Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"The Ninny" by Anton Chekhov and "The Governess" by Neil Simon

"The Ninny" by Anton Chekhov and "The Governess" by Neil Simon have the same plot and theme but are different in many ways. Lets start with "The Ninny" by Anton Chekhov is very short story and doesn't have much detail. Anton's story seemed to bore me, and it was really hard to understand, while "The Governess" by Neil Simon had a lot of detail, and seemed to have humor to it. Another difference is how they both wrote it. Neil wrote his story in a play form, while Anton did a basic story with dialogue and paragraphs. Most importantly, the main difference was the characters. The nanny or governess in both stories seemed to be very timid, but the governess in Neil's story seemed to stick up for herself a little bit more.

My feelings about these two stories are different. "The Ninny" seemed to be boring, and it took me awhile to understand what was going on. It didn't have much detail, and I just seemed to be lost the whole time I was reading it, but "The Governess" had so much detail that I understood the story completely. I actually enjoyed this story, and I liked how Neil kept having the employer annoy and keep bugging the nanny. Also, in "The Governess" the nanny spoke more and it added more humor and understanding to the short story.

Everybody should stand up for themselves, and not let people walk all over them, but always stand up for yourself in a respectful way. Standing up for yourself shows confidence and I believe everybody should have that. Standing up for yourselves shows people that you aren't afraid and if done in a respectful way, they show respect in return. First thing a person should do while standing up for themselves is to speak with authority, because when you do people know and they listen. Also, change your outlook. This will let people know that you are worth listening to. Most importantly, always stick up for others. This will show that you are kind, and fair. People will soon look at you as a good person, and will not walk all over you, or maybe even bully you. Eye contact, and body posture is a important thing! People will listen to you if you speak up, look them in the eye, and keep your head up high. Never argue with the person, look for a resolution that pleases everybody.

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