Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

This First Change Starts With You !!

       Not many students think about bullying and that’s part of the problem. According to my research on teens of, over 3.2 million students are bullied each year ,and bullying takes part in a half of the deaths of teenagers. This is because no one wants to take part in stopping bullying.  Most people think just because they’re a bystander that they don't take part in bullying , but little do they know they increase the hurt of the victims.  If you don’t condone bullying you must try to do everything in your power to stop others from hurting people, instead of sitting and watching it happen. There are numerous ways to stop bullying. The most important thing to do to stop bullying is to speak up and talk about openly rather than exacerbating bullying by doing nothing.According to Maria B about bullying article, the victims tormentor will only stop if you speak up and tell them to stop.  Remember the first change starts with you.
      Bullying is no joking matter and we all have to speak up before bullying takes an even bigger a toll on our lives. Most victims of bullying feel alone when they have nobody to stick up for them. People who get bullied may choose to end their own life. Bullying leaves scars of pain on the victim, mentally, emotionally and most of time physically.  Bullying some everyday can add up to a lot of pain and suffering.   Many who get bullied don’t show the pain but it is there and can lead to terrible end.  Bullying takes place everywhere you can think of .  According to stop bullying. com, most American schools hold 2.1 million bullies and 2.7 million victims , and if you don’t speak up the bullies and victims will increase and someone else’s life will be in danger. So, if you know someone is out there getting bullied and that their life is in danger, just know all good days have  bad endings and you have the power to stop bullying. You must speak up for one another, to stop people from hurting one another.

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  1. Your post reminds me of the quote, "Be the change you want to see."
    ~Ms. Muir


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