Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The kinds of Men in this world Am. D

“To Kill a Mockingbird,” By Harper Lee is a story about a family who at first were care free  in their town of Maycomb, but as their father received a case, they found out the prejudice and evil inside their in town was the exact opposite of their expectations. In the novel, the children’s father, Atticus, was talking to them about people in general. He stated “There are some kind of men....Who’re so busy worrying  about the next world that they never learned to  to live in this one. This quote affected me greatly because there are many people in this world who spend so much time trying to get into heaven that they forget that God wants them to actually enjoy themselves on earth. If we all were perfect, then what’s penance for? I  feel this quote is directed to the prejudice people of  Maycomb because of their prejudice towards the discrepancies of others. The people are so angry about how you're are really supposed to treat others that they forget that’s definitely the wrong way of getting into heaven. This mostly reminded me of the foot-washing baptist. They follow everything the bible says, but then they end up doing exactly what god doesn't want you to do, judge others. They judged Miss Maudie because she was doing her planting. If people want to make it to heaven, just live you're life with integrity and with good morals on earth instead of wasting your life trying to reach heaven.

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