Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Anti-Bullying Campaign (KJ)

    Not many students think about bullying and that’s part of the problem. Many kids get bullied on a daily basis. Some even believe that it’s normal for people to get bullied, that its okay. Others believe it may actually be their own fault. The few that know they aren’t to blame are the few who will stand up, will help others, and will end bullying. For too long, kids laid in bed on weeknights scared of the following morning. They felt happy when they were ignored because when they were acknowledged they were insulted, beat up, or just left thinking, “what did I do wrong?”
We need to end bullying! It is a disease that plagues our world. Too many children chose to just end their lives rather than deal with the pain for one more day. We can stop bullying if students take a stand, because bullying affects us all. If we just put effort into this problem we can end it. Now I know that Cartoon Network has their bullying programs and people run campaigns but it doesn’t help that much! Maybe one or two kids stop bullying but that doesn’t fix our problem! We need to hit the problem at its source! We need monitors in schools, guarding programs on social media, and students who speak up! Sometimes when a bully is caught and is punished they actually stop. Maybe if some students out there actually cared about their friends, bullying would end already.
That one random act of kindness opened the gates for me when I was bullied. The kid who spoke up ended most of my bullying just by saying, “hey stop that!” Imagine all the people whose bullying we can end just by lending a hand and telling the bully he’s wrong. With a few words and maybe help from a responsible adult we can end bullying in our schools. Maybe we can end all bullying, forever!


  1. I like your points. Although they could be a little better. Other then that nice job.


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