Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I Wouldn’t Hire You Either

Kyle Wien the author of “I Won't Hire People Who Use Bad Grammar” is absolutely 100% correct when he says that he  will not hire people that do not use proper grammar.The thing is I don’t have the best grammar either, but I’m still in school and the people that he looks forward to hiring are most likely are most likely out of school, still this guy makes billions of dollars a year. He also has two companies and hires hundreds of people a day. If you owned two companies that were both worth billions wouldn't you want the best of the best and only that. He make’s another point by saying that if it takes you 20 years to learn how to use it’s correctly he will not hire you. I agree with him, he should hire only Grade A++ people for this company. I would do the exact same thing. People should always use amazing grammar in and out of the work space. If I were Kyle Wiens I would go into every person who applies background and make sure that, that person has always used good grammar in school. I would also want a copy of there ELA portfolio from both High School and College. To be honest if you think that you can get a job that probable pays extremely well with horrible grammar you have another thing coming.

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