee to retaliate or say something to her because what she also did would be considered stealing. In my opinion I think what both employers did was right, it could be considered harsh but all they were trying to do was get their governess to not be so spineless and stand up for what they believe is right otherwise they would just be cheated out for things they did not do wrong. Also I felt in "The Governess" that the nanny had more confidence in what she was saying because she started to go against her employer but just like the governess in "The Ninny" she was thankful for the money she got. People in our world will not do what they think is right if they see an injustice going on with someone they do not know usually they will not doing anything about it just walk by and act like nothing happened. Also if someone is charged more money for something they paid for they might not do anything, but leave it as is. If someone wants to stand up for themselves they need respect and the only way to get respect is to earn it and that is the only way they can stand up for themselves.

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