Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"The Ninny" and "The Governess"

Many similarities and differences between "The Ninny" and "The Governess" can be point out. One similarity between the two stories is that both deal with social statuses. The two governesses in the story are also alike in a way. They do not stand up for themselves due to their low social statuses. Another similarity between the two stories is that both stories show how easy it is for the employers to manipulate their employees. Also, another similarity is the theme of the stories. The theme of the two stories is that one should not be blinded by power. In other words, one should not view themselves as inferior due to power that someone else has. One of the differences between the two stories is the action of the characters. In "The Ninny," the employer is a man who did not speak so harshly and agitating as the employer from "The Governess" did. Another difference is that "The Ninny" is written in first person, which is easier for the reader to access the thoughts of the employer.

My reaction to the two stories is that I think the stories teach a lesson of how easy it is for someone to walk over another person. I like "The Ninny" more than "The Governess" due to the fact that Anton Chekhov wrote the book in first person point of view. Even though "The Governess" is easier to read since it is a play, I do not like it as much because I'd like to know more the thoughts and feelings of each character. In my opinion, I think both employers are sympathetic about their employees because they wouldn't have gone through all the trouble of teaching them a lesson if they didn't care. Overall, I like that both stories show something that is the norm of today's society. People should always stand up for themselves in a respectful fashion because everyone deserves justice. You can stand up for yourself by telling the person that's treating you unfairly your feelings in a respectful fashion. One important thing in standing up for yourself is that you must believe in yourself because people won't believe you if you don't believe in yourself. You can also stand up for yourself by talking with confidence about what is right.


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