Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Ninny and The Governess (S.P)

The Ninny written by Anton Chekhov and The Governess written by Neil Simon are similar and different in many ways. The Ninny is sort of a classy story that uses rich vocabulary and The Governess also uses rich vocabulary but, it has a play theme to it. The employer in Chekhov's story is very calm but still seems to have a harsh side to him. On the contrary, the employer in Simon's story is intimidating and harsher. Yulia is the Ninny who seems to be very frightened and frail. Julia whom is the Governess in Simon's story, seems like she had something to say but, because she was such a low rank in social class she chose not speak up for herself.
I personally liked The Governess better. I mean don't get me wrong I did like The Ninny, but it seemed to be a little dry on humor and it didn't catch my attention until the very end of it. When my group members and I were reading over The Ninny, I was so confused and my mind was somewhere else. I was lost. I didn't understand one bit of what was going on. However, The Governess was well explained and it was even more enjoyable written as a play. The way Yanchi and Mrs.Carboni read it made me visualize what was being read in my head. The way Mrs.Carboni read her part made me hate the mistress. Which I believe is a good thing because the character is drawing you in and you are catching emotions towards them.
I strongly believe that everyone should have a look at these two short stories. They are both magnificent and well written! Both stories teach you how to stand up for what is yours no matter who it is. For example, if the President told you, you couldn't get your check, would you just sit their? I guarantee anyone in our generation would not just sit there and let ANYONE take their money way from them. I consider these stories the best of their kind!

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