Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"The Ninny" and "The Governess."

Many distinct similarities and differences can be pointed out in the two stories. The theme of social status is eminent between these two entries. Both governesses were unable to stand up for themselves due to the difference in social status between them and their employers. We see that it is very easy to cheat someone if you are consistent with excuses, just as the employers had done. We also divulge into the most important theme to me, which is blinded by power. The employers had tried to bilk both governesses out of their money for many reasons, one being that they had the authority to do so, and no one could stop them. They were blinded with what they could do, they were playing a trick for their own enjoyment. Differences could be pointed out too. In "The Governess," there seems to be a sort of humor present within the dialect, but "The Ninny," is very straight forward. "The Governess" is easier to follow in my opinion. Also, in "The Ninny," the employer seems much more relaxed, while in "The Governess," the employer is very harsh with her words, and rude. She is trying to agitate and antagonize the governess but it fails.
There is similar moral present in the stories. I believe it is that without speaking out, you are cheating yourself. I like the story "The Governess" better because I believe it has a form of comedy that comes along with it, it almost seems like the characters are bartering with each other at first. Even though the other story is written in first person, which is some-what easy to comprehend, I get bored with all the thoughts of the narrator is experiencing. Both stories tell us that we should stand up for ourselves. In today's society this is especially true. If you are respectful and you're well presented, you have every right to speak out. But most importantly is that you have to believe you can do it, because if you think about it, if you don't believe, the other person sure isn't going to either.

Christian Reda

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