Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Prejudice against people in Philly.

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People who live in other states think that people in Pennsylvania are stuck up. To me I think this is somewhat true but then again I don’t. Everyone has something diverse about them that others don’t have. I’m not stuck up, I’m just a smart person. Being stuck up is when you think you’re all that and seem not to care for and/or about others. I care about everyone and everything and I don’t think of myself more than I do others and I don’t think that I’m necessarily all that.
Some people even said that they love the history and environment of Pennsylvania period. I love the way that Pennsylvania is made but even though I love it that doesn't mean I don’t want to try other places or go across the world. That just means that I love how it is and I love the way that many people treat me. For those people to say that they don’t like Pennsylvania only because of the place is not fair at all.  Many people have their own opinions on Philadelphia but there’s always a good part of a city, country, state, or even nation. The environment in Philadelphia isn't even that bad. There are not that many burnt down places. Like of course Philadelphia has the hood or the “ghetto” as people refer to places in which people are poor, hardly have any food and or items of their own, and who are selling some type of illegal item. Okay fine Philadelphia does have some burnt down places but it is not like that everywhere in PA. I actually like Philadelphia, Pennsylvania because many of the people here, you can trust, but you can’t trust everyone.
I love Philadelphia but I like New York even more. Honestly, people that hate Philadelphia haven’t been here and they hate it and don’t even have a reason for it. There are so many amazing places in Philadelphia and I will always love living here. I do not think this prejudice should exist.



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  1. I think your comment was very interesting and I liked it a lot, and you are right about how people shouldn't be judged by where they live of how they act they should't be judged for what really matters and that is what kind of person they really are.


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