Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Teens vs. Older People

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What do people much older than I am think that people my age?  I feel that the people as old as me are lazy. We spend too much time on the internet, stay up too late. We act immature, and we party to much. I believe some of these things are true; But a lot of the time we are stereotyped.
Some of the facts I found were that the majority of teens don’t get the 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 hours of sleep because of the internet. It has also been said that teens are on the computer for 31 hours a week. I feel that one major reason teens are on the internet and not playing outside is because of the crime rate. In today’s world it is very dangerous to go outside. You have to be afraid of getting beat up or getting your belongings stolen from you. That is why I feel so many of us turn to the internet or video games because when you are in your house you don’t have to be afraid of getting into trouble. Older people should look at that because when they were our age it was safe to go out and play and that was all they had to do. Now this is all what we have to do.
In conclusion, I feel that a lot of the time older people don’t look at how much the times have changed. Many older people are very one sided and only want to hear what they feel like hearing. I think they should open up their eyes to the new generation and see what is out there new to learn.


  1. I like your reasoning about why kids don't go outside. I do have to disagree with one of the reasons through. I live in Vermont where there isn't much crime and kids usually aren't scared to go outside. What do you think the reason is for people with little crime where they live for not going outside?

  2. Thank you for commenting! The reason for the people who live in an area with little crime is they are probably just to lazy to go outside.

  3. I like your reasoning, and I agree because I feel the same way. But do you think that there is better things that kids can do inside rather than be on their computer?

    1. Thanks, Yes there are better things kids can do rather than go on the computer they can play a games like operation or monpoly.

  4. Wow that is a very powerful and true statment. I never really thought about it that way. I thought that you did a very good job and made a very important and powerful statement. Oh, and if you have time come check out my blog. I am Jamie Styles from Williston Central School. Great job!

  5. I agree that times have changed, and parents need to understand that. I liked your point of view. Good Job.

  6. Good job!Everything you said is very true. I think teenagers are the most stereotyped group of people. Also, I like how you added how adults need to start looking at things from our perspective because times have certainly changed!

  7. Hi Kalyn,
    I like your post because of the title made me what to read your post. I disagree with you, I think the main reason we are on the computer for 31 hours a week is because most of our homework is on the computer. Over all, I liked your post.
    Shayla 7th Grade


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