Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Anti-Bullying Campaign (AD)


Not many students think about bullying, and that’s part of the problem. Most kids, including myself, have seen kids get bullied, but yet do nothing about it. Even though you think it’s helping, it’s not. You're just helping yourself. Stop being a bystander and taking the easy way out, it’s not OK. This has to STOP!

When a person is bullied they feel so alone. They need a person to be there for them, and you can be that person. It is our responsibility to stand up to bullying, stop being bystanders, and condoning bullying. Be there for each other. If you see bullying, don’t just stand around. Do something. You can make a big difference. Be a friend and stand up for that person. If you were bullied wouldn't you want someone to stand up or be there for you ? Treat others how you want to be treated; that is the Golden Rule.  Most kids who get bullied don't have anyone to stand up for them. They have to fend for themselves everyday at school. Some don’t even want to go to school because of the pain, and the humiliation they have to face everyday. Some kids get bullied because of their appearance, the way they walk, they way they talk. also  This causes kid to want to harm and even kill themselves. Canada has the third highest suicide rate for people 10-24.  Bullying is happening worldwide, but if we all fight against it we can put an end to bullying. I personally will begin to speak up for bullying, and me being Student Council Vice President will set an example and stop bullying in my school.

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