Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Teen vs. People Older Than Them

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People much older than I am think that people my age tend to be immature. They say we blame others for all our problems, but some of us are responsible and act mature get generalized with the kids who are not like that. We, as teenagers are generalized. Our behavior is blamed on peers, television, movies, and video games.
The teenage years are very experimental. It is a time when we are trying to find out who we are and where we fit in. I want to be independent but I also want boundaries. I will try different things like piercings, dyed hair, music, and maybe drugs, alcohol and maybe even sex. Some of this behavior may seem very strange to our parents and other adults, but this is normal behavior. I change my appearance because it is important to me, and keeping up with the trends, makes me feel accepted. I may withdraw from family activities and hanging with friends because they are more like me than the adults in my life. You think that I have nothing to worry about but some days I don't like myself or anyone else.
The generalizations about people my age are just that - generalization. I believe that older people should take the time to get to know me. I am funny caring, and bright and I may teach you something. People see us as spoiled brats, but that is an unfair opinion. I or any teen that you may know deserves to be treated as an individual. I may fall into peer pressure and/or alcohol. Some kids do get addicted but I am telling you if you notice a difference in my behavior and mood make me aware of it. Just ask me what is going on sometimes.


  1. Could you understate the viewpoint of adults on this issue?

  2. Do you think most people our age can relate to this?

  3. Yes I do think people our age can relate to the problem because they might have too deal with the same problem in there neighborhood.

  4. Your blog post was so well written keep up the good work. I agree that teens are put into this category because we try different things, and it's ok to try different things. Adults may not want it to happen but over protecting and judging them is just going to make the child want to do it more. - Haley S

    1. Thank you for agreeing with me on this topic.

  5. I like the amount of detail in your blog. But I think our behavior should be blamed on our self because if you see something in a movie or book, and you try it out it is your fault because you could have said no.
    Over all great post!
    Shayla 7th Grade


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